Ego Death and Confidence III

Well, both our 30 April 2020 Nemesis Station Ego Death Seminar, and our 2 May Chariklo Station Confidence Workshop have technically finished, but as is often the case, the Impact lingers.  Sometimes there are good astrological reasons for that.  For instance, the Moon might be Completing a Related Angle, as the fast-moving Moon often serves as the Trigger for the Influence of slower astroevents.  Often when an astroevent lingers though, it’s because we didn’t know what was going on, we Personalized it, and we made Decisions and set Boundaries.

Such Decisions and Boundaries can continue the Impact of an astroevent beyond it’s Expiry Date.  Suppose for instance that someone who Abused us as a child wore a distinctive cologne or perfume, and last week we “happened” to meet someone wearing the same scent.  If we didn’t know that we were scheduled for an Ego Death around Abuse, and especially if we hadn’t Healed or even Opened Up to memories of that Abuse, then we would Eschew that person.  So if they had come into our Life to help us Heal our PTSD from the Abuse, we’d lose the Opportunity, and the Unconscious Impact of the PTSD would continue to Constrain our Life, perhaps Intensified by the astroevent’s Reminder.

Or, if we invested a lot of Time in the last few days, while Doubt was rampant, indulging our Fear of the Bolognavirus without Tapping it Out or Thetaing What We Want from it, we will have sent that Fear Vibration forth and increased the odds that our Future will contain What We Don’t Want, or at least What our Evil Twin in the Unconscious Wants.

And of course if we’ve made Big Life-Changing PIAVAs, whether we were Conscious of the astroevents or not, the Changes that those unfurl will likely continue to ripple through our Life for a loong time.  If we Asked that they be Loving and Gentle, which is always a good idea, they might take even Looonger, though being Loving and Gentle they’d have lower odds of meeting intractable Resistance.

And of course with two birthdays every few hours, we’re all Aging a lot faster than usual.  It’s probably a good time to increase our input of Resveratrol.  My fave, based on what works and doesn’t in my own Body, is Resveratrol from Blueberries, aka Pterostilbene.

Marilyn Raffaele, in her Arcturian Download for today, reminds us of our Mission…

To hold the light, help others awaken, and to bear witness to a new and higher reality, is why you are on earth at this time.  It is what you came to do and you are doing it dear ones, you are doing it.  You may think you are doing nothing but do not judge by appearances based in concepts of the third dimensional belief system, because a large part of your mission has been to clear remaining dense cellular memory and any present false beliefs, both of which only serve to perpetuate experiences of duality and separation…”

She continues…

“Ascension is simply the process of evolving into a higher state of consciousness through the experiences of every lifetime.  The Higher Self of every individual determines when they are ready for their next level of awareness.  This is why proselytizing is a useless and ego based activity.  Individuals cannot be forced into someone else’s consciousness of truth.

“You cannot make something out of nothing and thus everything seen, heard, tasted, touched, or smelled whether seemingly good or bad is a Divine reality being interpreted by individual and/or the collective mind according to the state of consciousness.

“Look deeply into every appearance, both the good and the bad, for good appearances are just as illusory as the bad ones.  By not judging according to three dimensional standards but rather seeking to understand the underlying reality of all appearances, you are living truth and opening yourself for more to unfold.

“Example; When in the presence of a sick person, know that in reality they are Divine Consciousness and because Divine Consciousness knows nothing of disease, you then realize that you are witnessing a manifestation of the belief in disease and separation.”

While the Chariklo Station Confidence astroevent is (just a day) past it’s Peak, it’s still Strong, and the Opportunity to Let Go of Belief in Manifesting Ill Health (dwarf planets Varuna [the Life Force] Opposing Chariklo [Confidence] T-Square Haumea [Rebirth]) is still very much in the air.  And even if it wasn’t, we could PIAVA it at any time.  Every Thought is a Prayer, and All Prayers are AnsweredThat’s why we have to be Hypervigilant with our Thoughts.

Chariklo [Healing Doubt, by Suspending Disbelief if you’re Unable to successfully PIAVA Confidence] of course is here The Most Important Thing (Conjunct Saturn), Expansive (Conjunct Jupiter), and all about appropriate Boundaries (Conjunct Pallas) with Other, including especially your Evil Twins in the Unconscious. In any given moment, if you aren’t Identifying with something, it’s Other).

The Confused COVIDiots threatening implicitly to massacre governors with their Kalashnikovs don’t realize that they’re Acting Out a scene from the two-Century Digital Age that begins in December 2020 (when Jupiter Conjoins Saturn in an Air Sign; yesterday’s Chariklo Station occurred at the Exact Jupiter-Saturn Midpoint, and we’re already under the Influence of next week’s Saturn and Jupiter Stations).  They’re unwittingly demonstrating against Unemployment, as Bernie would do, while Believing they’re Supporting the Antichrist’s Racist agenda.  Granolavirus Unemployment is only a dim preview of the Digital Age Unemployment that will likely Mirror the 1930s.

We introduce T-Squares as Challenges because that’s how most of us Experience them, when we aren’t Feeling Victimized by their Energy.  But bottom line, the Fourth harmonic (Squares) are all about Dominion, or Healthy Control.  How do we gain Dominion over anything?  Through the Wisdom that arises from Experience with it.  Our natal Squares and T-Squares indicate our Greatest Skills, even though they may feel like our biggest headaches. 

Our natal T-Squares and Squares are headaches when we Devolve into Feeling Victimized by them.  They become Skills as soon as we Embrace the Wisdom that we gain from repeatedly having to deal with their Challenges.  They become our Greatest Skills as soon as we Recognize that we have more Experience with their Teachings than anyone else, because we’re the one with the T-Squares!

Marilyn again…

“You are Divine Consciousness utilizing the material body you formed for yourself in order to function in the denser energies of the third dimension.  You have reached a point of spiritual readiness in which you must begin to identify with your real SELF rather than with the limited person you believed yourself to be.  If you were not ready you would not even understand these messages.

“The physical body is like a car that you use while on earth.  You utilize it as needed while keeping it clean and well maintained as best you can.  Occasionally the car may crash or get damaged for some reason but you never have been or ever will become the car [though of course you can Identify with it, and so lose this Realization].

“Once you can accept that you are Consciousness and not simply a material body subject to every belief floating about in the collective, you can begin to use your mind as it was intended, as an avenue of awareness rather than the ‘boss.’  The mind draws and then feeds information through one’s state of consciousness and as you begin to accept yourself as Divine Consciousness, allowing IT to express, everything in the outer begins to change…”

You have been removing veils for a very long time through many many lifetimes.  The intense high frequency energies of today are serving to speed up the process depending upon each one’s readiness and how thick and dense their veils.  As some intense long standing veils surface, their energy is frequently re-experienced physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.  If or when this happens, do not resist but rather allow these energies/experiences to flow through and out without claiming them back in as your very own personal ‘problem’…”

“As each veil of false belief lifts from individual consciousness more of the already present Light Consciousness is able to shine without the need for prayers, candles, crystals, chants, ceremonies, or anything else meant to attract some separate God.  All that is or ever has been required is an intention for more Light and the ability and willingness to get out of the way.  Divine Consciousness needs no help from concepts of spirituality in order to express ITSELF.

“Release the belief that spirituality must be or look a certain way in order to be authentic.  Clear your mind of images of saints with folded hands and ascended masters bestowing light and blessings on adoring crowds.  These as well as most metaphysical ‘tools’ are valid in earlier and less awakened states of consciousness but relying on anything in the outer after once realizing that everything already exists fully present within will simply hold [you] in an outgrown state and perpetuate the experiences of separation…”

“Know that the one Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent Divine Consciousness is and always has been manifesting ITself as infinite form and variety.  Know that every rock, every bird, every blade of grass, and every tree is just as much an expression of IT as are human beings.

“Every different form holds a unique pattern of wholeness and completeness representing the Divine plan for that particular expression/form of ITself.  Different, but not less than.  EVERYTHING is Divine Consciousness and to judge certain life forms as being better or of more value than another is three dimensional ego unawareness.

“Be aware that with every breath you breathe in the omnipresent Light of Divine Consciousness.

“Rest in the realty of your own soul’s perfection.

“Trust that all is as it needs to be at this time while releasing once and for all the belief that you need to do, do, do, in order to be.

“You will never be more spiritual than you already are. It is time to accept and allow…”


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