Beliefs, Values, Identity

The 29 December 2019 (2:30 pm PST) Station of the asteroid that symbolizes our Beliefs (Vesta) will likely have us Questioning some of our Perceptions and Reactions.  We may even Notice that we’re Inhabited by several Identities, each with different Beliefs.  For instance, when we’re Feeling good we may have one Belief about how Chocolate Dances with our Health, but quite another when an intolerable Emotion arises.  Or several different Beliefs about our Partner or our Job or our Worth, depending on the Circumstances or our Mood.

If the Dutch Doors between these various parts of ourself – our several distinct and semi-distinct Identities – are usually closed, we may be Wondering whether all of our Selves Live Up to our own Values (Vesta Station Square Venus).  Or whether we’re consistent about how we apply our Values to our Behaviors.  “Well, I was pretty drunk,” or “But I was really Angry!” may be valid excuses in our view for otherwise unacceptable Behavior.  That kind of flexibility may be a positive or a negative in our Value System.  The Bottom Line might be whether or not these several Identities Know and Accept one another, and Agree that their various Limits are reasonable.

The current-Lifetime source of these Internal Inconsistencies is often our Programming, since our Programming Mirrors our Karma.  We probably have places in our past where we Trusted or Surrendered to an External Authority, and we may still retain “Buttons” that Trigger Giving Away our Power to Others.  Suppose for instance that our Mother called us by one name when She was Pleased with us, and another when She was Angry at us.  When someone today uses the latter, our Current Identity may suddenly become a puddle on the floor.

There’s an unusual Window open here that may Allow us to Examine, and perhaps Change, some of these Self-Sabotaging Patterns (a T-Square/Challenge to dwarf planet Hylonome/Self-Sovereignty from an Opposition between the asteroids Sappho/Self-Love and Atropos/Ending TimeLines).  A second Window could well Illuminate for us the Original Stimuli that put the Patterns in place (a Grand Trine between Hylonome, Vesta, and dwarf planet Orcus/Pattern-Breaking that is stretched into a Kite by asteroid Eurydike/Trust).

If we See the Original Stimulus in the current Lifetime, it would Behoove us to Meditate on the Intention to follow that back into previous Lifetimes, to find the Original Trauma that Created the Karma (a Finger of God points to Orcus).

Our overarching Intention should be to move toward Unconditional Self-Love (a Finger of God pointing to Sappho).  Self-Love is not compatible with Allowing ourself to be Controlled by Others.

Here’s the Vesta-Station chart…

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