As Marilyn Raffaele’s Channeling for today avers, the Arcturians agree that taking our foot off of the Cat’s tail is timely…

The time has arrived in which those who are ready are being guided to let go of all remaining concepts about how everything is or must to be in order to be correct and acceptable – all, not just the not so important ones.  Good concepts are just as illusory as the bad ones, both must be seen through.  No matter how comfortable or efficiently some concepts may of served you in the past, many can no longer do it because you have changed.

“As individual consciousness evolves and begins to resonate with a higher frequency, much that resonated in the previous state of consciousness automatically shifts out of alignment…
“Allow the things that no longer resonate to fade away no matter how important they may have once seemed or may still be to those around you.  This can take courage, for usually these things – events, beliefs, systems of functioning, and activities – involve others, family traditions, business, church etc.
“Letting go of that which no longer resonates with you need not be overt rejection – which can easily slip into an ego exercise.  Rather, simply, silently, and without fan-fare allow these things to gradually and gently fade out of your life without assigning power for good or bad to them.  This does not mean you must no longer engage in activities that once worked for you and may still be important to those around you, but rather engage if you choose, but without attaching importance and necessity.
“Ideas, projects, life issues more in alignment with your expanding consciousness will replace many of the things now fading away because everything you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell in the third dimension is a material concept of its underlying spiritual reality – you cannot make something out of nothing.  Vehicles of transportation are actually Divine Omnipresence materially interpreted.  A home is actually Consciousness.  Therefore the Divine reality will always re-appear on new and higher levels if not blocked by false concepts and beliefs.”
Stop fighting, struggling, or attempting to get things back to the way they once were, whether  through learned metaphysical techniques or through the three dimensional belief system.  Allow the I that you now know you are to express, trusting that IT can only express ITSelf as ITSelf, which is, and forever has been, infinite wholeness, completeness, harmony, abundance, safety, security etc…”
At this time the world is experiencing a great deal of fear regarding the virus disease that has penetrated world consciousness.  As the media continues its non stop promotion, it gives ever more reality and substance to the issue, for you are creators.  Do not fear and do not give it power and thus substance.  As with all things that are not God ordained, maintained, or sustained, it will pass into the nothingness that it is, if allowed.”
It is a new time, new ways, new ideas, and change and to be a part of it you must allow and move with it.  It is why you are on earth at this time.  Align with and hold Light for Gaia as well, for she is a living soul and not an inanimate piece of dirt.  She needs your love and support as she too is clearing old energy.  Let the past go.  Let the present go.  Let it all go and move into  allowing.  You are ready.”
Heavy duty.  Don’t hesitate to read the original, as I haven’t quoted the whole Channeling.

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