Self-Sovereignty Full Moon

The dominant feature of the 7 April 2020 Full Moon (7:30 pm PDT, in 19 Libra) chart is a probable Challenge over Self-Sovereignty (The Full Moon is T-Squared by dwarf planet Hylonome [Codependence and Self-Sovereignty] and asteroid Veritas [Truth of the Head]).  You can already see it starting as folks on one Fringe or another Rebel against Coronavirus Quarantine rules, while “ungrateful” Governors and Doctors Rebel against lack of protective equipment to allow them to do their jobs.  Expect the Rebellion to spread into the mainstream over the next couple of weeks.

I don’t usually look up Sabian Degree Symbols for New and Full Moons, but I know that some of these Symbols pit Individual Freedoms against the Collective “Good” (Rudhyar usually leans toward the Collective side), so I looked it up to see if this was one.  For this 19 Libra Degree it’s “A gang of robbers in hiding: Protest against disharmonic social privilege.”  An interesting twist, probably referring to the Pontificators that are condemning the Protestations.

There are also three arenas where the Goddess urges us to Direct our Attention (Fingers of the Goddess): our Instincts (the Moon), our Intuition (dwarf planet Asbolus), and Becoming Conscious of our Karma so we can Change it (asteroid Moira [Fate and Choice], opposed by asteroids Karma [Karma] and Atropos [Ending TimeLines or Patterns]).

Here’s the chart…

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