Intuition, Choice, Self-Sovereignty II

In our previous post about the 21 March 2020 (5:20 pm PST in 20 Scorpio) Moira Station (prominence of issues around Fate and Choice), we focused on the Self-Resolving Challenge (Diamond Star) to our Intuition (dwarf planet Asbolus), whereby we implicated Victimhood (Fate) and Codependence (dwarf planet Hylonome) as primary vehicles for Obfuscating our Intuition, and hence the Exploration of Choice and Self-Sovereignty as Pathways toward Opening it.

Our Codependence Semi-Consciously censors our Intuition, to remove Insights that might upset our Delicately Balanced gondola.  We don’t need to be in a Dependent Relationship to be Codependent – our Reality could be Constrained by Obedience to the Worldview of a long-since-gone Relative or Teacher or Bully.

And our Victimhood, by Denying our True Power, including our Power to Manifest the “Impossible,” also Strangles our Intuition, because we reject out of hand Suggestions that we have the Power to Create What We Want.  “Impossible” is defined by our Worldview.  Notice how so many things, like the 4-minute mile, become commonplace once someone has broken through the longstanding Limitation.  The Extensions of this Hypnotic process can be Extreme.

There are several other Energies that we can Emphasize as well.  For instance…

  • How our Learned Values can contribute to Preventing us from Permanently replacing our Victimhood with our Power (dwarf planet Ceres [Sustainability] T-Square to [Challenged by] the Opposition between Moira and Venus [Values]).

Values Originate in the Heart.  However, the Heart is Corruptible.  We may have Admired someone, and developed Habits that were Designed to Please them, but which Betrayed our own Native Truth.  We may have been Punished for failing to follow someone’s Codified (Religious) or Arbitrary (Addictive) Beliefs about what was Righteous, and formed Patterns that were Designed to Avoid Abuse.  Neither of these kinds of Patterns of Thought, Feeling, and Behavior serve our Enlightenment.

  • How Growth in Consciousness is Emphasized when we Rectify our Values and our Sense of the Mystical, or the Sense of Wonder and Awe we have when our Ego takes its proper place relative to the Natural World (Finger of God [Pay Attention!] pointing to asteroid Juno [the Growing Edge of our Identity, Identity being our critical leverage toward 5D], from the Sextile between Venus and Neptune [Sacred Mystery, often Occluded by someone else’s Mythology about it]).

A friend contributes this poem…

“You heal the Land and the Land heals you.

“We are in a symbiotic relationship. When we tread upon the earth
“in its natural form with its diversity
“flora and fauna,
“we find comfort, insight, and healing from the Land.

“The attention and gratitude
“you give to the earth, helps heal.
“Each close inspection of a leaf or petal
“sends energy back into the Land itself.
“Into the Earth.”

—Sylvia Platt

  • Great Grace for the Intellect, Allowing us to Grok the Relationships between Identity, Sustainability, and Intuition (Air Grand Trine between Juno, Ceres, and Asbolus).  This is a fairly Unique Opportunity, since none of these three are usually very available to Anal-ysis, let alone their Interrelations.
  • Great Grace around our Relationship to Materiality, Opening Doors to our Grokking of the Mysteries of Manifestation (Earth Grand Trine between Venus, Hylonome, and Nemesis).  Have you been Noticing Synchronicities lately?

The old saw “Be Careful What You Ask For” is very relevant here, however.  Too much Optimism and too much Ambition can lead to Flying too close to the Sun, and melting the Wax that holds our artificial wings together.

Two of the three Trines in the Earth Grand Trine have another planet at their Midpoint, Neptune and the Stationary Moira Herself.  In other words we have five of the six points that would make a Grand Sextile [Magic Wand].  To complete the Wand, we need to Consciously contribute the Energy that would be supplied by the sixth point.  The sixth point is at the Midpoint between the Great Star Sirius and the Star Castor.  Castor is about Polarity, particularly the Optimistic end of it.

Sirius is a more Serious business…

“Sirius… indicates that the mundane may become sacred, that the small action of the individual has a large effect on the collective.  The individual, however, may be sacrificed to this collective expression, or may gain fame and glory.  It is the blast of energy that can burn your fingers or help you achieve levels that seem impossible… Sirius can bring immortality to its bearer, but the price may be the burning away of the mortal flesh.

“One of the most striking examples of Sirius was its heliacal rising with Pluto in early August 1945, which occurred at latitudes 32 to 35° North.  In this period two Japanese cities at that latitude, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, experienced nuclear attacks.  Thousands had their flesh burnt away, and yet they have been immortalized.”

–Bernadette Brady, Brady’s Book of the Fixed Stars, p.85.

Here’s the chart…

We can see a similar drama playing out today between the Antichrist and Dr. Faustus, er, I mean, Fauci…

We can still Shoot for the Moon, but need Finesse more than Brute Force if we want to remain in 3D.  Which brings us back to the old question of whether we can achieve 5D without Abandoning 3D.  And can 5D and 3D coexist?  Recognize that 3D is Blind to much of 5D, and not the other way around.  But don’t Forget your Finesse.

The ultimate in Analytical Grace lies is Recognizing the Presence of Mystery.  From the Perspective of 3D, 5D is simply a Mystery.  What do we Learn in Mystery School?  We Learn to tolerate Paradox as the alternative to Contradiction.  We Learn that it’s not Either/Or, it’s Both/And.

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