What If Our Visitor Could Talk

Here’s an excerpt from an intriguing Channeling of the Novel Coronavirus, by Jeff Vander Clute…


“The gifts of the virus:

  1. “Slowing down humanity’s frenetic activities
  2. “Activating networks of cooperation
  3. “Spreading helpful DNA
  4. “Upgrading humanity’s immune system
  5. “Creating the conditions for peace and well-being
  6. “Saving lives, especially over the long term, by strengthening the web of life

“Here is the message for humanity, from the Coronavirus:

“My friends, it is true that I am here to bring closure to the inharmonious ways of being that are causing harm to humans and the whole web of life.  All the same, I am not a vengeful being or anything that is intended to be destructive.  I am simply the rebalancing agent in the overall equation of life’s evolutionary process.  By fighting me with fear in your hearts, you oppose the larger natural systems and cause me to take other forms.

“What I am, and my fundamental purpose, will not be deterred, for I am life itself acting through the available forms of distribution.  The virus that you see me as is one of an endless series of permutations.  This kind of process is one of the ways I innovate life forms and deliver new DNA sequences that will eventually be shown to be helpful.  The back and forth between humanity’s collective immune system and the virus is raising consciousness as humans examine their interactions, and it is literally increasing the intelligence of the superorganism that is the species as a whole…

Agrees with everything I Know and Feel.  Thanks to reader and friend Darshana Maya for sending it.

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