A reader and friend asks…

“I wanted to ask you if you could look at Orcus in all of this – I have felt compelled to read Richard Tarnas’s chapter on SAT/PLU and am about to look at Jupiter in the mix but last year I read Jeremy Allan Neal’s book on Orcus which is quite chilling – some of the key words are Confinement, Imprisonment and Pitilessness.  He says you can’t really understand Orcus until you’ve thoroughly understood Pluto – so here’s our chance!”

Here’s my response…

The essence of Conservatism is a Reliance on and Loyalty to Authority.  So to a Conservative, an Oath may be Life-or-Death.  On the other hand, to Self-Sovereign people who Value Yintegrity, an Oath is a matter of pragmatism, and Renegotiated or if necessary Reverted when it becomes obsolete.  Not necessarily casually, but basically, Living is more important than Oaths.  The problem with Oaths is that we usually take them seriously enough while they serve us, that we commit to Habit the Behaviors and Thought Patterns that they demand of us.  Then we forget that the Habit serves the Oath, and presto, we’ve created Karma and Limiting Beliefs rigid Behavior that may have no Purpose relative to our Values in subsequent Lifetimes or Time Provinces, and often Sabotages those Values.

So I emphasize the Pattern-Breaking side of Orcus rather than Habit-Making or Oath-Obedience, as Pattern-Breaking is necessary for Letting Go of Karma, literally by definition.  So yes, Orcus was in charge of Punishing Oath-Breakers, with whatever horrors and tortures you can imagine.  Like Nemesis, Guilt in other words, which can actually Kill when taken to Extremes.  We can count the number of ex-cabinet members in the Antichrist’s cabinet, if we have enough fingers and toes, as examples of folks who did or appeared to Break their explicit or implicit Oath of Loyalty to the Antichrist – typical Conservative stuff, and Lit Up now because we’re entering the Age of Aquarius, wherein Ideology (Fixed Air) may be more prominent than sympathy and understanding, harmony and trust abounding – hairstyles are often symbols of Ideology and conformity.

Many couples, for instance, just grow in different directions, Like Jeff Bezos and his lovely ex, and if Guilt (Orcus) doesn’t force them to sneak around, they can talk about the Truth and if appropriate agree to go their separate ways without Abandoning one another.  That’s a lot closer to Unconditional Love than the alternatives, though sometimes more like sociopathy.  Now with Karma, the original Oath was not Current-Lifetime, so the Guilt or Fear of Punishment is a Paper Tiger, a Shadow Puppet that we can walk right through once we Recognize what’s going on.  Of course, since we don’t have an easy way to link the original Oath to the current Karmic Pattern, we usually have to do an Ego Death, perhaps many, to break the Trance created by the Habitualization of the Oath.

When generalized, we come to Cultural Taboos, violating which can lead to Banishment, which were often fatal in Cultures that didn’t do Walkabouts or Vision Quests.  Self-Banishment via Guilt is our current equivalent, unless we find a way to Celebrate “long beautiful hair / Shining, gleaming, steaming, flaxen, waxen / Give me down to there hair, shoulder length or longer hair” or the like.  So yes, Orcus is a task-master, but what he polices is mostly Ghostly.  Like the Sisiutl of the Canadian West Coast, we need to “stand still” and avoid his gaze, till he approaches so close that he sees his own second head when he looks at us, and turns himself to stone.

Not that Oaths don’t serve a Present-Moment Purpose, but if they’re made to keep us Safe, and they aren’t renegotiable, they can prohibit us from seeking Liberation and hence EnLightenment.  They’re pretty much Win-Win only if we crave Limitation.  Nothing wrong with that, as long as it’s synchronous with our Values.  Of defined duration would also be useful, so we can Avoid accumulating more Karma.  Otherwise, we tend to Betray ourself Unconsciously, which isn’t all that uncommon.

In the Ixion-Pholus-Quaoar Station chart (ie, current Transits, drawn in https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2020/03/27/tumultuous-week-1/), Orcus Trioctiles Pluto and Trines asteroid Karma.  Most astrofolks would consider 135° a Sesquisquare, or junior Square.  I consider it a combination of the Third and Eighth Harmonics (tri- and -oct), or a meeting of Love with Wisdom (Third) and Restoring Balance (Eighth), which sounds pretty great to me.  The mechanism may not Feel so Loving for many of us, but the astrology suggests that we’re being Compelled (Pluto) to Lovingly Rebalance (trioctile) our Relationship to our Oaths, Vows, Promises, and Decisions, aka Let Go of our Karma.

Of course, a prominent Taboo of Western Culture is Acceptance of Death, so it does make sense, doesn’t it.  But to take that a couple of steps deeper, by accepting the philosophies of Allopathic Medicine, we’ve implicitly Decided to let ourselves be Victims of Microbes like the Coronavirus rather than embracing this Big Opportunity to Claim our Sovereignty over our own Body (ie, Chiron-Lilith Trine Varuna-Lachesis).  A Decision is just a Vow, linguistically disguised.  It may not be as initially Obvious, but our Languaging Colors our Reality just as our Oaths Influence our Behavior.

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