Dark Side of the Moon

The Moon is now half a Degree from going Out of Bounds, often abbreviated as “OOB.”  That means that, as it moves from North to South to North again over the course of a trip around the Earth, its furthest extent South or North of the Equator is further than the Sun ever goes.  In March 2020 it will start an eleven-year period where it goes Out of Bounds for a few days every two weeks.  In general, folks are more Emotional during these periods, as witnessed by the previous Moon-OOB Cycle, which began on 11 September 2001, often abbreviated as “9/11.”

Here’s our Moon tonight, in the Crescent phase, four days after the New Moon.  This is the phase for bringing New Projects into the Light…

That snapshot was taken when the Moon was between the patches of wispy Clouds that were about tonight.  These wisps were still faintly reddish from the recent Sunset.  Here’s what it looked like through the Wisps…

When the Moon was between the Wisps, the Illuminated Crescent was so Bright that it darkened everything else by comparison.  When the Moon was behind the Wisps, though, they dimmed the Bright Crescent just enough that we can see the full sphere of the Moon, including the part that’s not Lit Up.  How can that be, when the Sun shines on it not at all?  It’s called Earthshine – the dim Light that allows us to see the Darkside of the Moon from here, is Sunlight Reflected off the Earth, then faintly sketching the Moon’s backside!

The Crescent (New) Moon above is Illuminated on the right side, making a curve like the numeral “2,” while the Balsamic (Old) Moon below is Illuminated on the left, making a curve like the letter “C”…

On this Planet, you’ll only ever see a Crescent Moon in the early Evening, and you’ll only ever see a Balsamic Moon just before Dawn.  Next time you see a Crescent or Balsamic Moon, check to see if you can see the Earthshine on it’s Darkside.  Sometimes it stands out quite well, especially near Sunset and Sunrise.

This is how Consciousness works.  Not through Discovery, but through Differentiation.  Earthshine has been on the Moon before and after the New Moon ever since the Moon was born.  But have we ever noticed it?  I walked around on this Planet for over fifty years before I was ever Conscious of it (though it was Cloudy pretty often where I lived for most of that time).  You won’t be able to unsee it now – that’s the nature of Consciousness.

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