Heavy Fortnight 3

A few “random” quotes…


“There has been no climbing season [on Mt. Everest] this year [because of the Covid-19 pandemic]. The view from the ground has been spectacular: the disappearance of a pollution haze means the snow-capped peaks of Everest have been visible from Kathmandu for the first time in decades. But the only people on the mountain are a small group of Chinese researchers and surveyors – there to place 5G masts…”

Tobey Hemenway, “Exploring the Third Ethic of Permaculture: Finding a Sense of Surplus,” in Permaculture Design: Regenerating Life Together, May/Summer 2020, pp.57-58…

“Because they were connected with spirit, archaic people felt full, so they didn’t need to hoard.  We hoard because  we feel empty, and have nothing to fill our emptiness with except material things.  Modern people feel this emptiness so acutely because we are too clever to believe in the divine.  We have bludgeoned God to death with the tools of science, logic, and philosophy.  Only what we see and measure is real, and consciousness is merely an epiphenomenon of brain chemistry, not a link to the Creator.

we are too clever to believe in the divine.  We have bludgeoned God to death with the tools of science, logic, and philosophy.  Only what we see and measure is real, and consciousness is merely an epiphenomenon of brain chemistry, not a link to the Creator.

“The scarcity ethic has its true roots in the immaterial, in or disconnection from spirit and the resulting sense of loss that our corporeal existence forces on us.  Since this spiritual emptiness can no longer be filled with spirit, we look for completion to the only things we believe in: goods, endless activity, and most of all, money.”

Georgia Wingfield-Hayes, “Farming with Fungi,” in Permaculture, Summer 2020, p.61…

“It is important also to understand how people like Leontino got to where they are.  His change in perspective came from feeling utterly lost as to how to proceed.  ‘I had to break part of my body and spirit, it was kind of like taking all of your beliefs and destroying them, then you have to reconstruct.  For me the line of reconstruction was to centre in myself.  I entered a time of consciousness expansion, which takes you to feel part of everything  I saw the interdependence of everything, because when you are lost you release yourself from your beliefs and you open yourself to intuition.’  Perhaps in a world where being lost in life is a taboo, we might embrace the idea as a rite of passage towards a new, better way of being with the world.”

We’re past the 5 June 2020 Lunar Eclipse (maximum 2:25 pm PDT), but we’re stuck in the same Space, because our next two major events (Stations), which we’re already Feeling, are near the same Degree in the same chart.  We may also be Experiencing Emotion more deeply (Moon Out of Bounds from 11:15 am PDT 6 June through 8:15 am 8 June).

It’s timely to remind that Emotions aren’t always ours.  They can be more like Weather – just Floating Around.  I was walking with a friend in a lakeside park many years ago, where we walked fairly often.  The Lake usually kept the Energy there very Clear, but that day it felt miserable – the Emotional equivalent of sewer gases, almost sickening.  We turned around and left.  The next day we discovered that someone was being brutally murdered half a mile from where we were.  I’m sure you’ve Experienced less extreme examples – I hope you haven’t Felt worse examples.

The current Energy province, which peaks 10 June (11:20 am PDT), is about Strengthening our Truth of the Heart (asteroid Aletheia Stationary in 15 Aquarius).  In a Tolerant society this Energy would likely Feel Fabulous.  In a Culture that specializes in Judgment and Intolerance, at a particularly Raunchy time in its history, it’s Feeling Miserable, because each person’s Truth of the Heart is as Absolute as it is Unique.  The result is a crescendo of uncompromising Polarization.  Fortunately, so far, the Fascist Minority is so assured that everyone will Admire them, that they’re constantly on their back foot because everyone else is so outraged by their recurring display of sincere but almost-comedic Idiocy.

However, a Stronger background Energy is present.  It’s about Abuse and Privilege (dwarf planet Nessus Stationary in 14 Pisces).  It peaks 12 June (6:30 am PDT).  Astrological Energies Impact us most Strongly when they’re Unfamiliar.  So the more slowly a planet moves, the less frequently we Experience it’s Energy Strongly, and the less Familiar we are with it.  The Abuse and Privilege Energy is about 22 times as Unfamiliar (Nessus’ orbit is 122 years, Aletheia’s 5½) to us as the Truth of the Heart Energy, so we end up with Everyone’s Truth of their Heart about Abuse and Privilege.

We’re reading and hearing about that every few hours these days, so we needn’t say a lot more.  So far, cooler and smarter heads in the US military have backed away from Civil War, but it’s possible that the Heart Energy could fade after noon on 10 June, leaving the Privileged Abusers Feeling their Oats just as the Abused have their many Abuse Memories Triggered and potentially lose contact with the Present Moment.  The Antichrist has put Attorney General Bill Barr in charge of the US government’s response to the protests, and it was the same Bill Barr who was AG for George HW Bush during the 1992 Rodney King debacle in Los Angeles.  That’s not a good precedent.

There’s another Strong Energy peaking on 15 June (3am PDT), about Fate and Choice (asteroid Moira Stationary in 8 Scorpio, “A quiet lake bathed in Moonlight“).  The Mythic Moira was the Greek Goddess of Fate, but Fate (Karma) is what happens when the Unconscious is in Charge.  When we become Conscious of our Karma, we have Choice.  When we include Lives other than our Current one, I doubt that anyone among us lacks Memories of Severe Abuse. While the Abuse Energy is much Stronger than the Fate/Choice Energy (Moira’s Orbit is 4½ years long), the Karma of the US could well be coming due next week.

Karma is not Retribution, it’s Inertia.  However, when it comes to Racism in the US, Retribution would probably produce a better Outcome than Inertia.  The Eclipse-Heart-Abuse Energy (Full Moon-Aletheia-Nessus) Triggers an Indication in the US chart that The Most Important Thing is Compassion (Sun in Cancer Waning Square to Saturn in Libra).  The Fate/Choice Energy Triggers the Soul and Mind of the US (Quincunx to Uranus in Gemini, Trine to Mercury in Cancer), and its Mission – and its Karma (Square to the Nodes).

In our astrology of Ascension, Squares indicate our Greatest Skills, because they’re a constant Hassle and therefore the place where we have the most Practice and therefore the most Skill.  It doesn’t feel like it, Squares are a constant Frustration.  Till we Learn that it’s our “Major” in this Graduate Seminar we call Life, and Appreciate that the Questions don’t have Answers, they just Open up to greater Questions, and start to Grok our Squares.  I can’t Attest that the US is the best candidate for the astrology of Ascension, but we can Hope that it’s making some progress.  Meanwhile, we Harvest what we’ve Sown (Makemake Stationary 18 June in 5 Libra), and we don’t have to let the US drag us back into 3D.


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