Ego Death and Confidence

This is why I am Grateful for astrology…

Yesterday I PIAVAed that Control over the success of a major segment of my Life be transferred from LeftBrain or Ego to RightBrain or Goddess or “Mysterious Coincidences.”  This morning when I Opened that segment of my Life I felt a profound sense of Failure, and an Urge to Give Up on it.  But, knowing that the symbol for Ego Death was Lit Up (asteroid Nemesis Stationary till 30 April 2020 11:20 am PDT), I was able to quickly connect the Feeling of Failure to Ego Death, and to my PIAVA of the day before.  This allowed me to just move on to other segments unencumbered by the Discouraging Emotions, without even having to Poor-Sweetheart myself.

When I Opened the Surrendered segment later in the day, the Goddess had indeed delivered a nice “Mysterious Coincidence,” for which I was very Grateful.  I know I still have a lot of Resistance to overcome (Do I “Deserve” this?  Why should I?  Why me?  Will this really work?) as my LeftBrain Grieves its Loss of perceived Esteem.  This is textbook PIAVA.  If we are Ready to Receive, we’ll just Get what we’ve Requested, outright.  If we aren’t, then we’ll Get an Illustration of our Resistance.

The average Illustration may not be anywhere as near as Clear as my Feeling this morning, but if I’d never Learned what I know about PIAVAing, and if I didn’t know that we were scheduled for Ego Death, I may not have made the Connection at all, or worse, Believed by first interpretation as Confirmation of my Inadequacy.  We do also have an episode of Self-Doubt barreling down the pike at us, just two days after our Ego Death Lesson, until 2 May 2020 (dwarf planet Chariklo [Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt] Stationary) at 4:20 pm PDT.

Which is a handy Segue to something I read the other day (I think it was Demetra George) about the Immune System being kind of an ultimate Boundary (and hence an issue in the realm of asteroid Pallas).  I’d never made the connection before between the Immune System and Boundaries.  The Immune System is kind of a big deal these days!  And while we’re on this track, our Skin is another ultimate Boundary, and the folks who study our Microbiome refer to the “walls” of our Intestinal Tract, from mouth to pucker, as a continuation of our Skin.

It’s an interesting image – physically, “we” abide in the space between our Skin and our Stomach-Intestines.  And mouth-esophagus.  Something Escher might draw.  What a mess we’d be turned inside-out.  I suppose we’d have to exclude the inside of our Lungs too.  Or rather, include the lining of our lungs, and all their alveoli, as part of our External Physical Boundary.  And nose-trachea.  Kind of puts a different perspective on our Vulnerability to such as the Pomonavirus.

The Microbiome folks take it a step further – the lining of the Intestines is the front lines of our Immune System, because when it’s operating properly it screens out molecules that would cause havoc if they got into the blood stream because of their large size.  That’s exactly the kind of Damage that antibiotics, including Glyphosate/Roundup (which contaminates most non-organic sugars and grains), cause in the Intestines.  They eventually eat holes in our Intestinal lining, and the resulting large molecules in our blood cause havoc with our Health, starting with the Mucosal lining of our nose.

We bring all this up because the symbol for The Most Important Thing (Saturn) happens to be Merged with the symbol for Boundaries (Pallas), and both of these are within spitting distance of the symbol for Confidence (Chariklo) that’s Lit Up until 2 May.  The symbol for Confidence is also Merged with the symbol for Expansion (Jupiter).  As we recall from the fellow who was talking yesterday about the J-Dude…

…When we’re exercising our own Ultimate Authority, it’s Critical that we “in our Heart Believe It” – we need to have Confidence in it.  So whatever Relationship we wish to have with the Spumonivirus, when we PIAVA that Relationship, we need to have Confidence in our own Power to PIAVA it.  The same is true for whatever Relationship we wish to have with 5G, and for that matter 5D.

In other words there’s no better time to PIAVA our Ideal Relationships with…

  • Our Immune System, with
  • Known and unknown threats to our Health, with
  • Intrusive Electromagnetic Energy (with “iot” coming down the pike, 5G isn’t our only problem – “smart” electric meters have been burning down people’s houses often enough that the new US National Fire Code requires whole-house surge protection for all new residential construction), with
  • What We Want, including 5D if it fits into that basket for us, and with
  • Any situations where we want to establish Boundaries that will provide us with Total Confidence that we can meet our Objectives without Betraying our Values.

Then we need to be Hyperalert for the Ego-Death of our Resistance to what we’re PIAVing, because if we weren’t Ego-Attached to the Resistance, we would have been Manifesting them all along!

Can’t wait to draw up that Doubt/Confidence (Chariklo Station) chart, as it has some fun Configurations that we don’t see every day!  (Such as a Mjölnir or Trioctile Yod [Epiphanies] to the Jupiter-Chariklo-Pallas-Saturn complex from a Square between Moon and Vesta [Breakthroughs around Unconscious Limitations], and a Quintile Yod [Learn This!] to asteroid Juno [Growth in Consciousness], and that’s before I draw in any of the extra-credit planets!)

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