Changes II

So, asteroid Nemesis, which we interpret as Ego Death, is in Virgo, which we interpret to be the Sign of Ego Death, occurring as it does between the Peak of Individual Power – Leo, and the naive introduction to Other – Libra.  And Nemesis is at the Peak of its Power (it’s Stationary).  And we’ve just finished negotiating a huge Change in the Zeitgeist (Saturn-Pluto et al), so we should actually be Expecting to Encounter Ego Death, as our Old Persona, which for a third of a Century has been Adapting to the Old Zeitgeist, will undoubtedly have some Shifting to do, to begin Adapting to the New Zeitgeist.

If we look at the chart of this Station of Nemesis…

…we see that Nemesis herself sits on one corner of what astrologers call a “Grand Cross” – four planets equally spaced around the Zodiac, which we draw as four adjoining red triangles (four T-Squares sharing the same space – for instance, one of the T-Squares is Nemesis-Chaos-Eurydike, and another is Chaos-Nemesis-Ixion et al)

Each corner of a Grand Cross is a Challenge, but they’re all Related, so we don’t usually have enough time to Focus on one of them, before the other three Act Up.

We either end up being hypercompetent Multi-Taskers, or we give up and just Live happy-go-lucky, letting Other People Suffer when their Expectations of us are Disappointed.  Of course we could Take On other Peoples’ Expectations, and Share the Suffering, but the folks I know with this Birth Configuration seem to have enough Experience trying this, that they’ve Learned to Know Better.

This one might sneak up on us if we have other planets under it, within a Degree or so of 27 Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius, or Gemini.  Of course, if we have our own natal Grand Cross there, it’ll be Old Hat for us, just more of the same.  And we use so many planets, that most people have Grand Crosses, so we’re likely to be Comfortable with it anyway.  Plus, the Ego Death Challenge here is Self-Resolving (the Nemesis T-Square is not only a Diamond Star, where a Finger of God also points to it, but Nemesis is also a corner of an Earth Grand Trine; the Finger of God means we’re Paying Attention, and the Grand Trine brings us Great Grace), so we’re likely to stay pretty Grounded through it, which always Helps keep us Stable…

We’re also likely to be Trusting our Own Guidance (Nemesis Opposite Eurydike/Trust and Lilith/Self-Sovereignty), or else Receiving Object Lessons in Self-Trust.  And we could well find ourself Relaxing a lot of what used to be Limitations on our Dreams and Wishes, as we start thinking more in terms of What Might Be Possible instead of What Can’t Be Done (the second axis of the Grand Cross is the Opposition from dwarf planet Chaos/Unlimited-Potential to a Stellium/group-of-planets composed of dwarf planet Ixion/Hidden-Genius and asteroids Pallas/Boundaries, Veritas/Truth, and Bee-Zed/Transcendence).

There’s a Bigger Challenge, though (T-Square), and it’s about our Adaptation to Confidently (dwarf planet Chariklo) Feeling like we can Sustain (dwarf planet Ceres) the kind of élan we’ll need to Stumble into such New-Zeitgeist Dreams (Saturn-Pluto et al) without Backing Down, or Giving Up Before We Start – let alone the kind of Sustained Focus and Effort we’d need to Manifest them Consciously…

However, we’re certainly not Alone here.  We might even Dream that someone else Recognizes our Potential (Quincunx to dwarf planet Chaos) and invites us to Step Into Roles in our Community – or in a new and perhaps larger Community – that fit right into the New Zeitgeist.  Remember, this Zeitgeist will last a third of a Century, and it’s primary drivers are Bravery and our own Goals for the Planet, so if you have no idea how some Fantasy might evolve or Where it might lead, but it smells good, you’re probably at the Start of Something Big.  The Future isn’t here yet, so you don’t need to make a Big Commitment, you just need to be Excited about something.

And there are Blessings Galore.  While this Challenge isn’t quite Self-Resolving (the potential Finger of God lacks one foot), one sure path through it lies in Respect for our own Hidden Genius (the Trine Bridge of Hopi and Ixion et al ).  Another Grace-Full path lies through Allowing the natural Ego Deaths that we do without Realizing we’re doing it (“Oh, maybe it would work better to do it that way this time, instead of Reacting the way I usually do”), to Convert our Fear to Power (the Grand Trine/Dumb-Luck-Grace with Nemesis and dwarf planet Sedna/Converting-Fear-to-Power).

And there are Friendly Guides hidden in the Challenge itself.  We’ll be getting New Information (dwarf planet Eris…) that will Trigger our Instincts about our own Rebirth – it isn’t just the Planet’s Zeitgeist that’s been reset, we are also being Reborn here (…Opposite Moon/Instincts and Haumea/Rebirth)That ⊗ between Haumea and the Moon symbolizes the Earth.  We don’t usually interpret it because it’s Location Dependent and we write for anyone on the Planet.  It applies only to Yukon, British Columbia, Washington, northern Idaho, most of Nevada, California, and Baja California del Norte.

Our Rebirth will be Guided by Respect for All Things, especially Respect for What We Haven’t Learned Yet (Grand Trine with asteroid Hopi and dwarf planet Chaos).  And Fear will Remind us to Trust that our own Guidance will Midwife our Rebirth, to put us where we need to be in order to move our Mission forward and Serve Mother Earth in Her Rebirth (Finger of God to Haumea-Moon from Sedna/Fear and the Conjunction of Eurydike/Trust with Lilith/Self-Sovereignty).  We may Watch these things happening, more than actively Planning and Executing them…

We want to deal with any Disharmony we Feel between Respect for All Things and Converting Fear to Power (Hopi Square Sedna) using Curiosity, even if we think we Understand what’s going on (the Trine Fez in the chart below; all Fezes are driven by their diagonal Quincunxes/Curiosities).  There’s always something New to Learn, and it’s almost always more Important than what we think we already Know.  At the very least we can use what we Hear or See to confirm our a priori notions, or to jiggle them just off-center enough to Question whether we really do Know It All Already.

Most especially, we want to Quiet our Expectations and Open our Mind whenever we Encounter apparent Fear about our Rebirth (Sedna Quincunx Moon-Haumea), and whenever we Encounter Judgment (Hopi Quincunx Nemesis).  Our natural Reaction is to Eschew Ego Death, and Discount Rebirth because the Ego doesn’t like to notice that it isn’t already Perfect.  Judgment Rejects a portion of Life – it’s the tip of an iceberg of Karma, and the rest of the iceberg will sink your own Titanic Overconfidence.

But this is exactly the Cultural Karma that’s being Healed here, as we Transition to Recognizing that Ego Death and Rebirth – and Letting Go of Karma – are All the Same Thing, and that they are the fastest, if not the only, path to Liberation, Enlightenment, and Ascension.  We are Learning to Celebrate them (Nemesis Unx/Pattern-Breaking Haumea-Moon; Unx means one twelfth, what many refer to as a Semi-Sextile)

Finally, the Biggest Configuration that’s hiding beneath the Complexity of the chart, is what’s called an Almost Grand Sextile.  The Sextile is considered the best Angle between two planets because while it Personifies Grace, it also requires that the Huper Participate in the Initiation of the Grace-Full Acts and Projects which it governs.  A Grand Sextile is six Sextiles head-to-tail around the entire Zodiacal Loop.  An Almost Grand Sextile is a Grand Sextile but for one Vacancy…

The Vacancy becomes The Most Important Part of the Grand Sextile, because its Presence Invokes the Grace.  So usually we need to Consciously provide the Energy of the Vacancy.  We Intuit what Energy it is by the interpretation of the Individual Degree (Sabian Symbol) of the Vacancy.  The Vacancy here is 27 Leo, “The Luminescence of Dawn in the Eastern Sky: The exalting Challenge of New Opportunities at the Threshold of a New Cycle.”  What a Coincidence.  As a friend used to say, “You can’t make this stuff up.”

When a prominent Fixed Star sits in or near the Vacancy, though, we may not need to do as much work, as the five planets of the Almost-Grand-Sextile will sync in with the Star to Complete the Loop.  In this case there are two prominent Stars near the Vacancy, and both are the Heart of their respective Constellations.  They are Alphard, the Heart of the Serpent, and Regulus, the Heart of the Lion.  The Serpent symbolizes the Karma that we Let Go of through Ego Death and Rebirth.  The Lion stands in for the Bravery that bottom-lines the New Cycle.

Bernadette Brady fills us in, in Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars.  First, Alphard, p,148-152…

The Constellation Hydra, the Serpent, is “the source of connection to the ‘great deep’ and to the great dragon Tiamat.  The constellation was also considered the wandering path of the Moon before she settled into her orbit.  Therefore the Nodes of the Moon … are called the Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail.  Most cultures have a snake or serpent connected with their creation myths in some way. ,,, She was also the Kundalini energy coiled in a person’s pelvis to be released as life-giving sexual energy.  The Chinese myth states they are all descendants of … the Serpent-goddess who received the souls of the dead in her belly and then gave birth to new life. … Indeed, the word for priest meant snake charmer.

“The Serpent, and thus the Serpent’s Heart [Alphard], is only just re-emerging in the human psyche, and although it is still mostly submerged in the unconscious, it can be murderous and violent when it manifests.  Its preferred expression is conscious passion. … If it is present in your chart, you are working with very strong feelings and will need to resist striking back in anger.  A better use of the energy is to focus on a subject or a cause to which you can devote your strength and determination.”

Which suggests that we should view the Patriarchy and the Blind Exploitation of Living Nature as a “resource” rather than a Partner, as the Path to Where We Are, Bravely striving to Raise their Consciousness rather than push them out of the way, and Bravely striving to build new Institutions to replace theirs, rather than rushing to dismantle theirs.

And pp.263-265…

“As one of the Royal Stars or Persia [now Iran!], [Regulus] is one of the great historical stars of the sky.  The Persians saw it as their mythical King … who once … ruled the entire known world. … In his old age he decided to divide his kingdom among his three sons.  The two oldest … murdered their younger brother … and this act so grieved [the King] that he took revenge upon his two elder sons. … This story … shows us the myth behind the military honors and successes [and awards for Bravery] of Regulus.

“Like the other three Royal Stars, a person whose chart it affects can gain great success but only by facing a particular nemesisFor Regulus, this nemesis is revenge. … Its meaning will have to do with the striving for success and the potential for ambitions to be fulfilled.  However, at the same time it will suggest issues of revenge, always tempting and testing a person.  If, out of anger or hurt, the person takes revenge, then … there is a falling from grace. … If revenge is taken then there is a loss of what has been gained.

“One of the Royal Stars will put great strain on the rest of the chart, for you will be pushed to succeed, to shine, or to move forward in your life.  This may fit well with the rest of your chart, in which case you should step out, as success is yours.  However, it may contradict other needs, in which case, by taking pride in small things, the deep pressure to shine that Regulus will apply to you can be eased. … You should aim high but with the awareness of the danger of revenge.”

When astrology, or any Guidance, gives us the same suggestion over and over, it behooves us to Heed.


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