Truth or Dare

On 16 or 17 March 2020, we find out whether the Coronavirus is the Headliner, or just a Teaser, as the Moon begins going “Out-of-Bounds” (further away from the Equator than the “Tropics” of Cancer and Capricorn at 23:27° N or S of the Ecliptic) in earnest.  For about a decade the Moon stays “In-Bounds,” then in the following decade, it goes Out-of-Bounds for a day or two every two weeks.  During the latter decade, folks are generally more Emotional.

The last time this Moon-“OOB” decade began was the morning of 11 September 2001.  The general disruption from the Coronavirus feels quite similar to that of “9/11,” so maybe the pandemic is the Event and not just a preview.  Paired as Moon-OOBs are recently with Saturn-Pluto Conjunctions, military operations would not be a surprise.  If the pandemic is our “only” Moon-OOB gift this time, the Planet has come a long way since 2001.

I initially thought that the notion about the pandemic being caused by 5G and its cousins, was a stretch (I wasn’t thinking Both/And, was I).  But I’ve been reading Dr. Robert Becker’s book The Body Electric, and a video that a reader sent, of a presentation by Thomas Cowan, MD, made more sense…

Put Dr. Becker’s lifelong research into the body’s relationship to electromagnetism together with Dr. Cowan’s talk, and we appear to be on the brink of a repeat of Atlantis.  Time for us to regress a couple of letters, to 5D.

In Dr. Becker’s research (and that of many others which he describes), a dysruptive electromagnetic event initially causes a strong physiological reaction, but then in a week or two the organ or organism adapts, and settles down as if nothing happened, kind of like catching the flu and then getting over it.

This is when all the Scienterrific research that demonstrates the harmlessness of electromagnetic energy, quits looking.  Hence harmlessness has become the scienterrific dogma.  But move forward a couple of years, and the organism starts to reveal the ongoing damage created by the electromagnetic event.  Accumulate these events, and the result is Adrenal Exhaustion.

Dr. Cowan quotes Rudolph Steiner, who said after or during the Spanish Flu pandemic, that viruses were ejecta from damaged cells.  Not a cause, but a symptom of cellular dys-ease in other words.  That makes sense relative to the scienterrific non-sequiter that Viruses “aren’t Alive.”  They can Live for nine days in that loogie on the sidewalk, but they “aren’t Alive.”  Oh, okay.  Of course the Scienterrific Perspective is as usual missing the point that Everything Is Alive.

The Moon went OOB for four hours on 4 March.  It’s first real OOB event spans 9:15 pm PDT 16 March through 4:50 pm 17 March.  The context, in addition to the Saturn-Pluto Complex with its Stations of Uranus (Soul) and Eris (Revelation), looks something like this…

  • Dwarf planets Pholus and Quaoar (Earth Changes) on the South Node (Karma) 8-13 March.
  • Asteroid Hopi (Respect for the Life in All Things) crossing Chiron (Despair and Miracles) 12 March in 5 Aries, “A triangle with wings: The capacity for self-transcending” – we need to Choose the Miracles.
  • Hopi enters Aries (Creative Spirit), and dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential) Stationary (Strong) 6 March.
  • Hopi returning In-Bounds (OOB since June 2019) 16 March.
  • Asteroid Karma (Karma or Held Emotions) moving into Taurus (Physicality) 7 March.

The conclusion from that series is that we need to take this pandemic thing very Personal – it’s about our own Physical Karma.  If we could Choose, what would it be?  Well, that’s exactly the Difference between Karma and Freedom – Choice.  Sure, you may Choose to avoid the affliction and then get it anyway – but why would you expect to succeed at your first Choosing?  Or have you been Practicing Choice?  That’ll greatly increase your odds of enforcing your Choice.

Fate, ie, Karma, Victimizes us when we’re Not Conscious.  When we’re Aware of our Ancient Habit Patterns, and we’re Willing to take a stab at Changing them, we get to Choose.  You know by now that we usually recommend PIAVAing our Choices (  Intention (the “I” in PIAVA) is a good way to start, though there are more proactive approaches.

You could Intend, for instance, to contract a very mild case of the Virus, so your Immune System will be ready for it when it returns.  You could Intend to step further into 5D, where Collaboration replaces Competition.  A mild case would be a Collaboration with the Virus.  Of course, if a Virus is a side-effect of dys-ease and not a cause, then we’re looking at something more like Collaborating with a Thunderstorm.  Yes, we’d be Playing with Fire, but Fire symbolizes Spirit, and what was it that Dr. Cowan advised at the end of his video?

And still she (California Orange County Congresswoman Katie Porter) persisted, to get the CDC to commit to free testing for Coronavirus…

And this is how Rita Wilson responded…

2 Responses to “Truth or Dare”

  1. Isaac George Says:

    And today and tomorrow Mars conjuncts the 20th degree of Capricorn which was the degree of the Jan.12th Pluto-Saturn-Ceres-Mercury conjunction. Ya can’t make this stuff up.

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