Chopping Cherry Trees

The chart for the Station of Chariklo (Self-Doubt and Self-Confidence), at 12am PDT on 28 September 2019, looks just like the chart of the Bee-Zed Station that we described in the previous post (once we remove asteroids Moira and Hopi).  The interpretation bears repeating, with a few minor edits…

Expanding Transcendence is Challenged by the Dance between Choosing to Become Aware of and to Trust our Instincts, and Sacred Confusion about our Identity.  The Identity Issue is about Bringing our Identity back Home to our Self and our Soul, rather than Investing it in someone or something External to us, such as a spouse or a job.  Confusion is always the first stage of Growth, as the Mental Cage we normally trap the Universe in, starts to warp and lead.  Sacred Confusion, all the more so.

Compulsive Attention to Self-Doubt and Self-Confidence is Challenged by the Dance between our Values and our Endings.  In other words this is about Letting Go of Obsolete Values that Inhibit our Self-Confidence, and all the Uncertainties that come with Changing long-standing Habits and Beliefs.

The whole business of Truth that we’ve been talking about is also tightly involved.

This is also, with another few minor edits, the chart for the overarching 2 October Pluto (Compulsion) Station.

Which brings us to the meat and potatoes of 28 September, the Station of dwarf planet Chaos (9am PDT) in 27 Gemini.  Chaos does not symbolize Disorder, but Unlimited Potential.  It is the supposedly chaotic state of the Universe before Zeus and the Patriarchs came along and organized it.  Of course we know that it wasn’t chaotic at all, it was the Matriarchy that had reigned since Time Immemorial.  Or rather, since Cyclic Time, or since No Time, as the Feminine is characterized more by Continuity and Flow than by the Separation and Discrimination that rules the Patriarchy.

All of the Horrible Monsters that Ulysses and Herakles and the other Heroes of the Patriarchy slew, are just elements of Feminine Power, painted over with the kind of mudslinging that again characterizes Politics today.  “Lock her up!” is a good example.  So in a very Real sense, the Unlimited Potential embedded in dwarf planet Chaos is the symbol of the End of the Patriarchy.  It’s good that the Antichrist is tied up by the Lilliputians of Truth – otherwise he’d be painting snakes coming out of Elizabeth’s head, as she rises in the polls.  We already know about Nancy.

Here’s the Chaos Station chart…

It’s not all that Threatening, actually.  The Grand Cross (big red X in a box) is pretty tame, and the only other red line is the other diagonal of a Golden Rectangle (the blue box).  A Golden Rectangle is Golden because the ratio of its short to long sides is the Golden Ratio that occurs so repeatedly in Nature.  Flow and Continuity, in other words.  It is significant that Chaos is joined by dwarf planet Asbolus, which symbolizes Intuition, and Opposed by Ixion, which stands for our Forbidden Genius.  In other words – as we’ve been saying for several to many years not, Our Forbidden Genius can unlock our Unlimited Potential, and our Intuition will be right there with them.  Of all days, don’t Dismiss your Intuitions!

The other 28 September astroevent is the 6 Libra New Moon (11:30 am PDT), which occurs within one arcminute of dwarf planet Makemake, symbol for Manifestation…

This chart contains only a Golden Rectangle, apart from the T-Square (red triangle) and the Tricolors (red-green-blue triangles).  The biggest Challenge is to our Soul (Uranus T-Square) – are we Willing to Trust (Eurydike) that the scary Changes (Lachesis) happening to our Body and our Vitality (Varuna), are happening in order to make more room for our Soul to Descend?  And of course most of us most of the time still React to Chiron, which Opposes the New Moon and Makemake, as an Unhealable Wound, rather than another Opportunity to Poor Sweetheart ourself into Miracles.

So we’ve got a Manifestation New Moon, a Soul Descending into Matter, and a lively Intuition to point us toward the Hidden Genius that will unlock our Unlimited Potential – and a few minor speedbumps.  Now tell me, are you going to Believe your Self-Doubts, or are you Willing to Cancel-Neutralize-Upgrade those, and Trust your Self-Confidence?  Why not Transcend your Doubts, and let Bee-Zed and Jupiter Expand you into Abundance.  After the 28th, Pluto rules the roost all by itself, and whatever Intention you Commit to here, Pluto will Amplify it tremendously between now and 2 October (11:30 pm PDT).  Then we’ll have our ultimate Moment of Truth (Aletheia Conjunct Veritas) on 3 October (8am PDT).

Then we get a well-deserved rest, as there are no other Stations till late October!

Well, except that the 13 October Revelation (Eris) Full Moon Lights Up everything we’ve been talking about all over again, making Strong Angles to Compulsion/Transformation (Pluto), Self-Confidence and -Doubt (Chariklo), Transcendence (Bee-Zed), Expansion (Jupiter), Truth (Aletheia and Veritas)Karma (Karma), and Intuition (Asbolus), not to mention Respect for All Things (Hopi), Boundaries (Pallas), Sustainability (Ceres), and Growth in Consciousness (Juno)!  This is good, right?  As diligently as we’ve been working, we don’t want to just let all this hard-earned Grace fade away without refreshers, do we.  Plus, it’s good to see the hot seat kept under the Prevaricators.

What about Brexit?  At the end of October the Stations Light up Vitality (Varuna), Karma (Karma), and New Beginnings (Klotho).  Sounds positive overall, if a bit Open-Ended.  While the Karma part reminds us that those who trump in church sit in their own pew, a Vital New Beginning sounds excellent.  Since Karma is a Paper Tiger anyway – if only we Remember that – maybe Life Is What We Make It after all.  Copious Prayer and other PIAVAing for Abundance (Having Enough to Share) and Jubilee (Forgiveness of Karmic Debt) should pay off handsomely for youalls, in spite of the dorks in charge.

One Response to “Chopping Cherry Trees”

  1. Bob (in Australia) Says:

    I often dream about intuition itself and in my inane (sic) attempts to “dualistically” interpret these dreams have found the following quote to be pretty sound in that respect and perhaps fitting as a reply for this blog on this day
    “Information that rises to consciousness from a synthesis of your complete memory and experience. Intuition in dreams and awake may also arise from an unconscious contact with the mind of another person, living or dead, or from your contact with the universal mind, or memory of nature, that summarises all experience and knowledge. Such intuition may occur because, as modern physics suggests, the very substratum of our physical existence rests upon sub-atomic particles that in a real sense transcend time and space. When our limited ego touches this timeless self, it leaps beyond the usual barriers of experiencing and knowing.
    Our bigger mind speaks to us in much the same way as our ordinary memories come to us. Most of us however, have made something like tapes or recordings in our mind. So when we think, or try to get a new idea, we are often simply replaying something we read or heard or felt in the past. Listening is a way of quietening these tapes so something new can come to us. This is often called intuition, knowing something without someone else telling us or experiencing it through our senses.”
    Copyright © 1999-2010 Tony Crisp

    Namaste and with love

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