Charts It Is!

Many thanks to everyone who responded to my question about the charts!   Charts upcoming; tomorrow I’ll add them to the previous Self-Sovereignty (Hylonome Station) post and the earlier Resilience (Varuna Station) post,

Another question!  Do the astroinclusions (Lavender or light-purple writing) distract?  If not, is that color dark enough for everyone to read?  It’s not always practical to focus purely on the interpretation (with the Moon-OOB f’rinstance), but I imagine many readers or potential readers would like to be able to just quickly grab the Interpretation (is this True for anyone?), so I’m trying to make the astrologuese easy to skip over.  I definitely want to include the astrology, both as a Reference and for Teaching. 

Most of the new astrologers I see coming up are opting for the sort of canned left-brain Ego-supporting astrology that will get them degrees or certifications, which is useful for decorating a shingle and perhaps increasing the opportunity for an income – I understand that.  And of course it’s useful to know that side of astrology.  But I believe my approach is fairly unique and has something positive to contribute to the field, and I’m getting old and don’t have a mentee except youalls, and while this blog feels like a fairly permanent record, it depends on the continuing Good Will of WordPress.  So Teaching feels Important.

I like the (Lavender) inclusion style, but I wonder if it interrupts interpretation too much, especially when a paragraph is two thirds (astrologuese) or every third word is.  I’ve thought about writing everything twice – without, and then with, the astrologuese.  Any thumbs-up for that?  Anyone want more Interpretation and less astrologuese?  More astrologuese and less interpretation?

5 Responses to “Charts It Is!”

  1. desmene Says:

    Lavender could be a slightly darker color, IMHO

  2. chris Says:

    Loving the lavender ! PERFECT intensity of color .Thought it was genius to highlight so you can easily ferret out whichever info you’re interested in, THAT moment . Especially, when you’re in a time crunch. Also, taking things apart actually helps my brain put them back together, into a more cohesive whole . Thank-you …

    Your nuanced psychological interpretations are delicious and unique! AND you’ve created a wonderful language to express these insights .
    I’ve begun to notice more astrologers including the planetoids, and I feel they are pulling from your postings, increasing the collective knowledge of all !

    The Tibetan, in the Alice Bailey books, said that, ” Astrology was the MOST exact of all the sciences . ” What a statement !!!

    As you are especially focused on the asteroids, the astrologuese contributions to the SCIENCE are extremely important ! The lines of force, the math, the physics, the geometry … and YOU make it all fun with your clever names like, the Fez and the Flying Squirrel !!
    (Thinking of Rocky and Bullwinkle here ~LOL ) Love the inclusion of music and video clips too !

  3. boozilla Says:

    I think the way you’ve been doing it is…er….STELLAR. So keep doing what you’ve been doing, please. It is incredibly helpful to get your insights AND astrologuese, both. xo from a mentee

  4. Leah Says:

    I like the lavender inclusion style and find it easy enough to read. The ‘astrogluese’ are helpful but since I don’t understand much of the specifics, including more interpretations would be great!

  5. Grandtrines Says:

    Reblogged this on Grandtrines .

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