Original Blessing 4

Our Rebirth Energy (Station of dwarf planet Haumea in 26 Libra) will increase in influence until 11pm PDT 9 July 2020.  It’s our Honest and Fearless Inventory of what we’re Denying (Haumea opposite dwarf planet Eris [Revelation]) that will Trigger our Rebirth, and we’ll be Reborn into an Expanded Trance with greater Self-Confidence (Haumea-Eris T-Squared by Chariklo-Jupiter-Pluto).

Most of what we Think we might be Denying will be “just” Self-Judgment.  To get to the Real Deal we’ll need to access the Unconscious, which requires a PIAVA.  For example, “I Wonder what sort of Hidden Self-Judgments Limit my Freedom to Manifest What I Want,” followed by Changing the Subject.

Guilt (asteroid Nemesis [Ego Death]) will be a huge deal (the focus of a T-Square [Challenge]), but most of it won’t be Present-Moment.  If you Feel Guilt about any recent Life issues, Ask yourself, When have I Felt this before?  You may Trace it back to your Childhood, but even that will likely be a reminder of Deeper Karmic Issues (Nemesis Square to the Nodes).  While Feeling your Guilt, close your eyes and look down at your feet (yes, “look” down with your eyes closed).  What are you wearing on your feet?  Sandals?  Moccasins?  Mukluks?  Workboots?  Anything?  Let what you “see” carry you into that Lifetime, and Forgive yourself for Having Done the Best You Could.

Anything that is Challenged (Squared) by the Hero’s Journey (the Nodes) is a major Milestone on our Life Path, so this Guilt (Nemesis) is an important nut to crack.  However…

…all those bit players on both Nodes are going to complicate everything!  But now I need Sleep, so more on that tomorrow…

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