Heavy Fortnight 6

What a day.  Irritable is what stands out.  Repeatedly Irritated at the Resistance to Control by “Inanimate Objects” like Tools or the Stock Market, and by “Non-Conscious Entities” like the Critters.  Obviously a Projection.  Fortunately I was able to Chuckle at myself while cursing.  An example – trying to Compete with the Deer People for the Vegetables and Fruits in the yard.  My latest gambit was to try Urine, which they’re supposed to Dislike.  Their Response?  Eating the top two feet off of every Pea plant in the yard.  Translation?  “Well, Mr. 5D-Collaboration-with-All-Things, did you want to Talk?”

I was dimly Aware of the Similarity to the many Childhood years that I spent Irritated by the “Abuse” I was under, and Frustrated by Failure to Figure Out how to Navigate it.  Some people may Laugh at my calling this Abuse, but it’s definitely Abuse when someone is repeatedly Punished for Being Their Honest Self, and subjected to repeated attempts at Reprogramming.  Indigenous People will immediately recognize it as Abuse.  As if the Deer People and the Inanimate Objects were Abusing me.  But I got the point.  Top up the day with a call to Jury Duty.  As if I don’t have enough to do already.

I’ll be glad when tomorrow morning gets here (dwarf planet Nessus [Abuse and Privilege] Stationary [Strong] 12 June 2020 6:30 am PDT in 14 Pisces [Emotional Baggage], right on my natal Venus [Values] and Squaring my natal OOB Orcus [Oath-Breaking]).

Next week’s Gauntlet is obviously Bleeding In already, however.  The weekend is all about “Are you going to Accept that as Fate, or are you going to get Conscious and Choose to Respond Differently?(asteroid Moira [Karma and Choice] Stationary 15 June 3am PDT in 8 Scorpio [Diving Deep, Fearlessly], on my natal Atropos [Ending Timelines], Squaring my natal Pluto [Compulsion] and Opposing my natal Aletheia [Truth of the Heart]).  My Chuckling hinted at that, but I still have much work to do bringing all this into Full Consciousness.  It’s a facet of my personal Contribution to Collective Racism – “Be and Do and Look Like I Do, or Want you to, or you’re Subhuman.

A few days later our Awareness is Illuminated (Mercury [Awareness] Stationary 17 June 11pm PDT in 15 Cancer [Compassion] on my natal Veritas), while the underlying Question for the entire week is “What Is It You’re Trying to Manifest – and How Does That Compare to What You Are Manifesting?(dwarf planet Makemake [Manifestation] Stationary 18 June 11am PDT in 5 Libra [Relationship to Other] Opposite my natal Eris [Revelation of What’s been Denied]).  And its Corollary, “Don’t You Want to PIAVA What Makes Them Different?”  In 15 Degrees, this is a Debriefing for the prior week’s Truth about Abuse Full Moon Adventure (Full Moon-Aletheia-Nessus).

All of which occurs in the context of Connection with Memories of the events that caused our Unique Genius to be Forbidden (South Node crossing dwarf planet Ixion [our Forbidden Genius] 21 June in 30 Sagittarius, Opposite my Mars [Action, Irritation] and Square my Quaoar [Survival Instincts]), while the Moon is Out of Bounds.

That all fits together very well with my Experience.


Kelley Hunter introduces three new “Kuyper Belt Objects” (KBOs) that we haven’t had time to research thoroughly…


  • Altjira was an Aboriginal Creator God in Australia, the Energy that Breathes Life into Matter.
  • Varda was Tolkien’s Goddess of the Elves.
  • Teharon-Hiawako was an Iriquois Creator God who placed the Sun in the Sky, and brought Seeds for Food Plants.

She also briefly describes KBOs – asteroid-sized to Pluto-sized iceballs and rocks out beyond Pluto.  We regard these as representing various threads in the Unconscious.

One Response to “Heavy Fortnight 6”

  1. Arlan Lazere Says:

    I flew into a rage about my coming apart hairbrush. Hope the neighbor’s did not hear me. Definitely a short fuse yesterday for me

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