The Fives

There’s a Crossroads here.  As RJ Stewart points out, the Crossroads is a Magical place.  When we Invoke the Four Directions, or the Six, or the Seven, we Create a Crossroads.  There is a Well there that leads to the Underworld, and Magic.  Today we’re at a Crossroads of Fives, where we Choose between 5G or Resistance thereto, and 5D or Resistance thereto.

5G, if it works, will bring us unlimited Streaming, Smart Toilets, Robot 18-Wheelers, Virtual Living, and probably lots of new Cancers.

Resistance to 5G will bring us lots of Frustration, but a Life of Passion.

5D, if it works, will bring us Effortlessness Flow with All Life, Respect for the Consciousness in All Things, Instantaneous Healing, Peace, and any number of other Good Things.  We could even Decide to be Immune to the downsides of 5G –  I mean, why not?

Resistance to 5D will make our Present-Moment Ego Happy, because we won’t have to Let Go of the Charms of our Beloved 3D, or Endure Recovery from our Addiction to it.

I mean, how many Eons have we Worked to Stabilize 3D, such as it is?  It’s been quite an Accomplishment, very Worthy of Celebration before it Self-Destructs again.  E = mc² after all, and it could go off any time.

5D, however, does Include 3D, just without the Limitations.

There are three downsides to the following video.  First, it’ll take about an hour and a half of your time.  Second, Hay House will send you emails.  They’ll be useful resources, though, and you can cancel them any time you want.  Third, it may Challenge your 3D Beliefs.

The upside is that if you let it, it can lead you to 5D…

Goshenite, or Clear Beryl.  Emeralds and Aquamarines are also Beryls, or Beryllium Silicates.  Beryllium is the second-Lightest metal after Lithium, the fourth-Lightest element after Hydrogen and Helium, and Angels can Fly because they take themselves Lightly.  So the Beryls and the Tourmalines (Sodium Lithium Aluminum Boro-Silicates – Boron is the fifth-Lightest element) are among the most Healing of Crystals.  Life hereabouts is built mostly from Carbon, the sixth-Lightest element.

7 Responses to “The Fives”

  1. dreamweaver333 Says:

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  2. Eliza Ayres Says:

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  3. JV Says:

    5G will not happen. I am not sure where you get your information that 5G is good but you need to do more research.

  4. LynnAnn Thomas Says:

    When I’ve managed to visit 5D, I get an impression of a vast dimly lit room with a low hung ceiling. Elders, crouched over, administering to folks on cots for as far as I can see. Thoughts?

    • astrobuss Says:

      The best travelogue of 5D I’ve ever encountered is Michael Roads’s 3-book series *Through the Eyes of Love*. The scene you describe is similar to his descriptions of visiting hospitals on his out-of-body travels. That is, there’s more than that; that may just be your 5D workaholic nurse persona (wink_smile)!

  5. kent ohio Says:

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