Ascension New Moon 4

My colleague and friend Stephanie Austin also publishes a blog, in the form of a biweekly report on the New and Full Moons, that complements this one well.  Here’s a sample of her report on the New Moon that we’re just now Experiencing…

“The coronavirus is a reflection of a deeper and even more deadly disorder, the illusion of separation.  The ultimate cure for what humanity is facing is not a vaccine, or anything external.  The real medicine is a shift in consciousness, an awakening of the heart, a remembrance of who we really are.

“The next new moon, which forms on April 22 [2020] at 7:26 PM PDT at 4º Taurus, challenges us to stay grounded, and also commit to making significant, longterm changes.  Uranian energies run high through the end of the month, and along with five of the ten planets in Earth signs (Sun, Moon, Uranus in Taurus, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn), hold a bright spotlight on how well we are relating to the physical plane – to our body, our resources, and the Earth.  The vast majority – 80% – of our personal health depends on our planetary health – the quality of our air, water, soil, biodiversity, and many other ecological factors.”

She publishes via email, rather than posting on the internet, so to get a sample you have to send a request to  She’s also a gifted photographer, and I was particularly impressed by how well her photo of a Forest Portal fit our Ascension New Moon…

One caveat when you’re wandering this Forest: if you encounter an elderly lady living in “a house made of gingerbread, cake, confection, sweets, and other treats and pastries,” Recognize it as a Karmic Illusion, and don’t eat any of it, no matter how hungry you are.  Just consider it an Ego Death instead – you know what to do with those by now, right?

If you do end up in her oven, know this…

“The Length of a Soul

There are no unfinished lives, because there are  no single lives.  Life goes on and on.  If you knew how many lives there were to work with, you would learn to be patient and know that some things just take time.  Lives are being given to you – more lives than you could imagine – over and over again.

“Those who learn to manage time gracefully will be happy from one lifetime to the next.  Those who are thrown off-balance by time will live with anxiety and confusion.  You must know that this is not the only life, and not the only time.  You can learn this if you will.

Just as the birds move easily from tree to tree with nothing to block their passage, I can teach you to move freely from one lifetime to the next.  With this confidence, much that seems difficult in this lifetime will become possible for you.  Healings and reconciliations that seem unlikely can easily be obtained, and the joy that has eluded you can be found close at hand.

You cannot trace the path of your soul from life to life in the same way that you follow your days from week to week, your months from year to year.  But know that your lives are longer than you realize, and pray and remain open to the wisdom that is yours.  That wisdom is the birthright of having a body.

It is best for this learning, however, not to be anxious or afraid.  There is nothing you have now that cannot be given to you again.  There is no one you have loved who is forever lost to you.  Nor are you condemned to repeat the same mistakes and follies.  The long story of your soul is wiser and more generous than you know.

The human concept of the soul is like a shiny coin faceup on the ground.  It is flat.  The most you can imagine is flipping it over to see what is on the other side.  I want to show you the full length and brightness of a soul.  I want you to feel its amplitude.  It is incalculably long and old.  A soul is so much deeper, so much brighter than you imagine.  The universe is astounded by every soul.  The universe is not big enough to contain a soul.

Know that you can pick up the thread of your own soul in this lifetime the moment you pick up the rosary.  So don’t lose heart, and never give in to fear.  Live with confidence, knowing that there are reasons for all things that happen.  You do not live in a random universe because you do not live in a Motherless universe.

You know by now that it was I Who, through your mothers, gave birth to your bodies.  Know also that I have given birth to your souls – and a soul may never be destroyed.”

–Clark Strand and Perdita Finn, The Way of the Rose: The Radical Path of the Divine Feminine Hidden in the Rosary, pp. 241-2.

That was Mother Mary speaking through Clark, revealing Herself to be “just” another Incarnation of the First Mother, of Mother Earth, and of Mother Nature – the Divine Feminine.  She tells Clark that the Rosary is far more ancient than any Religion, and should be Prayed by everyone.

2 Responses to “Ascension New Moon 4”

  1. Bob (in Australia) Says:

    The title of this wonderful blog, “Can astrology help us understand the Changes?” could not be more apt than at this juncture on this extraordinary new timeline that we are collectively experiencing.
    The promptings of this particular post are exceptional and truly representative of the energetic signature eluded to very recently in this blog “(Uranus in Taurus/Earth), whose Mission at the moment is the Descent of Soul into Matter which we can also invert and read as the Ascent of Ego into Soul, or into 5D. Astrology doesn’t comment on the Nature of Reality, but only on the Relationship between Huperity and Reality.”
    I would also like to draw your attention to how accurately recent cosmic activity correlates with actual events, to quote previously in this blog “January 2020 V+”: “On 10 January (5:30 pm PST) and earlier, the dwarf planet that symbolizes Secrets Long Hidden Being Revealed (Eris) is very Strong (Exactly Stationary in 24 Aries)” – (on January 11, coronavirus called “a public health emergency of international concern”) -&- “And then on 12 January (9am PST) and earlier, we get what many of us have been Dreading, the Merger (Conjunction at 23 Capricorn) of Saturn (Focusing on The Most Important Thing) and Pluto (Compulsion and Transformation). If we follow the Pattern of 2001, we may wait till the Ides of March to Feel the brunt of this Energy (Moon Begins Decade of being periodically Out of Bounds).” – (on March 11, WHO declares a world wide pandemic).
    So, can astrology help us understand the changes ? You can’t make this stuff up!
    Namaste and best wishes to all your readers.
    Regards, Bob

  2. Grandtrines Says:

    Reblogged this on Annual Event Astrology.

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