Trusting Hurricanes II

The two Self-Resolving Challenges in the 2 September 2019 Eurydike Station chart are about Boundaries (asteroid Pallas), and Directions (asteroid Klotho).  This is complex, so I’m going to slip into astrologuese…

A Self-Resolving Challenge (Diamond Star) is one where a planet is at the apex of a T-Square (Challenge to Adeptness, red triangle) and also the apex of a Finger of God (Pay Attention!, green wedge).  The Challenge is Self-Resolving because the base of the Finger of God makes a Double Trine Bridge (Easy Way Out, blue triangles) across the base of the T-Square.

The Boundaries/Pallas Diamond Star is Challenged by the Opposition from Trust/Eurydike to Choosing Good Health (Lachesis-Varuna; dwarf planet Varuna is about Vitality, and asteroid Lachesis is about Choosing when to End a TimeLine).  We Choose Good Health when we look beyond our Discomfort to How we would Like to Feel.  When we Approach Discomfort with Attitudes of Fear or Distance or What’s Wrong, we Perpetuate it.  When we Approach it from the Perspective of What Do I Want to Feel, we are already beginning to Heal, because Energy precedes and presages Manifestation.  That’s what we want to Trust.

The base of the Finger of God, also the girders of the Double Bridge, are Klotho/Beginnings and Karma/Chiron.  We spoke at length about Karma/Chiron in the previous post.  We’re in the middle of a fairly intense series of Ego Deaths, and each one Inspires a New Beginning.  We know now how to sidestep our Karmic Limitations.  The bottom line is What Do I Want to Feel?

The second Diamond Star focuses on Klotho – our New Beginnings again.  Returning to the Same Old Same Old isn’t going to cut it.  The base of the Klotho T-Square is dwarf planet OR10/Intrusive Memories Opposite asteroids Juno/Expansion of Consciousness and Sappho/Self-Love.  One of the best ways to Shift Karma is to Reframe those Intrusive Memories.  Yes, that was a Bummer.  But what was its Spiritual Purpose?  Yes, you were an Ass.  And what did you Gain as a result?

Sure, it feels like Rationalization.  But again, you want to get to that place where you’re focus is on What You Want to Feel.  Choose Unconditional Self-Love.  If it’s not the Whole Story, so be it.  We can Adjust it later.  Doesn’t that make me like the Antichrist?  No, you aren’t a Sociopath.

The base of the Klotho Finger of God, aka the girders in the Double Bridge, is composed of Pallas and Pholus-Quaoar.  We know these people already.  The circularity, which is Symmetry in Disguise, is remarkable – the apex of each Diamond Star/T-Square is one foot of the Finger of God in the Other Diamond Star.  And the other foot of each Finger of God is one end of the naked Square we discussed earlier.  The naked Square ties it all together.  Remember what it’s about?  “We’re left with the Hurricane, in the form of a Singular Challenge between our Despair over Real and Imagined Traumas and the Threats that Climate Change brings.

One Response to “Trusting Hurricanes II”

  1. Bob (in Australia) Says:

    A bit of blunt honesty here and I’ve eluded to it in prior comments/communication is the ability of the writer of this blog to effortlessly interpret the complexity of these charts and intuitively extrapolate the geometry to reflect the energies contained therein.
    I have to print the chart and studiously examine it for a considerable amount of time to even begin to understand the configurations, Given our positioning at the entrance to the real technological age, can any reader contribute some algorithms and AI strategy to automate the long list of individual notes (perhaps on hover) required to really understand the astrologuese and fully grasp the complexity therein?
    Any ideas?

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