January 2020 VI

From John Perkins…


“People who advocate for and act to create change are today’s revolutionaries.  Ours is a Consciousness Revolution.  As expected, we are meeting strong resistance.  Political and economic elites are fighting back, trying to downplay the catastrophic events, defending the destructive status quo.  History supports our efforts.  It tells us that their reactions should give us strength, stir our juices to try harder, adopt new strategies, be more creative – and to know that we are winning.”

From Joanne Fedler (with my apologies for referencing a Scourge of the Earth, Facebook); click “Not Now” when you get there…


“None of us is protected from what lies ahead.  Our wealth, status or distance from Australia won’t save us.  Every single living human being right now is bound and affected by this omnicide (the destruction of all life around us) and solastalgia (ecological grief for the worlds we are losing).

“And if we cannot come together as one now, well, folks, we’re truly fucked.  Australia is the canary in the coalmine for the rest of the world.  Please let our devastating losses not be for nothing.  Here it is – the defining moment where we can change.  Maybe we cannot alter the trajectory of destruction that awaits, but we can change who we are and how we travel forward into this burnt new world.”

The Reality…


A bit less than four million acres burned in California over the last three years.  In eastern Australia fifteen million acres have burned so far this year, and summer is only 2½ weeks old.  The smoke has reached South America.  Maybe we’ll generate a Nuclear Winter to cool the Planet so we can stay in Denial.  Get to work on your tan now though before it’s too late; you’ll need the Vitamin D.

Meanwhile, in Finland…


Those are colors of the Heart and Crown Chakras, suggesting where we all should be hanging out as much as possible.

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