Chopping Cherry Trees III

We’re about to crash through the back facade of this Trauma Drama; we’ll be done by noon PDT 3 October 2019.  Of course we can always Extend the Pain, by making Decisions based on what we’re Feeling.  For instance, someone tries to sell us a case of Rotten Peaches, or a malformed Backstop for our Little League futbol field, and we’re so upset that we Vow never to Trust anyone again.  The attempted Fraud and our Reactions to it are a consequence of a Temporary Disturbance in the Force, and if we React to the content of a corresponding Drama, we can continue the Disturbance, in our own Lives, long after it’s passed.  We can even make it into Karma.

So it’s important to Recognize that the Disturbance in the Force is occurring, and know its Timing.  That certainly doesn’t mean we laugh off the Rotten Peaches or the Bum Backstop.  But it means we deal with the attempted Fraud for what it is, not what it means to us personally or how it Offends our Ego.  The Disturbance and the Timing here is two-fold.  First dwarf planet Pluto (Transformation or Formation of a New Trance, Compulsion) Stands Still (is at Max Strength) on 2 October (11:30 pm PDT).  And the Energy of Truth reaches Max Strength on 3 October when asteroids Aletheia and Veritas Conjoin (around 5:30 am PDT).

In other words we can Expect a Strong Compulsion toward Truth, and perhaps the Revelation of New Truths that Create a substantial Shift in the Zeitgeist.  The chart of the Pluto Station actually suggests the latter…

…as the Revelation of New Information (dwarf planet Eris) Challenges our Old Values (Eris Opposite Venus T-Squared by Stationary Pluto).  It also Challenges our Self-Confidence (recently-Stationary Chariklo Conjunct Stationary Pluto).  This makes a good example of how not to make Decisions under Duress.  New Information Challenges our Values, which is likely to make us Tentative about Expressing what we newly Believe – we don’t have a catalog of Justifications for our New Values yet.  Values don’t Require Justification – in fact, Nothing Requires Justification – but since we’re always being asked to Justify ourself, we Believe we Need it.

Our Values in fact are part of the Truth of the Heart, so any Justifications we come up with are actually spurious.  The Truth of our Heart Just Is.  It’s not up for argument.  People lament that folks Prejudge and Reject what doesn’t fit their Expectations.  That lament would be appropriate if we were dealing with the Truth of the mind.  But the Truth of the Heart isn’t subject to Debate or Negotiation.  However, it can Change on a dime if the Right Information arrives at the Right Time in the Right Way.

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