No WWIII, Brenda Says We’re Okay

It’s been about four hours since the Moon went Out-of-Bounds, and I haven’t seen any reports of War yet, which puts us far ahead of 2001.  Lots of borders closing and even sheltering in place ordered, which is good – Introversion and Meditation is how we Avoid allowing our Twelfth House planets to plunk us into Hospitals and Prisons.  It’s painful for many trying to defend their nest-eggs, but the Bears are long overdue, and it is possible that we could get some sort of Recovery once we get a new gang of thieves in the capitol.

Look at those fingernails!  I’ve seen Huckleberries sliced neatly in half, so those things might look like awls, but they’re sharp as razors.

Brenda Hoffman’s Channeling for today…

“Many of you are frightened.  Not only about the possibilities of a disease, but also – and perhaps more importantly – that no one is telling you what to do.  You want someone, anyone, to take responsibility for your safety and that of others.  Instead, you sense a vacuum, an aloneness that makes you even more frightened.

“The thought, ‘Someone, please tell me what to do,’ resounds in your head.  Only to hear nothing that seems logical or right for you.

“Know that you are replaying your 3D tapes of, ‘Someone other than me is responsible for my welfare, for my life.’  But what you are discovering – with anger, we might add – is that there is no one taking care of you.

“Of course, family members and friends voice their concern and hope that no one they love becomes ill.  But what you have waited for the past few days is THE plan that will satisfy your fears.  That will make you feel all better.  Similar to a parent assuring a small child that there is no boogeyman under their bed.

“Such is not going to happen.  That 3D parent structure has fallen.  Now it is, ‘Every man, woman, and child for themselves.’  Which appears to be the worst curse possible for that phrase was only used in the most extreme 3D cases.  But if you dissect that phrase, you will discover the blessing.  For that phrase means earth entities are finally taking responsibility for themselves.

“Many of those frightening 3D phrases were road maps to new you.

“This time, this transition has been seeded for eons.  The messages we emphasize are not necessarily new.  The difference is your understanding of those messages.  Just as someone can say, ‘I hate you’ and mean a silly jest or a hateful reply.  The 3D words you express daily, have multiple meanings. So it is heart messages are becoming more fashionable than words.

“Anyone can and often does say whatever is convenient for them at the moment.  But are those words actionable or merely words to assure you when you have forgotten your powers?

“This is a time of falling 3D structures.  Until now, most 3D structures merely bent.  They are now crumbling.

“You often listen to words not followed by the related action.  Of course, you joke about that lack of symbiotic relationship.  At the same time, it frightens you.  Who are you to believe or follow?  What are you to expect from your leaders?  Your response can only be that you no longer want or require leaders – you have claimed your powers.

“The Wizard of OZ was one of your seeds for this transition.  If you remember, Dorothy believed that only the Wizard could return her to Kansas.  But after many struggles, Dorothy and her friends discovered the Wizard was merely a little man behind a curtain.  Dorothy always had the power to return home without anyone’s assistance.

“So it is for you now.  What feels right?  What gives you joy?

“Many of you respond that nothing gives you joy because your parent-leaders have taken away your life, your joy.  We remind you that you are a power in yourself.  During this global chaos, you might wish to isolate yourself, treat those who become ill, or continue other aspects of life that feel right.

“Perhaps you are concerned that allowing others to do what they want will harm you or your loved ones.  We remind you that if you are moving from your heart, you will not harm anyone, including animals, plants, or other humans.

“Your new inner guidance system is not part of the 3D social system.

“Will you infect others with a virus?  No, because to do so goes against everything you have dedicated yourself to for eons, most definitely including this transition.  You will do what you need to do with heart regardless of the fumbled messages of your leaders.  3D leaders are no longer relevant.

“Your advanced transition stage allows you to know who you are and where you need to be.  Even though some of you may not yet fully understand your inner messages, you will find yourselves in the right place because of your inner workings – not the convoluted dictates of 3D leaders.

“The world is no longer ruled by the leaders of yesterday.  Instead, those awakened or awakening will dictate the loving actions required to move the earth and its inhabitants beyond these crises. You, the people, are taking over.  Not as in ‘I’m in control,’ but instead, that ‘this needs to be done, and so does this and this.’  So it is the loving hearts of those of you who have shifted or are shifting beyond 3D, creating the solutions.  As those fully of 3D will bungle one action after another.

“Those fully of 3D are destroying the structures of fear.  While those of you with open hearts will create loving solutions that do not require 3D actions or words.  So be it.”

4 Responses to “No WWIII, Brenda Says We’re Okay”

  1. Sheila Says:

    Only in France: Macron Declares France ‘at War’ With Virus, as E.U. Proposes 30-Day Travel Ban

  2. Isaac George Says:

    Great info from Brenda this time. Ta!!

  3. kaula Says:

    Ah, these idiots? :)

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