Heavy Fortnight 7

In the coming week, 13-19 June 2020, we will be Examining our Blocks (asteroid Moira [Substituting Choice for Fate] Stationary [Strong] 15 June 3am PDT in 8 Scorpio) to Enhancing our Manifestation Skills (dwarf planet Makemake [Manifestation] Stationary 18 June 11am PDT in 5 Libra), and the Grace is enormous (A Magnetic Grand Sextile; an Almost-Grand-Unx; all but one of the six T-Squares [Challenges] are Diamond Stars [Self-Resolving]; a Mercury [Awareness] Station 17 June 10pm PDT; and additional Insights from the South Node crossing dwarf planet Ixion [How our Hidden Genius became Forbidden] 19 June in 30 Sagittarius)Here’s the chart…

It’s gloriously Symmetrical or In Balance around the Vertical (10th Sign [Community] – 4th Sign [Security]) axis, and nicely Asymmetrical or Off Balance around the Horizontal (1st Sign [Self] – 7th Sign [Other]) Axis.  The combination provides Comfort in the Symmetry and Discomfort in the Asymmetry, assuring we’re neither Overchallenged nor Undermotivated.  Our Explicit Focus will be on the Personal (lower half, with more planets) and our Implicit Focus on the Social (upper half, with fewer planets, making each of the few more important).

Each Axis of this “Grand Cross” (the red square standing on one corner, making the cross in its center) presents an Apparent Duality, but as with all Dualities, the Contradistinction is False.  Rather than thinking of each long red line (Opposition) as Competition between the Poles, think of it as a Scale or a Teeter-Totter.  Are you putting too much Attention on one end and not enough on the other?  That’s a Rhetorical Question, because a Lack of Conscious Attention is always compensated by overemphasis in the Unconscious.  So you may see yourself Attending more to one end of the Scale, but Others may see you as the Opposite, because your Ego sees what it needs to see, while Others will be more Objective (apart from their own Biases of course).

So an Opposition Challenges us to put more Attention on the end where there’s less, in hope of gaining Consciousness where it may be Lacking.  The Vertical Axis compares the Security (4th Sign) of our Ego’s Nurturing Relationship (Cancer) with our Unconscious Limitations (asteroid Vesta) on one end, with on the other end the Practical Necessity (Capricorn) to Be Responsive (dwarf planet Pholus) to our Survival Instincts (dwarf planet Quaoar) rather than pushing them out of “sight” because we see the Threats as too far beyond our Span of Control.  Our Survival Instincts aren’t Asking that we Save the World or Save Ourself, though.  They’re Asking that we Acknowledge and Embrace them as Feelings, and that our Community do the same (10th Sign).

Maybe Poor-Sweethearting them, or Tapping them Out.  I suspect that the Universe put these planets (Pholus and Quaoar) there to Remind us to Avoid Denying or Repressing them, to Avoid pushing them back into the Unconscious where they become the man behind the curtain who pulls the strings.

The Horizontal Axis Compares our Attention to Expanding our Consciousness (asteroid Juno) of our Manifestation Skills (Makemake), particularly in our Relationships (7th Sign) on one side, with on the other side our Personal (1st Sign) Recognition of our own Power to Create Miracles (Chiron).  Chiron “Rules” Discouragement and in its worst case Despair.  When we Limit our Understanding of our own Power to what our Ego can Do, it’s no Wonder that we Fear our Survival is beyond our Span of Control.  To Access our True Power as the Creator Beings that we Are, we need to remove the Ego from the Equation, and instead PIAVA what we Want and Need.

The nature of a Grand Cross is four back-to-back Hassles (T-Squares) that Complement one another.  I think you can see how these four Energies do just that – Examination of our Unconscious Limitations (Vesta), Respectful, even Searching and Fearless Response to our Survival Instincts (Pholus-Quaoar), Awareness of Discouragement and Surrender of Control (Chiron), and Expanding our Consciousness about How We Manifest (Juno-Makemake)In many cases it’s more Difficult to see how the four Energies in a Grand Cross Complement one another.  That’s because its aim is to Open us up to New Perspectives and Mysteries and Miracles.

Manifestation is about a whole lot more than the Material.  You Manifest everything in your Life, and then some.  You even Manifest your view of what’s going on in your Culture (such as Protests) and what’s going on in your World (such as Granolavirus).  If you think those statements are about “Blaming the Victim,” you have far more to Learn than you can Imagine, and you may want to start with a Searching and Fearless Examination of your Unconscious Limitations.

Here’s an interesting commentary from Tosha Silver’s It’s Not Your Money: How to Live Fully from Divine Abundance, pp.51-52…

“If you’ve tried and tried to get [whatever] and found this hasn’t worked, I want you to know you’re in no way a ‘failure.’  Instead, you might just be an old soul.  If you are, chasing after abundance can be fruitless and exhausting because you were born to align with Love’s will, follow the Tao, and serve something beyond the ego.

“As you shift from demanding and chasing to offering and opening, abundance will start to come through you as you’re hollowed out to receive.  Besides, if you’re an old soul, nothing is gained from thinking, Wow, I’m so powerful, I can manifest anything!  Love itself may respond: Are you kidding?  You’re actually here to learn to open and stop blocking the Flow.  In fact, your ego may even be prevented by the Divine from manifesting anything.”

As you can see, there’s a Lot of Information for us in this chart, so to be continued…

2 Responses to “Heavy Fortnight 7”

  1. Casey c.d Says:

    Love this quote “ So an Opposition Challenges us to put more Attention on the end where there’s less, in hope of gaining Consciousness where it may be Lacking.“
    Such a great piece of solid astro advice!
    (PS…thank goodness you have included the charts, how else otherwise would be see how beautiful the transits in that chart look! ;) I very much need the visuals to learn, so thanks for these also :)

  2. Bob (in Australia) Says:

    Very graceful indeed, despite the fact that I hand to stand with my head cocked to one side for some time to really appreciate the symmetry! And if I may indulge as you have done in your immediate previous post, on some self reflection, the Moira station is exact on my natal jupiter in the 12th house and the sabian symbol of 8-9 degrees (Dental Work) more fully resonates with me at this critical time in our collective endeavours and I quote “Entrusted with the divine spark, we have a sacred stewardship to fulfil the potential of such a privilege. Our mission in life is to dramatise our defining qualities and most subtle realisations in a practical form, so we are required to make known to the world our most inspired sacred vision. However blessed we may feel to have achieved a measure of freedom through spiritual attainment, without involvement in ordinary life such achievements lack the necessary depth of meaning to bring true happiness.” Much work still to do! And this really does flow with your additional commentary from Tosha Silver.

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