Choosing Life or Despair III

Until 1am PST on 4 November 2019 or thereabouts, we may be focused on our Survival and our Vitality.  We may also be pondering how much of this Experience is of our own Creation.  Or maybe we should be, if we aren’t.

The primary event here is the Station (Prominence) of dwarf planet Varuna, whose namesake, as one of the oldest East Indian God-Energies, we interpret as the Life Force, or Vitality.  While the chart of this Station has several important foci, the one that probably demands the most Attention from us is the T-Square (Big Challenge) to dwarf planet Quaoar (our Survival Instincts), which is Merged with dwarf planet Pholus. 

The God-Energy Quaoar taught the People how to tailor their Landscape to augment their Survival.  Before the Spanish arrived there, these folks lived in what would later become California.  Pholus is a figure in Greek Mythology who got Dead as a result of being less than Omniscient about what he was, posthumously, Responsible for.  That’s Responsible as in Able to Respond, not Blame.  Quaoar and Pholus have been Dancing together for many years now, and will continue to do so for another twenty years or so.  We consider them to be the poster children for Climate Change.

The base of this T-Square is the Opposition (apparent Distinction) between Chiron (Despair/Miracles) and the Conjunction (Merging of Energies) between asteroid Moira (Fate/Choice) and dwarf planet Makemake (Manifestation). 

Like Quaoar, Makemake also taught the People how to Survive, in this case on Rapa Nui.  Moira is the Greek Goddess of Fate, which rules the parts of our Life that we Live Unconsciously.  For the parts of our Life where we Live Consciously, Moira means Choice.  And Chiron was the Unhealable Healer, hence Despair.  But we know that it’s Empathy that Heals, and that when we Apply Empathy to Despair, the result is Miracles.

So it’s a complex web we weave, between Fate, Choice, Despair, Empathy, Creative Manifestation, Survival, and Vitality.  Everything Depends on Consciousness.  Are we Conscious of our Despair, and of our natural Ability to Heal it with Empathy?  Are we Conscious of our Karma, and Willing to Convert it to Choice?  Are we Victims of our Survival Struggles, or are we able to Respond to what they Ask of us?  Are we Open to Intuiting what they haven’t Asked of us yet?

Asteroid Juno, which we interpret as the Edges of our Consciousness, sits next to Moira, just outside of the three Degrees of Sensitivity or “Orb” that we usually use.

While Survival (the T-Square) and Vitality (the Station) are the two  most prominent foci of the 4 November chart, the third-most is our Willingness and Ability to Choose to Create what we Need (Moira-Makemake).  As Hupers our biggest Downfall is always Limited Imagination.  If our Worldview tells us that something is Impossible, yet it’s What We Need, our situation is Hopeless.  We call this “Unconscious Despair,” the worst kind, because we may never Realize that it needs our Empathy more than anything.  This is why we always try to Stretch your Imagination into New Perspectives.

Moira-Makemake is the focus of a Finger of God (green wedge meaning Pay Attention!) from the Sextile (Grace that we need to Kick-Start) between Uranus (our Soul) and OR10 (Intrusive Memories). We Kick-Start the Grace by Listening to our Intrusive Memories.  They’re telling us what we need to Let Go Of in order to make space for our Soul to Descend.  We might think of 5D as Ascension, but with Uranus in Taurus it may be more appropriate to think of It as Soul Descending.

Moira-Makemake is also head of a Kite (Directed Grace) in Fire Signs (Spirit), and the chinstrap to a Square Fez.  The diagonal Quincunxes of the Square Fez are Varuna-to-OR10 (“I Wonder what all these weird Memories are all about.”) and Uranus-to-Aletheia/Venus (“I wonder if the Truth of my Values could lead me to my own Soul.”).  Here’s the chart…

We haven’t drawn it into the chart, but we’re also likely to be Blessed with Epiphanies about what we might be able to Create.

We haven’t drawn it in, but dwarf planet Chaos, which signifies Unlimited Potential, is at the Far Midpoint between the Sun and the Moon, Trioctile (Rebalancing) to both and forming what we call a Mjölnir, meaning Insight.  Mjölnir is the Norwegian word for Hammer of Thor, but we avoid that English term because it’s commonly associated with Violence.  The Mjölnir, like the Hindu Vajra, is as much about Lightning – sudden Illumination or Enlightenment – as it is about Violence.  You can think of it as Violence to your Karmic Ego if you like.

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