Heavy Fortnight 13

We haven’t talked yet about the short green lines (“Unxes,” the name of the Angle that Connects two planets approximately one Sign apart; an Unx is one twelfth of something, called a “Semi-Sextile” by mainstream astrologers, a name that indicates nothing) in this week’s chart…

The short green lines are about Seeing our World from a New Perspective and as a result Breaking Old Patterns (12th Harmonic, the Hanged Man – by the heels so he can look at the World up-side-down).  Notice that there are 10 of the 12 “Unxes” we’d need to Create a “Grand Unx” (12 planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac), leaving Vacancies at 7 Sagittarius and 7 Aquarius.  In other words, this week we’re likely to be having Epiphanies and/or Breaking Old Habits around the Relationships between…

  • Realizing that our “Fate” can be Changed and Expanding our Consciousness about what we can Manifest (Stationary asteroid Moira [Fate and Choice] Unx asteroid Juno [Consciousness Expansion] Conjunct Stationary dwarf planet Makemake [Manifestation]).

  • Expanding our Consciousness about what we can Manifest and Recognizing that Obsolete Vows are Limiting us and can be Renounced (Juno-Makemake Unx dwarf planet Orcus [Oath-Breaking]).
  • Reverting Obsolete Vows and Breaking Addictions to Being Victimized by Ill Health (Orcus Unx asteroid Klotho [New Beginnings] Conjunct dwarf planet Varuna [the Life Force]).
  • Breaking Addiction to Ill Health and Limiting Unconscious Beliefs (Klotho-Varuna Unx asteroid Vesta [Unconsious Beliefs]).
  • Limiting Unconscious Beliefs and Newfound Respect for What We Previously Judged (Vesta Unx asteroid Hopi [Respect for All Things] Conjunct Venus [our Values]).
  • Increased Tolerance and Our Connection to our Soul (Hopi-Venus Unx Uranus [Soul]).
  • Our Soul Connection and our Depressive Tendencies (Uranus Unx Chiron [Replacing Despair with Miracles]).
  • Our Depressive Tendencies and our Herstorical Recollections (Chiron Unx dwarf planet Gonggong [Intrusive Memories]).

Whatever natal planets you have at or near 7 Sagittarius and/or 7 Aquarius will Complete the Grand Unx and amp up it’s Power considerably, because while an Unx might allow you to Easily Change an Ancient Self-Sabotaging Habit, a Grand Unx can Change your Life Utterly, by Allowing you to Break a whole chain of Interlinked Self-Sabotaging Patterns and become an Entirely New Person.  Its too early to Notice how Profound our Changes have been, but give it a month or two and we won’t Recognize who we were in May.  If you have no natal planets (or Angles or symbolic points like House Cusps or Arabic Parts) you can still Add the Missing Energies Purposely.  They Energies are…

  • Falling in Love (7 Sagittarius, “Cupid knocks at the door of a Human Heart“).
  • Behaving “Irrationally” Relative to Other People’s Expectations (7 Aquarius, “A Child is seen bring born out of an Egg“).

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