Resilience 2

We be here, summarizing the last several posts…

The 7 April 2020 Full Moon told us very clearly that the next several weeks provide an Open Window for us to Choose to Dismiss Self-Sabotage from our Field, and that the Bottom Line for this Endeavor is to Reject Other People’s Opinions, “Experts” or otherwise.

Boy, are the Antichrist and the Governors getting into this one as we speak!

And over the next several days, through at least 13 April (10:30 pm PDT), The Most Important Thing is our Confidence in our Vitality and Resilience.

Hopefully, some of us can do that without casting aspersions on Other People’s Confidence in their Resilience.

Our Emotions will be Strong as well, as our next Moon Out of Bounds event spans 8:40 pm PST 12 April to 7:40 pm 14 April.  That’s a plus and a minus, as the Self-Sabotage we’re meant to Let Go Of may be in Full Victim mode.

So, as is actually always the case, the critical leverage will lie with our Identity.  Where will we be investing our Ego?  Do we Identify with our Victim, or Identify with our Power?

Being Conscious of one or the other, or better yet both, is one thing – Identifying is another.  You can’t tell the difference between Yourself and your Current-Moment Identity.  Language is more important that we usually Realize.  For instance, the difference between “I Am Angry!” and “I Feel Anger!” – the former expresses an Identity, the latter is an Observer-Self speaking about what they Observe.

Objectivity is also important to Identity.  “You’re Bullying me” is not only an Accusation, but also a Subjective statement about your Identity (as Victim) in that moment.  “I’m Feeling Pressured” is an Objective (though Ambiguous) statement about your Emotions.  Someone else might Hear that as an Accusation, but that would be their Identification speaking, not yours.  Consider “Are you Pressuring me?” for contrast.  That might be a manipulated version of “I Feel Bullied” (and perhaps a useful one), or it might be an expression of a genuinely Inquisitive Identity.

We recommend Inquisitive Identities.  Our Perspective on the World and its Processes and Events is always extremely Limited.  At some point Choices are in order, but Inviting additional information is seldom a bad idea.  The Ego normally likes to keep a lot of doors shut, so it has a Defensible Perimeter within which to do it’s job of Keeping Us Safe.  Which is handy, but what if those doors could be made of bulletproof glass?  That would Advantage the Ego.

As for Moon Out of Bounds, this is the fourth episode in this new series.  To review, the Moon goes “OOB” (way North or South) for a few days every two weeks for a decade or so, then doesn’t go OOB at all for the next decade or so.  We’ve started a new decade of OOB events, the first since “9/11.”  The first one spanned only a few hours, on the afternoon of 4 March.  The stock market (DJI) went down 1,000 points the next day.  The first multi-day Moon OOB was 16-17 March, when the market fell 2,000 points.  The next one was 31 March-1 April, with a drop of 1,400 points.  The current one, 12-14 April, closed today down 300, probably with more downside tomorrow.

Interesting Pattern, eh?  Not often do we find such Consistency in either the astrological or the financial realms.  But the stock market usually responds to Strong Emotions that way.  I know several people working with Strong Anger (in fact they refer to it as Rage) after last week’s Full Moon, and ongoingly in some cases.  As with our “Bullying” example, it’s very difficult to pin down exactly what part of our Anger is Present Moment, and which part is Karmic.  Of course if our Personal History is replete with Anger of this sort, we know empirically that it’s Karmic.  Yes, we feel a need to Learn to Stand Up for Ourself, but until we can filter out the Karmic component, we’ll usually be Standing Up to the wrong Bully, which often backfires.

Mirrors work very well for this essential work.  If I’m Angry at someone, and I can’t tell if it’s a Present Moment Anger or not – or more likely, I haven’t considered the possibility that it might be otherwise.  Mirrors work especially well when our mind keeps cycling back around to it “like a dog on a bone,” and it won’t leave us alone.  Use this process on Guilt (which is often a form of Anger anyway) too, and any other Compulsions.

So, I’m Angry at someone, or Feeling Guilty about something they want from me that I’m not Excited about Giving to them at the moment.  First, Ground yourself – at a minimum run a cable from the base of your Spine to the Center of the Planet, but there are many other options.  Then Imagine that you are holding a wardrobe Mirror, facing away from you.  Use a nice wide one.  Now point the Imaginary Mirror at your Antagonist, and hold it there for several minutes.  They can’t see you, you’re behind the Mirror, but they’ll Unconsciously recognize that something’s going on, and look puzzled.  After a few minutes, Notice whether your Emotion has Changed.  Are you still Feeling as Angry or Guilty?

If your Unpleasant Feeling hasn’t Changed, then your Antagonist is just a Bit Player in your Karmic Drama, and now you have to find the real Culprit.  You may have been Projecting your Anger on the wrong person – it’s easy to do.  Try a couple of other Current-Lifetime candidates.

You probably also have some ideas about whom in your past, in the Current Lifetime, filled that role for you.  Someone stopped you from Following Your Heart, or Belittled You when you were Following Your Heart, or just plain Abused you in one way or another.  A parent?  Older sibling?  Teacher?  Neighbor?  Make a guess, and turn your Imaginary Mirror toward your Imaginary Past Antagonist.  If the Unpleasant Music stops, you’ve got your Culprit.

When we were Abused while growing up – where Abuse includes Failure to Recognize and Honor our Unique Genius – that process Created Holes in our Aura.  No one else can Invade us when our Aura is Filled with our Own Energy.  If they Get In it’s because our Energy Field isn’t complete.  When we can’t Imagine how Huperity will ever organize itself to Heal the Planet, we’re looking at a Hole in our Aura.  How do we Fill the Holes and Complete our Natural, normally Unconscious Shield?  By Practicing with our Mirrors.

It’s not my fault, they’re the Invaders, it should be on them to stop Invading.  But it’s not.  It’s my Aura, and no one can fix it but me.  It’s the same if the Object of our Compulsion is a political figure that we Fear or Hate.  Like having Spinach in my teeth, if “they” go away, someone else will just come along to remind me that I have a Hole in my Aura – just as I’ve Experienced it all my Life.  In fact, I’m Lucky if they Remind me, rather than just Taking Advantage of the weakness in my Energy Shield.

And the Hole in my Aura – Unconsciously Giving Away My Power – is actually a Habit.  How do we Change Habits?

  • First we find out what the Habit is – they’re totally Unconscious at first, and it might take us several iterations to get Clear about exactly what the Pattern is.  Whenever we Obsess on any Emotion or Thought, we get out our Mirror and get to work.
  • We hold the Mirror till the Unpleasant Emotion Changes.  If it doesn’t Change, we refocus the Mirror on someone else (or some other Event), till we find Relief.  Then we can Let It Go.
  • Till the Obsessive Emotion returns.  Then it’s back to the Mirror.  It may have taken a zillion iterations to install this Karma originally, so you probably aren’t going to Change the Habit overnight.  It may take a week or a month or a year, or more.
  • It takes Effort to Persevere at this.  Our Karma is so Comfortable, like an old pair of shoes, that we don’t want to wear those new ones that hurt our feet.  It’s a Bother.  But we have to, if we ever want to “break them in,” and that’s exactly what we have to do with the new Patch for the Hole in our Aura.
  • Once we Recognize the Pattern, we Notice when it’s recurring, and rather than berating ourself for having a Bad Habit, we Congratulate ourself for Noticing that it’s occurring again.  This makes it Easier and Quicker every time.
  • Then we Choose any Alternative.  Don’t worry about Optimizing your Choices yet, that comes later.  For now the important thing is to do something Differently.  A friend used to say, “Don’t get even, get odd!”  Doing something totally out of context works great.  It’s Theater – have fun with it!
  • Once we’ve broken the original Karma then we can begin to think about what to Replace it with.  But the thing about Karma is that the same Pattern fires whether it’s relevant to the circumstances or not.  What We Want is to use a Response that’s relevant to the situation and Effective at Supporting our Values and Achieving our Goals.  So we may never want to Replace the Habit, we may want to play every hand to its strengths.
  • Without our old Autopilot, we’ll be Manifesting entirely new situations.  They’ll be Puzzling and Confusing at first, and we’ll go away thinking “I shoulda done/said thisorthat!” which is okay.  Confusion is the first sign of Growth, but in order to Grow you have to Let the Confusion Be.  If you try to Figure It Out you’ll just stick yourself back into your Old Karma, because your Figuring-Out Brain only knows the Old Paradigm.  You’ll need your Instincts and Intuition to Live in this New Karmaless World, and to access these you need to Learn to be Comfortable with Confusion.
  • At this point it often helps to Give It Over, to a Higher Power, to your Guides, to your Angels, to the Great Spirit or the Goddess, to your Instincts, to your Soul, to someone other than your Ego.  You’ll never lose your Ego, you’re stuck with them.  But what if you Identified with Asking for Guidance every step of the way?
  • Sure, as long as Instincts seem to be working, go with them.  You may run into more Karma somewhere – you’ll know it when what you’re trying to do doesn’t work, or when you run into another Bone you can’t Let Go Of.  But No Worries, by then you’ll be an Expert at working with your Mirror, and it’ll be a lot Easier this time.

The only person we have the Power to Change is Us.

Bob (in Australia) sends this great Channeling by Jenny Schiltz…

“Recently Spirit asked me to pass on a message that is perfect for the massive energies that we are in.

“They want you to day dream, to play within the landscape of your being.  They want you to practice your ability to FEEL into possibilities, into creation, into the void.

“They want you to take an idea, desire or dream and play it out within your mind for as many steps as you can take it out.  To then see it, feel it, and allow it to become part of you.

“Many of us do this, but with the negative.  We often play out the worst case scenario in our minds.  This virus, quarantine, and fear have whipped up people’s imaginations of all that could go wrong.

“You are now being asked to use that same ability but in the positive.  This is not about manifestation of what it is that you are day dreaming about, although that can certainly occur.  It is about practicing feeling into possibilities and taking them out as far as your mind will allow.  Then allowing that feeling to permeate each of your cells.

“This is a great way to make decisions as well by feeling into the choices and visualizing each of the different outcomes and then choose based on what the heart says.

“They tell me at one time that we (humans) could take a particular stream of potential and feel into it a 100 steps out. This ability is coming back online however, we must practice (play) and strengthen this aspect of ourselves.”

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  1. Casey c.d Says:

    This was an outstanding post! So Rich in relatable content with concrete examples for methods for ‘fixing’ (saturn | aquarius). Thank you for the dedication to your work, I am grateful to reep the benefits ;)

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