January 2020 I

There’s a lot of interest in January 2020, especially the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction (The Most Important Thing is Transformation – that is, Pay Attention to the Trance that Is Being Formed) on 12 January (9am PST), since many people consider both planets to be Malefic, and our History with them is checkered, as they’ve been used in the Past to Manipulate our Fear (eg at “9/11”).  Before I talk about that, though, we need to talk about three other things.

Firstly, if astrology ever Frightens or Worries you, that’s really important information, but it’s not about astrology.  That would be a serious case of Giving Away Your Power.  It is really important information about your Relationship to Fear and Anxiety.  The Opportunity is to Locate your Fear or Worry in your Body, Center your Attention there, Ask what you need to know about it, and then Patiently Listen, until the Energy Shifts.  You probably won’t get a “verbal” Answer.  You’re more likely to get “random” Memories, and those would be good clues about what you’re Really Scared or Worried about.  Fear is either about the Present (your Hair is standing on end)…

…or the Past (Oh Shit that’s threatening to Happen again!).  It may feel like you’re Scared or Worried about the Future, but I’m pretty sure that’s seldom the case.  We’re usually Scared or Worried that something in our Past will recur, and Clearing that out of our Karmic sandbox will Change our Future in ways we can’t Imagine.

Secondly, no planets are malefic, any more than certain kinds of Trees are Evil.  It’s our Projection from a cyst of Negativity in the Unconscious that’s maleficent.  And by the way, it’s not my Unconscious or your Unconscious, it’s the UnconsciousIt has no Boundaries, and no Ego.  It Is That It Is.  We just Live in it, and it’s inevitable that we’ll wander into a cyst of Negativity now and then, if not frequently.

Thirdly, Uranus (Soul) is Stationary (Strong) less than two days before the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction (the Uranus Station is 6pm PST 10 January 2020, the Saturn-Pluto Merger 9am PST 12 January 2020), so we’ll have more Resources than usual for dealing with whatever Saturn-Pluto brings.

The Uranus Station chart is exceptionally Positive, with a Self-Resolving Challenge and Great Grace extended toward our Vitality.  Since Descent of Soul into Matter will require Shifts in our Biology, this is a Powerful assist.

The chart features a Diamond Star and a Grand Trine pointing to dwarf planet Varuna, with Uranus Squaring Varuna.  The chart is also Supersymmetrical.

Descent of Soul into Matter is often referred to as Ascent of Matter into Soul, though they aren’t quite the same.  It’s not like liquids in a pipe or hose, where the flow is either one way or the other.  It’s more like two flashlights pointing at one another, but it does have a Breath, where the equivalent of an Inhale follows the equivalent of an Exhale.  In any particular moment one or the other may dominate, but the process is measured by the degree of interaction, not by the quantity of Descent or Ascent.

Realizing that all Matter is already Conscious and Ensouled will Clarify your Metaphors considerably.  Living in Full Effortless Flow with “Inanimate” Matter is like Living in a smoothly functioning Community, where you Intuit what your Neighbor needs and when they need it, and vice versa.  When we Realize that every definable portion of our Reality is a Conscious Neighbor, and when we Imagine that our own Consciousness is Expanded far beyond the Dual, we can perhaps begin to grok how that might work.

But as exceptionally positive as it is, the Uranus Station is not without “Suggestions” (or you might say “Warnings”) to help us maximize our Experience of it – by taking care to be Conscious of our Resistance to the Change.  The first Suggestion is that we Consciously Choose whether to Accept or Reject the Descent and Ascent.  Not that Descent of Soul and Ascent of Matter is a one-time event, it’s more of a long-term project, that we’ve been working on for a long time.  But there are critical phases and milestones, such as this one.

In the base of the Varuna T-Square, the Stationary Uranus is Opposed by asteroid Moira.  Moira symbolizes Fate, but Fate is only Fated when we’re Unconscious.  When we become Conscious of our Fate we gain the Choice whether to Live it out as Fated Karmic Patterns, or to Choose Alternatives.  The basic astropattern is Varuna T-Square Uranus Opposite Moira or Life Force (Animated Matter) Challenged By Soul Dancing With Fate/Choice.

The second Suggestion is that we remain Aware of the Messages of Climate Change.

The Sextile at the base of the Varuna Finger of God is between dwarf planet OR10 (Intrusive Memories) and a Stellium of asteroid Aletheia (Truth) and dwarf planets Pholus and Quaoar (Fully Able and Willing to Respond to our Survival Instincts).

I hope you can Imagine a situation where everyone on the Planet was Aware of not just the obvious Dangers of Climate Change like the Wildfires and the Superstorms, but also the Mass Extinction and Mass Migration that are already being caused by it, and a situation  where we all knew (Intuitively) what we each had to do, as one big Team, to Revert it.  I know, lots of Yes-Buts arise, but see if you can Imagine swapping Yes-Ands into each of those places instead.  It’s “just your Imagination” after all, so you can do anything you want, right?

If you can’t do anything you want in your Imagination, there’s no better time than the Present to seriously Ask yourself Why Am I So Limited?  Until you Straighten that out, you’re part of the Problem, not part of the Solution.

And speaking of “the Problem,” what’s all this Resistance about, to what we know we have to do?  Are those people Evil, or just so Greedy and Narcissistic and Short-Sighted that they think they need to Hoard as much as they can while they still can, so they have enough to Bribe Noah to let them on the Ark when the final Showdown arrives?  Well, whenever we catch ourself thinking about “those people,” we know we’re Projecting another Cyst of Negativity from the Unconscious.  “Those people” are nothing more than a Hologram of our Failure to Imagine a Fully Collaborative, Fully Cooperative, and Fully Conscious – 5D – Universe.

The third Suggestion is that we need to be Fully Present and Fully Compassionate with our Karma.

Asteroid Karma Conjoins Chiron in the Uranus Station chart.  Asteroid Karma is about our Karma.  Chiron is about Despair and Miracles.  We escape Despair using Self-Empathy, such as Poor-Sweethearting ourself.  Karma-Chiron Squares Aletheia-Pholus-Quaoar.  That is, Failing to Realize that we actually have a Choice (Moira), and falling into Despair about our “Fate” (Karma-Chiron) will doom the whole Planet.  And the worst kind of Despair is Unconscious Despair, namely the Belief that What We Need is beyond the realm of Possibility.

Here’s the chart…

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