Relationships 2

So, our Relationships have been rebooted (Mars Initiates Venus, 24 August, 10am).  What’s different?

Well, if we look at the Degree of their Embrace (Sabian Symbol of their Initiation, or first Venus-Mars Conjunction) for the last two years our Relationships have been about…

“A caravan of cars headed to the West Coast: the need of cooperative effort in reaching any ‘New World’ of experience” (20 Virgo)

These Degree interpretations were downloaded in 1925, so the Caravan part – probably on Highway 66 – would have been important, as neither the cars nor the highway would have been reliable.  In those days the population of California was doubling every 20 years, now it takes almost 50 years, if it’s still growing.  So for the last couple of years we were seeking fellow travelers and taking Risks with our Relationships, in hope of finding a Land of Milk and Honey.

How does this compare to the next couple of years?

“A person becoming aware of nature spirits and normally unseen spiritual agencies: the opening of new levels of consciousness” (5 Virgo)

Well, that’s pretty Radical.  I can vouch for the Energy in general, as a couple of weeks ago my wife, who unlike me buys books very rarely, came home with a copy of Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe, all about Communicating with the Other Side.  She had been called to walk into a store, pick it up, and buy it on the spot, in the course of about two minutes.  We’re both reading it.  We’re already Relating more Intuitively.

The chart should provide us with more detail.  It’s intense…

It has five major Stories to tell us…

First, the Venus-Mars Embrace is accompanied (Conjoined) by our very Essence (the Sun) and by the Choice between Fate and Consciousness (asteroid Moira).  That already informs the Degree interpretation about the Nature Spirits – we will have to Recognize and Let Go of our Karmic Habits (Fate) if we want to move forward into Expanded Consciousness.  That’s actually fairly simple – whenever we feel like it’s Deja Vu All Over Again, we need to Do Something Differently.  It matters less what we do, than that we don’t Repeat our Ancient Obsolete Pattern.

Second, our Survival Instincts will be Lit Up (unmitigated T-Square to dwarf planet Quaoar from the Opposition between dwarf planet Makemake [Manifestation] and the union of asteroid Karma [Obsolete Habits] with Chiron [Despair/Miracles]), and it will Behoove us to Pay Attention.  There are more Karma issues here – our Habitual Reactions to the World and to our Partnerships may not assure our Abundance.  If we encounter Hardship in our Worry catalog, it will be useful to Poor Sweetheart ourself (  Not our Hardship, but our Worry.

Third, Sustainability may be Challenging (dwarf planet Ceres the focus of an unmitigated T-Square from dwarf planet OR10 [Intrusive Memories] Opposing Venus-Mars-Sun-Moira).  Those new levels of Consciousness will be Talking to us, and we should be Listening.  For most of us Sustainability is important in Relationship.  The other side of the Sustainability Coin is Sustenance, which Asks us to prune away what’s no longer necessary.

Fourth, Trust (asteroid Eurydike) and Truth (asteroids Aletheia and Veritas, Conjunct) may present relatively minor Challenges (they’re part of a Balanced Grand Cross; the other two corners are Varuna [Vitality] and Uranus [Soul], but they’re the foci of Diamond Stars, or Self-Resolving; Eurydike and Aletheia-Veritas are just the foci of T-Squares).

And fifth, we are warned not to get stuck in Either/Ors.  If you’re torn and you can’t see how Both/And might work, PIAVA or otherwise invoke your Intuition, or if need be, toss a coin (the chart contains four of five corners of a Grand Sextile [Great Grace, once you take the first step], and the Vacancy that would Complete it is 4 Gemini, “A Cat arguing with a Mouse”).

One Response to “Relationships 2”

  1. Casey c.d Says:

    I LOVE reading your posts. I often times get deeper and deeper within, yet then I’ve realized I’m not sure what year you’ve posted …is their a way to include the year (date) of your posts within the start of the post? Just curious but perhaps you have a reason or I’ve somehow missed it somewhere;) Much love for the work you give freely! – Casey

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