Waking Up II

An Important part of Waking Up to 5D is Recognizing the Consciousness in “Inanimate Objects,” since 5D includes Dancing Collaboratively with everything that 3D considers to be “Inanimate.”  If we’re stuck in the Belief that only Hupers, or only Animals, or only “Living” Biological Beings, or only anything, have Consciousness, we’re going to have a difficult time Negotiating Win-Win with, say, a Rock or an Idea or a Star.

So this is an excellent time to Notice how we Relate to “Inanimate Objects.”  I Noticed earlier today, when I was rushing around Doing, that I was impatient with “Inanimate Objects” that were Asking me to Slow Down and be more Conscious of What I was Doing, and How I was Doing it.  Like that “damned” Garbage Pail that likes to jump out of the way after I’ve dropped something that falls into the space where the pail was when I let go of the greaseball.

No wonder it likes to make my Life a little more difficult, when I’m often damning it to Garbage-Pail Hell.  Considering the kind of detritus that the pail has to deal with on a daily basis, its Hell must be pretty foul.  Or maybe sickly sweet – after all, the sadist said “No” when the masochist said “Hit me.”  Fortunately, though I don’t always Act like I do, I do Know that everything is Animate, so I’m able to at least chuckle to myself when I Notice “Lack of Cooperation.”  Where to go from here?  I need to start Apologizing to the “Inanimate” People when I Disrespect them.

The ultimate “Inanimate Object” is our planet Mother Gaia, who is very much a Conscious Entity.  We’re in the middle of a long-term Collaboration (Conjunction) between our Survival Instincts (as symbolized by dwarf planet Quaoar) and our Tendency to Forget or Ignore Things That Later Turn Out to Be Critically Important (dwarf planet Pholus).  The Mythological Pholus didn’t think to hide or secure the wine that was Sacred to the Centaurs, and when his houseguest Heracles (aka Hercules) opened the wine, so began the melee that got Chiron Wounded, and Pholus and others Dead.

We usually interpret this Survival-Respondability (Quaoar-Pholus) Energy as Global Warming or Climate Change, but it would be equally Easy to think of it as Respect for Mother Earth, or Granting Consciousness to the “Inanimate. or even Respect for All Things (which is how we interpret asteroid Hopi – and of course Hopi sits near the Far Midpoint between Juno-Makemake and Pholus-Quaoar, making a Trioctile Yod or Mjölnir, symbolizing Epiphany).  Quite simply, Huperity won’t Survive as we know it, until it finds Respect for Mother Earth.

This Survival-Respondability Energy (Quaoar-Pholus) is a second corner of the Juno-Station Grand Cross, and it’s also Self-Resolving (a Diamond Star).

In this version of the 26-30 May 2020 Juno-OR10 Station chart, the Pholus-Quaoar Diamond Star is drawn in heavy lines…

The feet of the Finger of the Goddess (the green wedge) are the sources of Grace that Resolve what would otherwise be a Challenge to our Ability to Respond to our Survival Instincts.  These sources are The Life Force (dwarf planet Varuna), and Self-Trust that we have been Thorough, Fearless, and Honest in Clearing our Karmic Impediments (Eurydike-Sun-Atropos-Karma – we’ve included on the chart only planets that are within three Degrees of Orb to the Juno and OR10 Stations, but asteroid Karma sits just beyond asteroid Atropos [Endings], well within Orb to Atropos and Chiron).  The presence of Varuna indicates that The Life Force is too Strong to let itself be Dismissed by Flagrant Corruption.

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