Survival or Bust VI Solstice

Dwarf planets symbolizing Survival (Quaoar), Responding (Pholus), and Rule-Bending (Ixion) are all sitting on the Cusp of the Sign of Rules and Structures (Capricorn) as the Sun reaches the furthest extent of its Southward travel and begins to turn around and head back North.  The December 21, 2019 (8pm PST) Solstice chart exerts its influence till the March Equinox.

We can combine the principles of Rules, Rule-Bending, Responding, and Surviving any way we want, but when I look at the State of the World it seems to me that the most appropriate way is something like Since the Cultural Structures we Live in are rapidly Destroying the Natural Basis for our Survival, if we want to Respond to our Desire to Survive, we’ll have to Bend the Rules we Learned in School.

The Master Megacorporations, the 1%, and their Poster Child the Antichrist will probably see it as Man, do we ever know how to Bend the Rules and Get Away with it, and there’s no denying that.  We’re still five days from the actual Solstice though, and given their propensity to Self-Destruct, there’s no guarantee that by the weekend they’ll still be “on top of the World” – that is, in the Missionary Position on Mother Gaia, and Love it ain’t.

The (Sun-Quaoar-Pholus-Ixion) crowd (Stellium) on the Capricorn Cusp is Challenged (Squared) by our Ancient Habits (asteroid Karma) and our tendency to Feel like we’re Victims (Chiron).  As long as we’re Victims of our Self-Destructive Patterns, we don’t know that we have the Power to Change them.  Even if we Feel Enlightened, we all have some lingering Karmic Baggage, or we wouldn’t be Overwhelmed by the impending End of Civilization as we know it.  So our Mission over the next few months is to be Watchful for that Karmic Baggage, and Heal our Subservience to it.  The neighborhood of New Years Day may be a Standout for this (see below).

The Solstice chart also tells us that this process is an important part of the Soul’s Descent (or the Ego’s Ascension if you prefer to see it that way), and warns us to Expect that our Values will be undergoing radical Change (Venus T-Square across an Opposition from Uranus/Soul to Haumea/Rebirth).  As an aside, it also mentions that our Success is likely to lie through Converting our Fear to Power (Finger of God to dwarf planet Sedna)Here’s the chart…

The new Cycle between asteroid Karma and dwarf planet Chiron Begins on New Years Day 2020 (1pm PST) at 2 Aries – “A comedian reveals Human nature.”  That’s a Big Hint – Laughing at ourselves will likely be a Powerful way to Lighten the Ego’s Grasp on the Obsolete Patterns that we need to Jettison. This is a five-year Cycle, so this won’t apply only to the next three months.  The Cycle we’ve just finished began on 30 April 2015 at 21 Pisces, “Under the watchful and kind eye of a Chinese servant, a girl fondles a little white lamb.”  Whoa, what a Loaded Metaphor!  Feel free to let your Imagination run Wild as you try to blend this Image with your Impressions of the last five years.

2 Responses to “Survival or Bust VI Solstice”

  1. Bob (in Australia) Says:

    Just a quick note that despite the challenges facing us all, I wish you and your readers a joyful Solstice/Christmas and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful interpretations during the last year and look forward with pleasure to reading them further in the new decade !

  2. Lunesoleil Says:

    Reblogged this on L'actualité de Lunesoleil and commented:
    Extrait et traduction en Français

    Les planètes naines symbolisant la survie (Quaoar), la réponse (Pholus) et la flexion des règles (Ixion) sont toutes assises à la pointe du signe des règles et des structures (Capricorne) alors que le soleil atteint la plus grande étendue de son voyage vers le sud et commence à faire demi-tour et repartir vers le nord. Le graphique du Solstice du 21 décembre 2019 (20h00 HNP) exerce son influence jusqu’à l’équinoxe de mars.

    La foule (Sun-Quaoar-Pholus-Ixion) (Stellium) sur la cuspide du Capricorne est mise à l’épreuve (au carré) par nos anciennes habitudes (astéroïde Karma) et notre tendance à nous sentir comme des victimes (Chiron). Tant que nous sommes victimes de nos schémas d’autodestruction, nous ne savons pas que nous avons le pouvoir de les changer. Même si nous nous sentons éclairés, nous avons tous des bagages karmiques persistants, ou nous ne serions pas submergés par la fin imminente de la civilisation telle que nous la connaissons. Donc, notre mission au cours des prochains mois est d’être attentif à ce bagage karmique et de guérir notre soumission. Le quartier du Nouvel An peut être un exemple pour cela (voir ci-dessous).

    Le nouveau cycle entre l’astéroïde Karma et la planète naine Chiron commence le jour du Nouvel An 2020 (13 h 00 HNP) à 2 Bélier – «Un comédien révèle la nature humaine». Saisissez les modèles obsolètes dont nous avons besoin pour larguer. Il s’agit d’un cycle de cinq ans, donc cela ne s’appliquera pas seulement aux trois prochains mois. Le cycle que nous venons de terminer a commencé le 30 avril 2015 à 21 Poissons, “Sous l’œil attentif et gentil d’un serviteur chinois, une fille caresse un petit agneau blanc.” Whoa, quelle métaphore chargée! N’hésitez pas à laisser libre cours à votre imagination pendant que vous essayez de mélanger cette image avec vos impressions des cinq dernières années.

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