Tumultuous Week 1

The coming week will continue to be Tumultuous and then some, Up and Down and All Over the Place.  Till I have time to write about it, squint your eyes, look at this chart, and Ask yourself, “In a general kind of way, what might a chart like that imply?”

If you got an answer like “Busy” or “Crazy” or “Volatile” you’re right in the ballpark.

The potential Hot Spots include…

  • 30 March 2020 1am PDT (Ixion Stationary 1 Capricorn).
  • 31 March 10am PDT (Moon on North Node 4 Cancer).
  • 1 April 11am PDT (Pholus Stationary 5 Capricorn).
  • 2 April 6:20 pm PDT (Moon on Varuna at 2 Leo).
  • 3 April 9:30 pm PDT (Quaoar Stationary 5 Capricorn).
  • 4 April 8:40 am PDT (Moon 5 Virgo).

The basic concern is our Personal Response to Climate Change and all of its implications – and don’t for a moment think that the Coronavirus and the resulting Scrambling of “Civilization,” as we knew it, aren’t an integral part of Climate Change.

“There’s no reversing it.  That’s why we need a whole new world, and we all, every one of us, has a powerful role to play as a midwife of this rebirth.

“Taken through that lens, you begin to see that you’re not powerless at all.  Far from it.  The world is not falling apart in front of our eyes so much as it is falling into our hands.  What will happen if we’re brave enough to catch the falling pieces?

“That’s why it’s so impossible for any… Person to tell any other… Person… what their… commitment should look like.  We don’t know that special thing that you bring to the movement…  And we can’t wait to see the magic that will happen [when you bring it].”

–Mary Heglar, “Here’s Where You Come In,” Wired Magazine, April 2020, pp.18-20.

6 Responses to “Tumultuous Week 1”

  1. Alan Vodicka Says:

    First thing I thought when I saw that chart was B-e-a-utiful!

  2. Bob (in Australia) Says:

    “Balance” was the first thing that sprang to my mind and a quick read of the sabian symbols for each event

    1 Capricorn – would lead me to believe that given our current circumstances, it is behoven upon us to take this extraordinarily potent opportunity to step up individually and raise our consciousness and represents our “supreme test of man in society and to establish a “new home””

    4 Cancer – and we cannot justify holding onto any old ways of doing things

    5 Capricorn – and we can afford to be very proactive in taking whatever steps we need to, to defeat this invisible enemy (and love it to death) and insist our fellow citizens act accordingly (social distancing and enforced or voluntary self-isolation)

    And to paraphrase your oft used “You can’t make this stuff up”

    2 Leo – “An Epidemic of Mumps” – a collective danger representing an opportunity for a rebirth of our global consciousness

    5 Capricorn again – cannot be over-emphasised

    And I can’t resist including the entire quote here :


    KEYNOTE: The opening of new levels of consciousness.
    In the first of this sequence of five symbols we saw the individual seeking to bring out of everyday contacts a consciousness of significant form and meaning. Now, as the sequence ends, a further stage of realization is shown in its initial and relatively primitive character. The consciousness is gradually reaching beyond physical characteristics and becoming aware of energy processes, i.e. of the dynamism of forces which externalize themselves as life forms.
    This is the last stage of the thirty-first five-fold sequence of phases of the cyclic process of consciousness. The mind in its objectivizing and analytical character always tends to give “name and form” (nama and rupa in Sanskrit) to that which it contacts as energy process. It “images forth” energy or feeling, relating it to more or less familiar sense experience. We call this IMAGINATION.”

    We have to listen – The heavens are telling us “Dream of Fairies” THIS IS 5D !!! , Whatever we imagine we can create out of this amazing opportunity. Let’s have fun (though that sounds entirely inappropriate) and create a brand new reality on the other side of this !
    I believe we are being given an opportunity to create all sorts of new models (Economic, Social & Environmental). Let’s see what we can come up with!

    Bob (In Australia)

  3. LynnAnn Thomas Says:

    I’m with Alan! I see blooming and new life!

  4. LynnAnn Thomas Says:

    And, “right arm” is MY line, heh!

  5. Bob (in Australia) Says:

    Just a quick note to confirm that the synchronous signposts are showing themselves rapidly of late and they are becoming instantly recognizable and numerous, for example https://jennyschiltz.com/message-from-spirit/
    And on the other side of the coin, heartfelt compassion for the very real 3D angst and suffering that you are enduring in your wonderful country, trust this finds you well and safe!
    Bob (In Australia)

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