Under the Blanket 1

Now, did someone say something about Difficult Times?  I do expect some rougher sailing coming up.  Here’s the schedule in a walnutshell…

  • The symbol for Transformation and Compulsion (Pluto) is very Strong (Stationary) until at least 25 April 2020 noon PDT (in 25 Capricorn, “A Nature Spirit Dancing in the Iridescent Mist of a Waterfall“).  Lots to talk about around this, including implications for Ego Death.
  • The symbol for our Individual Essence in the Lifetime (the Sun) Dances with (Conjoins) the symbol for our Immortal Individual Soul (Uranus) till at least 2am PDT 26 April (in 7 Taurus, “The Woman of Samaria at the Ancestral Well” – Learning the Truth of the Heart and proclaiming it far and wide, John 4:4-42).
  • The “Moon goes OOB” (see https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2020/04/13/resilience-2/) again from 10:53 am PDT 27 April till 5:23 am 29 April.  We Expect greater Emotionality, and this Pattern has been coinciding with a falling stock market (DJI).  (OOB is about Declination, which is similar to Latitude; meanwhile, the Moon crosses Longitude 1-23 of Cancer, a span where one is Learning about Compassion.)
  • The symbol for Ego Death (asteroid Nemesis), in the Sign of Ego Death (Virgo), is very Strong (Stationary) until at least 11:20 am PDT 30 April (12 Virgo, “After the Wedding, the Groom snatches the Veil away from his Bride” – the Ego eagerly seeking greater Intimacy with the Soul).  More about Ego Death later.
  • The symbol for Awareness (Mercury) Dances with (Conjoins) the symbol for our Immortal Individual Soul (Uranus) till at least 8:40 pm PDT 30 April (still in 7 Taurus).
  • The symbol for Self-Doubt and Self-Confidence (dwarf planet Chariklo) is very Strong (Stationary) until at least 4:20 pm 2 May (in 30 Capricorn, “A secret meeting of men Responsible for executive decisions in World affairs“).

Pluto is stopping and about to Back Up (Stationary Retrograde) across the same Degrees that it recently (since early January) crossed.  We’ve just been run over by a Truck, and now it’s Backing Up to see what it hit.  The span of Retrogradation (“Shadow Period” in astrologuese) represents an arc of the Zodiac which the Universe Desires that we study particularly closely during Pluto’s triple crossing of it.  If we’re able, it’s clever of us to crawl to the side of the road before the Truck backs over us.

We translate that to mean that the first of three crossings by a Retrograding planet is a “Can-Opener” that Opens a “Can of Worms” which we can Eat, use as bait to Go Fishing, start a Compost Pit, or ? –  casting them as an Oracle would be useful.  The second, Retrograde crossing, is an “Exposition,” Exposing as it does the Nature of the Ill Wind that caught us off guard during the first crossing – if we’ve crawled away and are watching from the curb to Learn what has happened.  The Exposition here lasts till early October.

We refer to the third crossing as a “Confidence-Builder” because, if we’ve been Attentive and Open during the Exposition, we are now Able and Willing to Step Out of the Way when the Truck comes by for the third time.  We’ve not only Learned how to avoid getting creamed by a Truck (or the Collapse of Predatory Capitalism disguising itself as a Benefic Oligarchy, or a Pandemic, or For-Profit Medicine, or any of a thousand other systems that are failing), but as the Truck goes by again, we now have Confidence that we know what to do about it.  The Confidence-Builder lasts till the end of January 2021.

Later we’ll make a Big Deal about how January 2021 “just happens” to follow the Beginning of the Digital Age in Earnest in December 2020 (Jupiter Conjunct Saturn in Air Signs).

Of course, if we’ve maintained our Victim posture throughout the Can-Opener phase and we’re still sitting on the pavement cursing afterward, and then we move more Deeply into our Victim as the Truck bashes us on its Second Coming, we won’t be in a position to Step Out of the Way as the Truck grinds us into the pavement on its third crossing, and instead of Confidence we’ll be Scarred for Life, suffering from PTSD, and Self-Doubt will be the least of our Worries.

Actually, understanding this Can-Opener, Exposition, Confidence-Builder Cycle that almost every planet takes us through every year, is by far the greatest benefit I’ve received from my fifty years with astrology.

So, this is Pluto that’s our Teacher-planet here.  What’s the curriculum likely to be?  Transformation and Compulsion?  Fear of Death and Addictions?  Pluto is about Trance-Formation and Trance-Reformation, Changing the Zeitgeist.  It’s about where we’re operating as Karmic Zombie Bots in Trance, Waking us Up to that, and most likely Shifting us into a different Karmic-Zombie-Bot Trance.  But hopefully, in that Shift, we’ll be gaining Consciousness.  If we’re Awake to it, that’s the Bottom Line for Pluto astroevents – Consciousness.

Now, what about the arc, the span of Zodiacal Degrees that’s crossed by the Damn Truck, er, Loving and Gentle Teacher-planet?  That can tell us a lot about exactly what we’re Learning, along, of course, with any natal planets that we have within that span, which are getting worked over three times.

But it’s getting awfully late, and I have an early Zoom meeting tomorrow, so we’ll continue after that.  K?

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