Waking Up IV

Interesting day.  We’re learning a lot about the dwarf planet code-named “OR10,” which was Lit Up (Stationary) today, 30 May 2020 at 2:40 pm PDT (in 6 Pisces).  OR10 is now officially named Gonggong (Gòng gōng in Hanyu Pinyin, pronounced Gorng Gorng), named after a human-headed Chinese Water Dragon that’s blamed for one of China’s greatest floods, and the 26,000-year cyclic Precession of the Equinoxes.  Timely, since we’re in the process of Precessing into the Age of Aquarius.  (If you’re looking up Gonggong in an ephemeris, you may need to use 2007 OR10, 2007OR10, or 225088, since the name Gonggong is new.)

Gonggong was a minor-league God-figure who picked a fight with a major-league Fire God named Zhurong, lost badly, was kicked out of Heaven, and in his Frustration knocked down one of its supporting Pillars, tilting the Planet and causing the flood and the Precession.  We can see the Fire God’s success in two of today’s biggest news events…

Unfortunately, the first photo increases the likelihood of martial law in the US, as versions of it are being repeated in many parts of the country, and the Antichrist is threatening to use the USArmy against protesting US citizens.

Closer to home, we’re finding that Gonggong doesn’t just inspire Intrusive Memories of Karmic Injustices (Gonggong is Squared [Challenged] by the Sun [Essence] and the asteroids Eurydike [Trust], Atropos [Ending TimeLines], and Karma [Suppressed Emotions]), but also the Voices of Ancestors, Guides, Angels, Invisible Allies, and Visitors from Other Places.

Grogginess forced me back to bed several times this morning.  Each time, when I Focused my Energy into my lower back, I had a vision of a rectangular white field of small, red, Healing bubbles.  And each time when my bladder strongly suggested that I get up, the red bubbles had been replaced by dots of black Ash, and it was Clear that each time I emptied my bladder, I was Dispatching defeated Toxins.  Many Helpers were Present.

With Gonggong’s new name, we’ll Expand its Interpretation to include not just Intrusive Karmic Memories that make us feel Defeated, but also, when we’re Conscious that the Memories are not Present Moment, Wisdom from other Realms.  Intrusive Karmic Memories, after all, are only Invitations to Clear their Self-Sabotage by Facing Down the Held Emotions that they Trigger.  So Gonggong can Open us to the Possibility of Letting Go of our Unconscious Limitations.

In the chart of this Adventure about Expanding our Consciousness to Improve our Manifestation Abilities (Juno Stationary conjunct Makemake) and Making our Relationship to Intrusive Memories Sustainable (Gonggong Stationary Conjunct Ceres), the Expanding-Consciousness portion is more Organized (the Grand Cross and two Diamond Stars), while the Intrusive-Memories portion is much more Powerful (Gonggong moves 127 times more slowly than Juno, and more than twice as slowly as Pluto.  The slower a planet, the Deeper in the Unconscious it Acts, and therefore the more Power it has to Impact all of the faster planets from behind the curtain)

Of course the first thing we Notice is the Sustainability hit (Gonggong Conjunct Ceres).  We don’t particularly want Sustained Intrusive Karmic Memories, unless we’re so Skilled at processing them that we toss them off like pancakes.  The Other Side of Sustainability is Sustenance, or Letting Go of the Unnecessary.  So we could PIAVA to Encounter and Easily Process Just Enough Intrusive Memories to stay Prepared for the next Hurdle that our Mission will put in front of us – Remember that our Karma is an Obfuscated version of the precise Toolkit that we’ll be needing to Achieve our Lifetime Mission.

But if we think in terms of Intrusive Memories sent by our Ancestors, Guides, Angels, Invisible Allies, and Visitors from Other Places, wow, wouldn’t it be great to Sustain that!  I know many who already do, but would any of youalls reject an Upgrade?  It’d be a fine day to PIAVA that.

Gonggong is still early in Pisces, the Sign of Letting Go of Emotional Baggage, aka Clearing Karma.  So whether we’re Dancing with Karmic Self-Sabotage or with the Angels, we’ve got more than 80% of this Adventure left.  And Gonggong is slowing down.  With a highly asymmetrical orbit, it spends only 15 years in Virgo, but 120-some years in Pisces, so it will be well into the 22nd Century before it sees Aries.  In other words, this is the Time and Place to Clear Karma – probably why so many Souls have Incarnated here these days.

The next thing we notice in the chart is the Pay Attention! (Finger of the Goddess, the green wedge) Admonition.  Its feet are Expand your Skill at Manifesting (Juno-Makemake) and the Life Force (Varuna).  That is, if you really want to Expand your Skill at Manifesting an Invincible Life Force, Pay Close Attention to Sustaining your Intrusive Memories, however you Choose to PIAVA your Relationship to them, whether it’s through getting fast at Embracing your Karma, Listening to your Guides and Angels, or…

The Sustainable Intrusive Memories business is also an aide in a couple of ways to the Expanding Consciousness portion of this week’s Adventure.  It’s a Significant Grace for the Awareness of our Need to Respect our Survival Instincts in order to Expand our Manifestation Skills (Gonggong-Ceres makes a Trine Bridge across the Opposition between Mercury and Quaoar-Pholus, which is the base of the Juno-Makemake T-Square, and with Uranus what makes it a Self-Resolving Diamond Star).  Remember that Manifestation isn’t just about Stuff and Money.  You could be working on Manifesting World Peace, or Respect for All Things, for instance.

Its also an important aid to Balancing our Expanding Manifestation Skills with our Ability to Maintain a high Quality of Belief and Confidence, and Faith in ourself (it’s a Quincunx Bridge across the Opposition between Juno-Makemake and Chiron [Despair and Miracles]).  We Create What We Believe, and that’s Conscious Belief and Unconscious Belief.  Unconscious Disbelief is the first place to look when you’re having Difficulty Manifesting anything.  Look through the windows of Intrusive Memories, PIAVA and in particular Theta and Poor-Sweethearting.

Notice that the Relationship between Intrusive Memories and Expansive Manifesting is a Mystery (Quincunx), something to be Danced with, Courted, and Snuggled, but never to be Understood.  Understanding, even if it’s Completely Neutral, is still a Judgment, and when Judgment replaces Curiosity, Love Dies.  When Love Dies, your World Dies, because Love Rules the Universe.

Not to be ignored is the Challenge (T-Square) between Sustainable Intrusive Memories and “Self-Trust that we have been Thorough, Fearless, and Honest in Clearing our Karmic Impediments (Eurydike-Sun-Atropos-Karma – we’ve included on the chart only planets that are within three Degrees of Orb to the Juno and OR10 Stations, but asteroid Karma sits just beyond asteroid Atropos [Endings], well within Orb to Atropos, Chiron, [and Ceres])” – https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2020/05/27/waking-up-ii/.  It’s part of another Tricolor Configuration (red-green-blue, with Juno-Makemake).

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