Relationships 3

After ten months of Experimenting with new kinds of Boundaries with Other (asteroid Pallas in Libra), we’ve now (since 26 August 2am PDT) moved on to two months of getting very serious about where we End and Other begins (Pallas in Scorpio).   That includes Other People, and in any given moment everything that we aren’t Identifying With.  Libra has just Discovered that there is something in the World other than Me, so it’s intensely Curious.  Libra will let you get away with just about anything.  Once.  Libra is finding out Who You Are, so it’s Open to Surprise.

Scorpio on the other hand will let you get away with Questionable Behavior several times.  But after Libra puts you on probation it’s willing to let you prove yourself to be Trustworthy after all.  Cautiously.  With Scorpio there are no second chances.  Once the door closes, it’s closed, period.  If you feel like you’re on probation with anyone Important to you, don’t mess around for the next two months.  Put on your best Behavior.

But don’t try to Deceive.  Scorpio will catch you.  Especially since both asteroids named after Truth (Veritas and Aletheia) travel hand in hand with Boundaries (Pallas) through Scorpio.  It’s gonna be a hard two months for the Antichrist, and probably for Boris as well, as he’s pretty good at tripping over his own tongue.  As for Brexit?  Well, the anthem till early November is No Bullshit.

Dissembling comes back into favor in November.  Not that Sagittarius is Deceitful, but it does play a lot faster and looser than Scorpio.

(I didn’t know there were Cheetahs in Iran.  Not to mention this lovely fellow, who also hangs out in Tibet and Siberia…

Hence the floor-length coat.  She’s a “Pallas’s Cat”!  Not because She keeps good Boundaries or was named after Pallas Athena, but because She was first documented by a guy named Pallas.  Notice Her round pupils, rather than the usual Feline vertical slit!

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