…from our Heavy Fortnight.  Do we even Remember Who We Were on 1 June?  Ken Kesey used to say, “Sometimes you can trip out so far that you never get back to know that you’ve left.”  It feels like my Life has been pretty Continuous through this, no huge Changes, but several of what appear to be Big Healings that will probably Change the Future a lot.

Our next Big astroevent occurs 22 June 2020 (9pm PDT), and it’s about Confusion (Neptune Stationary in 21 Pisces).  Well, not just Confusion.  To me it symbolizes Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity.  If Confusion is kind of Exciting for you, you’re Golden.  If it isn’t, make an Effort to Stand Still for it for a while.  In other words, if your automatic Reaction to Confusion is I gotta Figure This Out! then see what happens if you Change that Story to Well, the Wolves aren’t circling just yet, so maybe I can Relax a bit, and then check to see if their Howls are getting closer.  There’s a Big Payoff to being able to Tolerate Confusion without having to Change it.

The Easy way to handle Neptune is just to switch your Perspective from the Material to the Spiritual.  More bills than handy cash?  What could be the Spiritual Teaching involved in that dilemma?  Maybe it’s time to Delegate that whole Issue to the Goddess.  No, you needn’t tell the Landlord to “Get it from the Goddess!”  But you can PIAVA Having Enough, for instance.  Then of course you’d Change the Subject.  While your Attention is diverted, Miracles could happen.  They never have?  There’s always a first time!  When your mind circles back to what’s Confusing you, Tap, or Poor-Sweetheart, or PIAVA yourself again… “You Poor Sweetheart, you can’t get that out of your mind, can you.  It’s stickier than that gum commercial…”

But it’s also important to break any Habits you have about running away from Confusion.  If you’re uncomfortable with Confusion, spend some time being Loving and Gentle with it first, then switch your Perspective to the Spiritual.

The Neptune-Station chart is very straightforward – just a T-Square and a Trine Bridge…

Those are the heavy lines.  We threw in a few extra easy-to-interpret asteroids just to make the chart a little more interesting – they’re connected with the lighter lines.  The Challenge (T-Square, the heavy red triangle) is to Let Go (asteroid Atropos) of all Restrictions on our Intuition (dwarf planet Asbolus).  That way, once we stop Trying to Figure It Out (or Intellectualizing or Anal-yzing it – which Neptune loves to Befuddle), our Intuition is Free to Guide us Directly to a Solution.  If we succeeded in Changing the Subject, our Intuition may even take us there without our Realizing that’s what we’re doing!  We do need an Ego Death (asteroid Nemesis) along the way, but Ego Deaths don’t have to be Difficult – that’s what PIAVAs and Tapping and Poor-Sweethearting do for a living – they make Ego Deaths Effortless.

There’s Grace (the heavy blue lines – a Trine Bridge) involved as well.  Grace is supplied by our Instincts (the Moon).  They work much like our Intuition, but until we get our Anal-ytical mind out of the way, neither works because we aren’t Listening to them.  Next to the Moon is one of those easy-to-interpret asteroids (Atlantis) – this one means don’t reach for a Technological Solution.  You know what happened to Atlantis when they over-Technologized their World.

The second new asteroid, that’s Merged with (Conjunct) Liberating our Intuition (Atropos-Asbolus), is about Love and how to use it (Aphrodite)

You can see the Universe’s sense of humor in the other new asteroids.  The Intuition-Confusion-Ego Death (Atropos/Asbolus-Neptune-Nemesis) Challenge (T-Square) is Completed (converted into a Zodiac-spanning Grand Cross) by the symbol for Arrogance (asteroid Hybris [Hubris]).  The message is that Examination of the Exceptionalism of Homo sapiens sapiens (sic) may be able to move us out of our Addiction to the Anal-ytical and return Respect to our “Animal” Instincts and Intuitions.

The other Cosmic Joke is in the green wedge (Finger of the Goddess) pointing at Neptune – it’s roots are a new asteroid meaning Healing (Panacea), and an asteroid symbolizing the Patriarchy (Zeus) and by extension, Hierarchies of Privilege in general – Racism, Sexism, Misogynism, Religion, Morality – we could go on.  Yes, it will take a Big Ego Death (Nemesis) by the World at large to Heal Inequality and move toward Unity (Neptune).  I’m reading John Perkins’s Touching the Jaguar and Larry Korn’s One-Straw Revolutionary.  Both are so full of Wisdom about the Big Issues that the Planet is facing, that it would be folly to try to quote from them – instead I’ll just highly Recommend them to youalls.  Instead I’ll quote Marilyn Raffaele’s recent Arcturian Wisdom…


“Emotions (energy in motion) that are now expressing outwardly have been alive and well throughout lifetimes but kept hidden often even from the one holding them, through fear. Those receptive are beginning to feel a sense of empowerment not experienced before. This in turn is causing increasingly more individuals to realize that much of what they have been led to believe is false and based in concepts of separation. Hearts and minds are opening to realize that every person is entitled to freedom, equality, and respect regardless of skin color, gender, or station in life.

“You who are already spiritually awake are doing the same work as those on the streets but are doing it through your spiritual realization of truth and by being examples of loving action and words. Both ways reflect the surfacing of old energy ready and needing to be recognized and cleared which will serve to bring a new level of awareness to the collective.

“There will be less fear and more unity as efforts to bring about change continue to unfold. Those filled with hate and violence and who cause wanton destruction are not promoting a higher cause but are simply using the movement as an excuse to act out their own negative personal agenda. Their actions do not help to lift world consciousness, but also cannot stop the expansion of it for the Light is power and reality whereas concepts have nothing to sustain or maintain them other than the belief in them.

“Varying pockets of dense energy formed over time will surface as mankind is ready. At this time it is the energy of slavery and entitlement based in beliefs of separation that is surfacing. Other long held belief systems waiting to be cleared are abundance/finance, gender inequality, health/drugs, food, separation, and organized religion. As these things begin to be seen from a higher level, many will choose to no longer align with them in their present state, bringing about change.”

“Attempting to understand everything with the human mind will always result in half truths, because the human mind is only able to access what is already in the collective. Instead seek answers from within, from Divine Mind and they will come as needed through others, from intuition, from a direct inner voice, or any number of other ways. However, you must understand there are no answers for many of the things you wish to know because energy is forming itself in each now moment which is why we say that you, the people, are creating the world you wish to see.

“Live your awareness by aligning with truth rather than with the fear based speculation and propaganda being promoted by media and some “leaders.” Rest in your heart center as an observer seeing through outer appearances to the reality taking place behind the scenes. When you do this you bring your energy to higher solutions and change rather than to appearances that consist of what is old and finished.

“You may not agree with all change simply because it is difficult to see the finished product while it is still in the process of being created. Change unfolds and evolves as the consciousness forming them unfolds and evolves. Do not expect the changes you hope to see immediately manifest fully formed but know that the process has begun. The energy of earth is becoming increasingly higher and change has begun.

“Many think of change only as it applies to government, religion, health services, education etc. but larger change can only follow individual change so be prepared for change in your personal life as well. When even one person awakens to truth, it adds awareness to the collective for there is only One Consciousness. As the collective evolves, it automatically creates new and higher ways of understanding and doing things.

“Individuals become empowered as they awaken to their Oneness with Source, other people, and all life forms. The result is that as increasingly more people reclaim their power and refuse to accept or align with the disempowering ego actions of others, they begin loving and respecting themselves in a new way. Empowerment is the finger that pushes the first domino of the long ancient line of dominoes that every person accumulates over lifetimes. It has begun.”

“Women in general have had a more difficult time accepting empowerment because of having lived many lifetimes as both men and women during times that gave no credibility, power, respect, or equality to females. Some parts of the world still live this way, and continue to feed this obsolete energy into the collective. Many men and women still carry this energy in cellular memory. Some who have lived lives as abusive men have chosen a female body in this life in order to experience the other side of it.

“The high frequencies of the Divine Feminine are quickly integrating and balancing with the Divine Masculine because mankind is now spiritually ready. More and more women are choosing to live empowered lives free from fear and intimidation and more and more men are feeling free to express their emotions without feeling ‘unmanly.’ Occasionally the pendulum may swing too far one way or the other, but will eventually center because the equal balance of both masculine and feminine energy is Reality.”

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