Can’t Trust That Day

Boy those guys were tall!  Don’t recall ever seeing them in concert.

If we succeed in Holding the Vision of What We Want and Rejecting What We Don’t Want, then we should be able to look forward to Strong Vitality on Monday 13 April 2020 (dwarf planet Varuna Stationary 10:30 pm PST), as we suggested in the previous post.  However, our Emotions will be Strong as well, as our next Moon Out of Bounds event spans 8:40 pm PST 12 April to 7:40 pm 14 April.  That’s a plus and minus, as the Self-Sabotage we’re meant to Let Go Of is likely to be in Full Victim mode.  That is, Feeling Helpless against what appear to be insurmountable outside forces.

Which is actually the Key to the whole issue.  Yes, the approach we’ve been using to that Trauma Drama is a Dead End, our Emotions are quite correct.  But that approach Gives Away Our Power (the Hylonome T-Square we mentioned), and helps us Forget that we are Powerful Spiritual Beings.  We are Creators, and where there are Strong Emotions there is Strong Creative Potential.  What if you Did Have Power in this situation?  What would that look like?  Not the Process of having Control…

(that’d probably be closer to Retribution), but the Result

If you Did have the Power to bend that impossible situation to your Will, what sort of Origami would you Create from it?  Know that your Frustration about not being able to Move that Mountain, is but a fraction of the Creativity you’ll have Available for Sculpting it into a masterpiece…

…once you Realize that There’s Nothing You Can Do to fix the Dilemma.  But You have a Secret Weapon…

Lurking inside of you, and ready to come out, is another version of You that knows exactly how to make Lemon Meringue Pies out of that Frustration.  When folks say that “You Create Your Own Reality,” they don’t mean You your Ego, they mean You your Soul.  So you only need to Ask your Ego to unzip its Costume, so their Understudy can step out and start Growing.  Now go back and try those bullet points in the previous post.

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