The Most Important Thing 6

In an earlier post we averred that “It’s Guilt, or Fear of Retribution for Violating Social Norms, that’s likely to Block our Achievement of Unconditional Self-Love, and Letting That Go is what our current Expansion is about(because the Jupiter Station [Expansion] chart featured a T-Square [Challenge] to asteroid Sappho [Self-Love]).  Today I stumbled on an article that does an excellent job of pulling exactly that out of the Unconscious and laying it on the table in plain sight…

And an illustration of the process…

The Drama distressed me until I Poor-Sweathearted myself.  In the hidden Guilt that the article brought up for me I could easily see the roots of Codependence as well (In the Jupiter Station chart, Chiron [Despair and Miracles, including Poor-Sweethearting] is Conjoined by Lilith [Self-Sovereignty and Codependence]).

We’re moving into several days when greater Expansion of Consciousness is the order of the day (asteroid Juno [Growth in Consciousness] is Stationary in 6 Libra [Relationships]).  This Energy will increase till 26 May 2020 (8pm PDT), and taper off afterwards.

Corvid-19!  Well, the morning after I wrote about Constellation Corvid (, in the purplish print at the end – I added it later, so may not have seen it), a Murder (that’s what a group of Crows is called!) of them converged in our back yard, circling a Tree where I knew there was a Nest, and squawking something fierce.  I didn’t count, but there were probably 19 of them.  They took turns diving into the Nest, circling around, and diving again, obviously attacking a predator.

Whatever marauder was up there, they took their sweet time to dine on the Eggs or Chicks, as this noisy Corvid Drama went on for about half an hour.  Finally, the diner pushed back from the table, spread their wings, and with a parade of black following them closely and noisily, flew away.  They left flying directly away from me, behind the Tree, so all I ever saw of them was a long flash of reddish golden yellow feathers between the branches as they spread their wings.  I don’t know of any large hawk with that color in these parts, but I suppose it could have been a Barn Owl.

We haven’t finished discussing the 22 May New Moon.  Of course it’s another Flying Squirrel.  The Priorities Energy (Saturn Station), Expansion Energy (Jupiter Station) and New Moon are all Cuspal, so their charts are similar.  But the Oath-Breaking Energy (Orcus Station) was at 10 Degrees, so it’s a “Coincidence” that it was also a Flying Squirrel chart (

Here’s the New Moon Flying Squirrel…

Like the Priorities chart (Saturn Station,, she’s missing her Left Ear (Intuition).  And as we mentioned in The Most Important Thing 4, the Major Challenge (T-Square) has Changed from Self-Love (Sappho) to Manifestation (Makemake), which theme continues this week as we Expand our Consciousness (asteroid Juno Stationary 26 May 8pm PDT in 6 Libra).

Our destination continues to be Good Health (dwarf planet Varuna in 3 Leo at the head of the Squirrel), which may bode well for “Reopening” the Economy.  On the other hand, it could instead provide a Reminder that if we want Good Health we need to Prioritize it over the Almighty Dollar.

Noam Chomsky points out that we have three ongoing Global catastrophes that threaten not just loss of Life, but the end of Organized Society, and that make the Corrinavirus look like another of the Antichrist’s Distraction Strategies so he can disassemble environmental laws while everyone’s Attention is elsewhere – which he’s doing.  Chomsky’s Greater Evils are the increasing threat of nuclear war, Climate Change, and the Global demise of Empathic Leadership.

In this chart there are three important Vacancies…

Your natal planet near 2:35 Aries would Complete the Makemake T-Square (creating a Grand Cross) and make Manifestation much less Stressful for you.  That space is crowded with asteroids – Heracles (who started the whole Centaur fracas that wounded Chiron and killed Hylonome and many others, by helping himself to the Sacred Wine that Pholus failed to secure) at 2:38 Aries, Bacchus (of Wine fame) at 3:46 Aries, and Dionysus the Party Boy at 3:53 Aries.  This is a strong suggestion that we’ll Manifest much more easily if we, like the Angels, Take Ourselves Lightly.  3 Aries is “The cameo profile of a man, suggesting the shape of his country.”  Weird.

Your natal planet near 4:53 Taurus would Complete the Makemake Diamond Star (making it Self-Resolving) and mean that your Labors would consist only of taking the check to the bank.  That’s a fairly busy place too, with asteroids Orpheus at 1:57 Taurus and Psyche (Cupid’s main squeeze) at 6:08 Taurus.  Orpheus was the Magical entertainer who make everyone very Happy and Allowed Healing Miracles, but who was killed by Maenads who were sick of his pining over the loss of his wife Eurydike.  Maenads were followers of Dionysus (again!) who also thought Orpheus was trying to steal Dionysus’s thunder.  5 Taurus is “A widow at an open grave.”  Sounds like we even need to be Grateful for our Grief.

And finally, your natal planet near 2:05 Virgo will Fill the Vacancy at the Squirrel’s left Ear, which Completes a Golden Rectangle.  This rectangular Configuration is “Golden” (we draw it in blue) because the ratio between its long sides and its sort sides is the Golden Ratio, 1.618:1.  This Ratio defines the symmetry in Nature, so the Golden Rectangle symbolizes Grace through the Cooperation of Nature.  3 Virgo is “Two Guardian Angels.”

All in all, it appears that we’ll do best by Expecting the Best and Partying it up.  Six feet apart at a Masked Ball of course.


11 Responses to “The Most Important Thing 6”

  1. desmene Says:

    Could Transpluto in Virgo fill in the missing ear on the Flying Squirrel?

  2. Bob (in Australia) Says:

    I had to embark on a fairly late night consultation of the oracle to grasp the energy resonating from these three important vacancies and it would appear to me that we are being reminded on this occasion that on this journey to manifest greater consciousness we can all be “agents through whom the Whole may express Itself in an act of creative resonance and outpouring”. We are still “dreaming of fairies”. However we have support! “The word angel is not well understood. It is perhaps better to refer to this aspect of the human psyche as part of the super-conscious”. We are only in transition, the energies are very subtle. We need to be assured that we can let the past go and trust that we have invisible help (if we ask) to participate in a greater life together in a 5D sense. Namaste

    • astrobuss Says:

      Excellent point, Bob! “Primitive” People (ie, People who are still Connected to the Whole) have for millennia Personalized selected elements of the Whole and Regarded them as Sacred, or worthy of Special Respect. We do the same when we assign Interpretations to Heavenly Bodies, or Ritual Meaning to wafers or wine. I Believe it’s a Holistic, Healthy, and certainly Ancient way to Respect the Mysteries. Dividing Consciousness into Super and Sub is another version of the same process. So I would argue that Angels are in fact very well understood, even if we would all paint different illustrations of them. By painting them as a portion of *our* super-conscious, though, we Deny their Separate Existence, which sounds like Hubris to me. Merging Angels into the super-conscious is a perfectly valid Perspective, but I’d want to hear reasons why its “better than.” You may have tuned into a Freudian Oracle! It’s all Energy, and Undivided, so these Personalizations are only “Operalizations,” or Perspectives intended for specific purposes. Angels can be part of the super-conscious if, say, Wind can be, or Chocolate. Do I make any sense?

      • Bob (in Australia) Says:

        Wouldn’t it be fun if it really was Freud himself providing me with some insight but I guess it was just the nuances of the subtle energy that I was trying to describe. Perhaps a more straightforward approach would be more appropriate, yes indeed the angels are all around us and maybe we can aspire to actually “see” their energy rather than just take it as a given. Perhaps it is something we can look forward to when we have really transitioned to 5D.

      • astrobuss Says:

        Absolutely! And certainly it coulda been Siggy hisself. I’m sure he’s very active out there on the Airwaves. We aren’t all “Visual” – different folks receive their Intuitions, including “sightings” differently. We probably tend to Believe the ones that come through our most prominent Senses, but it wouldn’t hurt us to broaden our Perspective, especially now. My “primary Sense” is Visual, but while I can’t see or “hear” visitors, I can Feel them and Sense their Presence.

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