BodySoul New Moon

The primary theme of the 27 October 2019 (8:30 pm PDT) New Moon is the Challenge of Integrating Soul and Flesh.  The Bottom Line is that, whatever Discomfort you Experience over the next several weeks, Surrender into it.  Your Physical Body will be making Adjustments to make room for the Soul to be more In Charge.  If it feels like you’re Dying, Let It Be, it’s just an Ego Death.  I hope you’ve been watching the Hay House Heal Summit interviews over the last few days, because they talk a lot about Perspectives and Techniques you may be needing to use.  Even though it may not feel like it, Trust that all will End Well, as the Energy is very Benevolent.

The primary Configuration in the New Moon chart is a Diamond Star (Self-Resolving Challenge) focused on dwarf planet Varuna (Vitality, the Life Force) in Leo (Self-Assurance) from the Opposition between the New Moon and Uranus (the Individual Soul) in Taurus (Matter).

A Diamond Star consists of a T-Square (Major Challenge) and a Finger of God (Pay Attention!) pointing at the same planet.  The base of the Finger of God forms a “Bowl of Grace” (Double Trine Bridge) under the T-Square.  That Grace here comes from dwarf planets Quaoar (our Survival Instincts) and OR10 (Intrusive Memories).  So if we Listen Closely, we may hear Voices directing us toward Survival.

A secondary theme is that we will be Encountering our Resistance to our Survival Instincts.  How could we Resist Survival?  Easy – look at the whole Climate Change issue and how many people still Choose to indulge their Belief that “it can’t happen here.”  Or consider whether you’ve ever felt like you have Enough Money (which a friend refers to as an Oxymoron).  If you hope to Buy your way into Security, it may take more money than you Imagine is easily available to you.

A T-Square to Quaoar.

Our Challenges will come from two closely related sources.

First, our Habitual Discouragement, especially our “Unconscious Despair” – when we Suffer under the Belief that What We Most Want is not within the realm of Possibility.  To Survive in the Manner To Which We Would Like To Become Accustomed, we will have to Stretch our Beliefs about the Possible.  Since the mind is Limited by what it already Knows, that’s difficult to do – Imagination is one of Robert Moss’s “Three Only Things,” about which we were taught as Children “It’s only your Imagination,” or “It was only a Dream,” or “It’s only a Coincidence,” meaning, It’s Not Real.

If you do Encounter Discouragement, try saying to yourself, “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Discouraged, aren’t you.”  Then Change the Subject – do something entirely different so your mind is Distracted from the Thoughts that Discouraged you.  If that’s hard to do, Persist.  You need to Change the Subject in order to Open Up Space for New Perspectives.  If you succeed, they will come to you as Intuitions.  Remember the times when you can’t find your car keys, until you give up and start doing something else, and lo, there they are, right under your hat!

One side of the base of the Quaoar T-Square is Chiron (Despair and Miracles).

Second, in addition to potential failures of Imagination, the Habits we need to Break may still be Unconscious.  We may still Believe that, even if What We Need is within the realm of Possibility (we’ve seen or heard about others doing it), it won’t be so for us.  Watch Closely for situations where you don’t Feel Lucky, or Blessed, or Hopeful.  Those are doorways into Unconscious Limitations that you want to Change.

The other side is the Merger (Conjunction) of Moira (Fate and Choice) and Makemake (Manifestation).

Here’s the chart, with the primary Challenge drawn in heavier lines and the secondary one in lighter lines…

While the second Challenge is not Self-Resolving like the first one is, there is a second layer of Grace involved by virtue of the fact that both Challenges Relate to one another very Gracefully.

The focus of the first T-Square, Varuna, makes a Trine Bridge across the second T-Square.  Meanwhile, the focus of the second T-Square, Quaoar, makes one of the Trine Bridges in the Bowl of Grace under the first T-Square.

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