Survival or Bust

That’s turning out to be kinda true for most of us as individuals, and certainly for the tattered remains of the Nation State as we’ve known it since at least 1900, as well as for our Habitat on Mother Earth – Survival or Bust.  Jupiter enters Capricorn on 2 December 2019 (9:30 am PST), which means we will no longer be Expanding (Jupiter) by Letting Go (Sagittarius), but by Fixing It (Capricorn).  The last time we made this transition was December 2007.  The problem with that, is that What needs Fixing seeps out of the woodwork.

But this time the Capricorn Cusp is already occupied.  Two dwarf planets have been Dancing there for quite a while now, the symbol for Survival Instincts (dwarf planet Quaoar), and that for Responsiveness (dwarf planet Pholus).  The Mythological Quaoar taught His people how to Survive in a hostile environment.  A part of the Unconscious whispers these messages to us still.  Are we Listening?

The Mythological Pholus was killed (along with many others) because he did not take explicit Responsibility for what he hadn’t thought about.  “Well, of course,” you say, “no one can do that!”  Well, We can, actually, by Asking (PIAVAing)…

“God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command To Be Shown What I Need to Respond To, in Order to Protect My Survival, and How I Need To Respond.  It Is Done; It Is Done; It Is Done.  Thank You, God/Goddess.  Show Me.”

…for example.  For many of us this is already happening, we just aren’t Interpreting it on that level.  Wouldn’t hurt to Ask some version of this on several levels – Personal, Community, National, Planetary at least.  And it wouldn’t hurt to Pay Attention and Follow Through.

The Jupiter Ingress into Capricorn features two Squares (Challenges).  From Jupiter-Pholus-Quaoar-Ixion (we’ll talk about Ixion a bit later) to Chiron, which tells us to Reframe any Victimhood we can find.  And from Eurydike to Sedna, which tells us to use Trust and Suspending Disbelief to Step Through any Fear that arises, Converting it to Power.

A number of astroevents carry us through this Portal.  They’ll span several weeks, and their combination is likely to be the predominant Energy through most of December.  Reframing Victimhood, Trusting, and Suspending Disbelief will be Powerful tools in our quiver.

Before we detail these astroevents, though, let’s talk about Ixion.  Jupiter crossed dwarf planet Ixion on 21 November, in 28 Sagittarius, which would have intensified the Abuse Memories that were likely surfacing at that time.  Ixion stands for our Forbidden Genius.  This Genius of ours, which is important to our ultimate Survival (and that of the Planet), was Repressed by our Programmers out of Jealousy or Fear.  Genius Transcends Social Boundaries almost by definition, so “for our own good,” our Programmers may have tried to Train us to Repress it, so we wouldn’t later be punished for it.  That was Abusive.

This Jupiter-Ixion Expansion-of-Genius Cycle isn’t about Innovation. It’s about Recovering Skills that we’ve almost Forgotten we had, or more likely, Skills we’ve been assuming aren’t useful, Skills we sorta think we’re a Weirdo for having, Skills that few if any others have ever Recognized – and if they did, we recalled our Programming and Discounted it.  In fact, that almost Defines them.  Genius is not Created in a single Lifetime, and chances are we have been Put to Death or Ostracized – which in many Cultural circumstances is the equivalent of Death – more than once for using our Genius to Betray the Emperor’s new Wardrobe.

We need to take the Risk to Speak our Truth, not Expect to be Validated.  If someone else takes the baton and runs with it, leaving us without Credit, that’s a huge Blessing, because we will have let our Genius Loose upon the World without having to suffer the inevitable Backlash.  The Mythological Ixion Fathered many of the Mythical Beings that were killed as a result of Pholus’s Inattention.  Coincidence?

The incipient thirteen-year Jupiter-Ixion Cycle (Expanding our Access to our Hidden Genius) that began 21 November in 28 Sagittarius will be about “An old bridge over a beautiful stream is still in constant use,” suggesting that our Genius may largely be about rediscovering ancient processes (such as Biochar). 

The thirteen years we just finished (since late January 2007, Initiated in 14 Sagittarius) was about “The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx,” or about erecting great monuments to the Mysteries.  Or its Opposite, as the central theme of the last thirteen years has been Material Greed, Denial, and the Worship of Wealth, based on the agglomeration of immense Debt.

The 21 November chart features two T-Squares (Big Challenges), one to Eurydike (Trust), and the other to Moon-Sappho (our Self-Love Instinct).  As we’ll see, both of these asteroids are tightly involved in this Jupiter-Capricorn Portal.  The Ixion-Jupiter Initiation was Merged with Venus (Challenging our Social Values), and Opposed by dwarf planet Chaos (offering Unlimited Potential).

The additional astroevents…

♥ Until 10 November…

  • The symbol for Trust (asteroid Eurydike) begins a new 4½-year Cycle with the symbol for Intrusive Memories (dwarf planet OR10).  The theme of the Cycle is about figuring out which of the flood of Memories we can Trust, and which accompanying Emotions to Let Go Of.  When they lead us to otherwise-hiding Held Emotions, it’s a Profound Service to us.  The theme is the same as that of the Cycle we’re finishing.  Remedial Repeats of astroevents imply that it’s really important for us to Learn the material.
    • Both Cycles began/begin at 4 Pisces, “Heavy car traffic on a narrow isthmus between two seaside resorts.”  The new Initiation is exact at 2:30 pm on 8 December; the previous Cycle began in early April 2015.
  • Expansion (Jupiter) begins a new 13-year Cycle with Responsiveness (Pholus).  We can expect one step backward for every two steps forward.  That means forward progress and much Trial and Success, and it’s important that we maintain a broad enough Perspective to avoid Discouragement.  Thomas Edison supposedly Celebrated every Lightbulb that didn’t work, because he knew each “failure” brought him closer to Success.
    • The upcoming Cycle begins at 2 Capricorn, “Three Rose windows in a Gothic church, one damaged by war.”  The Initiation Squares Chiron (Discouragement and Miracles).  It’s Exact at 1:30 am on 9 December.  All three Rose windows in Notre Dame Cathedral survived the April fire.
    • The ending Cycle began in mid-December 2006 at 5 Sagittarius, “An old Owl sits alone on a branch of a large Tree.”  Well, have we been Respecting Nature’s Wisdom for the last baker’s dozen years?  The media certainly says no, we’ve cut down and burned the Tree, and sold the Owl’s Feathers for fashion.  Underground, the Response has been better, as a whole lot of people have been working on their own to move us forward – yourself, for instance.
  • Self-Love (asteroid Sappho) begins a new 3-year Cycle with Manifestation (dwarf planet Makemake).  This is pretty Exciting, especially since the theme will be Self-Care.  Expect lots of Endings and Beginnings, and Challenges to Avoiding Victimhood.
    • The Sabian Symbol for the 7 Libra Initiation is “A woman feeding Chickens and protecting them from the Hawks.”  The Initiation, Exact at 8:30 pm on 10 December, Opposes asteroid Atropos/Endings, Trines asteroid Klotho/ Beginnings, and Squares the Nodes, with dwarf planet Ceres/Sustainability on the South Node.
    • The Cycle that’s ending began in mid-September 2016 at 3 Libra, “The Dawn of a New Day reveals Everything Changed.”  You can say that again.

From 11 December through the end of the year…

  • Full Moon at 9pm PST 11 December in 20 Gemini about Ego Death (Square asteroid Nemesis) and Eschewing Fate (Moira Square Saturn-Pluto-Venus-Chariklo).  We Eschew Fate by becoming Conscious of our Karma; Consciousness begets Choice.  As Seth said a long time ago (in The Nature of Personal Reality), Knowing our Karma is Easy – it’s writ large in our Personal History.
    • Asteroids Aletheia/Truth and Bee-Zed/Transcendence Conjoin the Sun, and dwarf planet Asbolus/Intuition Conjoins the Moon. 
    • The Full Moon chart includes a T-Square that’s a half-Degree beyond our usual three-Degree Sensitivity relative to the Full Moon, but it’s well within three Degrees when considered by itself.  That’s Pluto-Chariklo T-Square to Moira/Fate-vs-Choice Opposite Eris/Revelation-of-Denial.  Saturn and Pluto Exactly Square dwarf planet Eris in mid-January, joining the Uranus Station and Pluto-Saturn Initiation ( – with Eris Stationary!  We’ll have to write about this.
  • We can also Expect a fairly thorough Dress Rehearsal for January 2020 over the last half of December.

Until 14 November…

  • Expansion (Jupiter) begins a new 12-year Cycle with Survival Instincts (Quaoar).
    • The 4-Capricorn Sabian Symbol is “A Human Soul, eager for New Experience, seeks Embodiment.”  That’s a bit Oxymoronic, as the notion that Souls are “Human” is incredibly Anthropocentric.  The notion, though, is that there are likely to be a lot of Newcomers.  Let’s hope they bring their Genii on their shirtsleeves, as we need it.
    • The previous Cycle began in October 2007, within two days of the Dow Jones top preceding the last big Financial Crash, the one we haven’t really Recovered from because our Scary “Leaders” are still Denying that Infinite Debt is a problem.  For them it’s a Boon.  The theme of this Ending Cycle was 16 Sagittarius, “Seagulls fly around a ship, expecting Food.”  The paraphrase “Vulture Capitalists circle a Banking Crisis, Expecting a Feast” fits perfectly
  • The last time this happened…

Until 18 November…

  • Trust (Eurydike) begins a new 4½-year Cycle with Abuse and Privilege (dwarf planet Nessus)The theme is 9 Pisces, “A jockey spurs [ie, Abuses] his Horse, intent on outdistancing his rivals.”  

We’ll include the relevant charts in the next post.  In the interim, consider buying some Gold, because it’s sounding like the excrement could be about to hit the blower.

One Response to “Survival or Bust”

  1. Isaac George Says:

    Spot on, on every level. The Big Short is prophecy…$230 trillion in derivatives? Whoa!

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