Still Chopping Cherry Trees

Those of you who grew up outside of the US may not know the metaphor.  It’s a famous bit of Amerikan Propaganda that when Jorge Washington was questioned about who chopped down the local Cherry Trees, his Response was “I cannot tell a lie,” setting the original precedent for Political Prevarication, as it doesn’t actually answer the question about the Trees.  We’re referring to the Confluence of the asteroids Aletheia (Truth of the Heart) and Veritas (Truth of the Head) that occurred recently near the same Degree as the Pluto and Chariklo Stations (Compulsive Self-Doubt).

The 13 October, 2019 (2pm PDT) Full Moon at 21 Aries, Conjunct (Merged with) the dwarf planet that symbolizes the Revelation of What’s Been Denied (Eris), extends the same Energy and then some.  The chart…


  • Asteroid Pallas (Boundaries) Merging With Aletheia-Veritas.  One of the sharpest Boundaries we draw is the one between those folks to whom we tell the Truth, and those folks who have not Earned the right to know our Truth.

That’s predicated on whether or not we’re actually Conscious of our own Truth and whether or not we’ve Liberated ourself from our Karmic need to Obscure our own Truth.  Through much of Herstory we were forced to swear Loyalty to Despots, often Abandoning our own Heart’s Truth in the process.  Either/Or Vows like that Transcend Physical Death and become Karma in subsequent Lifetimes.  Which is Lit Up pretty Brightly by this Full Moon…

  • Asteroid Karma (Karma) is Merged With Lilith (Self-Sovereignty), so all of our Karmic Patterns that inhibit our Sovereign Right to Own and Live our own Truth, are Lit Up for Revision.
  • Karma-Lilith is Opposed By asteroid Juno (the Meristem or Growing Edge of Consciousness).  Astrological Oppositions introduce False Dichotomies.  All Dichotomies are actually Untrue, because Reality is not Dualistic, only the mind is.  So what we actually Feel from this Opposition is the Irresistible Pull of our Self-Sovereignty Exposing our Karma in order to bring it into Consciousness.
  • This fecund (and fetid) Opposition is Challenged (T-Squared) by the Stellium of Jupiter (Expansion), dwarf planet Ceres (Sustainability), and asteroid Bee-Zed (Transcendence).  In other words, the more we Resist becoming Conscious of our Self-Sabotaging Patterns, the worse they get.

Which is why Life has been so replete with speed bumps lately, even though we’ve been free of Big astroevents for the last week or more.  Let’s reiterate that – the Sacred Timeline that the Planets lay out for us is Asking us to…

Stand Up, Turn Around, Look our Sisiutl Karma straight in the face, get Honest about Owning it as Ours, and Accept the Need to Change it.

In case you’ve Forgotten, Sisiutl is a two-headed Monster who still Lives on the West Coast of North America, and who is so Terrifying that, if you look at It, you will be turned to Stone.  Sisiutl is vanquished only by Standing Your Ground and Enduring the Stench, which requires Sisiutl to approach so closely to you that its two heads see one another, which turns Sisiutl Itself to Stone.  Terrifying, but the Department of Homeland Security has been totally unsuccessful in its Efforts to Eliminate It, because the Department, constitutionally unable to face its Karmic Xenophobia, turns and runs away whenever Sisiutl gets close.

  • This T-Square is actually part of a Grand Cross (four planets equally spaced around the Zodiac), with dwarf planet Asbolus (Intuition) Opposing Jupiter-Ceres-BeeZed.  In other words, we Know what Karma we need to Change, we just need to stop Denying it.  If you’re ever in Doubt about any Intuition, just Ask yourself, “What If I Did Know?”

Intuitions aren’t always Prescient, but they are Prescriptive.  They just Serve the Soul rather than the Ego.  So if you Act on an Intuition that turns out to put your Ego in hot water, it wasn’t the Intuition that was wrong, it was your Ego that needed an Upgrade.

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