Under the Blanket 4

It’s kind of like the old story about the Brain and the Heart arguing about which Organ was Most Important to the Organism, when the Anus walked in, but if I had to Choose a single Angle as The Most Important one, I’d Choose the Septile.  That’s one seventh of the way ’round the Zodiacal loop.  The Seventh Harmonic is about Stillness in Readiness for Action, very Aikido-like.

I simplify interpretation of the Septile as Timing.  Think about that Prophesy that you’d meet your Soulmate in the Produce Department.  Unless your Soulmate works there, your Chances of meeting them are pretty slim if you don’t also know What Time You Need to Be There!  Of course it’d be Intuitive, but the “Left” Brain will understand what we mean.

In the 25 April 2020 Pluto Station chart there’s a rather remarkable chain of Septiles…

  • Neptune (our Relationship to Spirit and Culture) Septile Pluto-Jupiter (Expanded Trance Formation);
  • Uranus-Sun (Soul) Septile to Neptune;
  • North Node (our Lifetime Mission) Septile to Uranus-Sun.

We might think of these as…

  • The Time Is Right to Bring our Relationship to Spirit and Culture out of the Trance it’s been in and start being Conscious about it;
  • The Time Is Right to Bring our Relationship to our own Soul out of the Trance it’s been in and start Acting from Soul rather than Ego;
  • The Time is Right to Interview our Soul to find out how to Attend to our Mission more Consciously.

Those are very Heavy Hitters, and mostly slow-moving, so this is a long-lasting Configuration.  Using three Degrees of Sensitivity (“Orb” in astrologuese), the North Node will hold an Angle for four months, so it will be the first to break rank.  Neptune has been Septiling Pluto since before the turn of the Century, though it’s now thinking about moving out of the Angle.

A Grand Septile, where seven planets are evenly spaced around the Zodiac, would be a more remarkable Timing Event; here we only have four planets Septiling one another.  The three Vacancies are Revealing.  No asteroids that we follow, and no famous Stars.  But while they’re Minor Stars, their positions are Telling – in the Head of Leo, on the Flank of the Bear, and one hand of Ophiuchus as he holds the Serpent!  In other words, as Hupers Evolve toward 5D, the Critters Grow into their Status as Equals.  That “Dominion” shit was just part of the Patriarchy.

The chart…

22 Responses to “Under the Blanket 4”

  1. Bob (in Australia) Says:

    I love it, a lion, a bear and a serpent!, I would dearly love to intuit the individual sabian symbols for the location or the within orb approximate of the representative minors. Please indulge me and enlighten us!

  2. Grandtrines Says:

    Reblogged this on Annual Event Astrology and commented:
    One of your best articles yet, maybe the best. (Though, no doubt, your articles will argue with each other about that.)

  3. Grandtrines Says:

    Reblogged this on Grandtrines and commented:
    The ideas here are simply too good not to steal. However, when I use them in my analysis of the septile family, I will mention your name. By the way, what I have been reading about the Septile family is that it is “karmic,” a working through of issues that are part of destiny. Your thoughts on that? (Other sources also claim “scientific breakthroughs.”)

    • astrobuss Says:

      I’ll take that as a compliment; thanks! It’s silly to Identify with an Idea, anyway.
      I usually think of a Septile as conducive to serendipitous Timing, but I suppose we could have an “afflicted” Septile that rendered one karmically/chronically early or late for “random” convergences. Or both at once.
      And many scienterrific breakthroughs occur in multiple locations on the planet at around the same time (ie, ideas as independent Energy fields, scientists as antennae), so yes, they would definitely be about timing – lots of fabulous breakthroughs have been ignored for decades (usually till the tenured faculty have taken their dogmas to the grave).

      • Grandtrines Says:

        I think you could turn that comment into a post, maybe several posts. It particularly applies about the tenured faculty (who have never forgiven Thomas Kuhn for his commentary in the “Structure of Scientific Revolutions). I have already applied the idea here: https://irregularoracle.wordpress.com/2020/04/29/2020-04-29-moon-in-cancer-moves-void-then-into-leo-sun-biseptile-jupiter-higher-order-mercury-aspects/ along with links back to you. Will be exploring this further in the future. And it does beg this question: what interpretations of septiles to the nodes?

      • astrobuss Says:

        Yes, we have Septiles to the North Node. Since I regard Septiles Positively, I find the Timing exquisite for Attending to one’s Mission, using the three vehicles of one’s own Soul and Essence (Uranus-Sun), one’s Relationship to one’s Culture and to Higher Energies (Neptune), and one’s Compulsion to Expansively Reform one’s own Trances (Pluto-Jupiter)! The Effect occurs without one’s Volition, but is Amplified by Conscious Attunement!

      • Grandtrines Says:

        I suppose that I should confess that I can be a bit of an old curmudgeon at times. But I am a fan of “mysterious coincidences” (as they were called decades ago in “The Celestine Prophecy”), and Septiles (as you describe them) appear to be precisely a vehicle for such experiences. I like the idea that you have passed on, and, as I said before, I will incorporate it into my own work. Astrological Patterns and Higher Order Aspects interest me a great deal. I am not a traditionalist; I am clearly a student of “modern” methods. (You appear to be the same, and much of what you do is remarkably similar to the paths I explore.) I wish that the next version of Solar Fire (SF10?) would include more patterns and tools to build custom patterns (especially regarding higher order, such as quintiles, septiles, and noviles). Maybe if we reach out to the SF developers in Australia they will consider adding such tools. (I have noticed that you frequently hand draw your aspect patterns, and it looks like that is being added to charts generated in SF.) I wonder if Peter Meyer has any interest in this kind of approach. (He and I chatted a number of times about four or five years ago.) Peter Meyer : https://planetary-aspects.com

      • astrobuss Says:

        I wish Solar Fire would add the dwarf planets! I hand-draw the “Angles” (I try to use descriptive common-language terms rather than astrojargon whenever I can) because I’m drawing the Angles to and from a specific Transiting (“In the Sky Now”) event – so they’re only a subset of the Solar Fire Angles, but they include “planets” (planets, Lights, symbolic points, etc) that Solar Fire doesn’t cover. I run my charts on an ancient broken-down 8-bit Windows laptop that’s never been on the internet, so I don’t have to waste time worrying about hackers. If/when I have to buy a new Solar Fire I’ll have to buy a new Windows machine and I’ll have to put it on the internet just to get it started, so I’m nursing the old laptop along as long as I can. Frankly, I’d be happier if Solar Fire built an Apple version. Apple OSX reboots to factory specs; Windows reboots to the most recent hack.

      • Grandtrines Says:

        I took my Windows 10 laptop offline completely due to security concerns. I do reconnect it for updates, but most of the updates address security concerns. SF9 runs on it, and I have SF9 on a Win10 desktop, also. The desktop is too slow for writing blog updates & reblogging. Almost all of my Internet “heavy lifting” is done on Linux machines now. (Though I do use iOS for personal email and mundane daily research such as “when are my favorite stores closing now.”) After enough problems, I have completely given up on Windows machines as viable Internet alternatives, but I still need them for the many apps in the Windows ecosystem that run best on them (such as SF9).
        RE: SF: I have heard that the developers take requests, and if enough people ask for them they (usually) add them. (That’s why SF has so many weird house systems.) SF9 has Eris & Sedna & Selena, but some of what you use is apparently missing. I would like to see the ability to add custom patterns replete with an “autocomplete” feature. (Take a planet and connect a biseptile from it to another, then add a different biseptile to a different planet (on the other side), and then have SF complete the triangular pattern). Electional searches for patterns could include custom patterns. Multiple Harmonics by Planet group would be nice. (5th and 7th for Marsout, for example.) Batch processing of calendars would be nice. (I suppose Astrologers Assistant can do that, but the thought of the learning curve gives me pause.)
        And, while we are making a wish list, I would like to see it *NOT* crash when I run “all” aspects for “all” planets (objects). :) (Even on i7’s with 16 GB it tends to crash when you ask for “everything.”)
        I suppose I should fork up the money for Peter Meyer’s latest tools and see how well they perform.
        Latest use of your rather useful insight:

      • Grandtrines Says:

        By the way, this is the main tool for astrology under Linux: https://www.openastro.org

      • Grandtrines Says:

        I dug a little deeper into Peter’s site and found this: https://www.planetary-aspects.com/pat/planetary_aspects.htm
        (He has obviously added a number of tools since he and I last chatted. Maybe somebody needs to write a good book on patterns and consolidate what has been done so far.)

  4. 2020-04-29 : Moon in Cancer moves void then into Leo; Sun biseptile Jupiter; Higher order Mercury aspects – Irregular Oracle Says:

    […] In this article, J Buss indicates that the septile (family) is the most important aspect (family of aspects).  While I have heard it described elsewhere as powerful insights related to “karma,” J Buss argues that it is about timing.  The two viewpoints can co-exist.  Arguably, they should co-exist. […]

  5. 2020-04-30 : Sun septile North Node (Rahu); Venus biquintile Pluto; Vesta septile Eris; Destiny has arrived for millions – Irregular Oracle Says:

    […] Unlike a diplomat or seasoned “sales executive,” we present the bad news first.  The bad news is this: Vesta forms a septile with Eris.  We interpret that combination thus: traditions (Vesta) enter into a “karmic” relationship (that can produce insights from “lessons learned”) with Eris, the goddess of Discord (and retribution).  Tara Greene interprets Vesta to be related to “inVESTments.”  (“VENUS turns RETROGRADE conjunct VESTA the asteroid GODDESS of in VESTments, You can’t make this shit up, “)  JBuss describes the Septile as an aspect of “timing”:  “The Seventh Harmonic is about Stillness in Readiness for Action, very Aikido-like.  I simplify inte…” […]

    • astrobuss Says:

      Thanks, GT!
      I shortcut Vesta as “Unconscious Beliefs” cuz the Greeks Saluted Her before they Saluted Zeus, and they Saluted Her after they Saluted Zeus. Ie they were sposta show Allegiance to Zeus, but their real Beliefs were vested in Vesta (Hestia in Greece). The Romans liked that notion so much that they made Her Goddess of the State.
      I shortcut Eris as “Revelation of What’s Been Denied” because if they’d have just Owned Up to Vanity after the Golden Apple Gambit, they would have saved themselves so much Hassle.
      The Essence of Greek Tragedy is that there is no Escaping yer Fate. But I give the Greeks enough credit to suppose that they knew their Tragedies were coded messages that You need to Get Conscious of your Karmic Patterns or they’ll bite you in the butt and you’ll never know that you had a Choice! Even if they weren’t that clever, we are.
      So I read Vesta Septile Eris as a Unique Opportunity to Discover Limiting Beliefs that we didn’t know we had cuz we thought they were just The Way Things Are.
      For instance, I Discovered today that I didn’t have to Do Everything – I could Delegate some of my most Challenging projects to the Goddess! My Unconscious Limiting Belief was that I had to Constantly Prove how Clever I am in order to Succeed (ie, please my father). Not that I didn’t know about that Belief (Jack Schwarz revealed it to me in a workshop long ago), but I had never applied it to this particular facet of my Life.

  6. RC Says:

    I’m curious in a birth chart what Venus septile Juno might be indicative of. What’s interesting is I’ve had many readings and no one has brought this facet of the chart up – so now I kinda wonder if it’s bad. Reflections, guidance, ideas? My curiosity continues to grow, and it’s been nagging me for probably over a year now. So little online on septiles, and then adding the Venus and Juno? Anyway. Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

    Fascinating reading here. Neat to come across stuff on septiles.

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