Self-Love Full Moon II

AKA Big Orange Moon…

Or, when viewed from another Angle…

The Grand Sextile – six planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac – implies Great Grace, though as with any Sextile we may have to break the ice by taking the first step.  Mostly it’s about six different Energies Dancing together very Collaboratively.  Which Energies?

  • Our Essence (Sun) is Merged with Self-Love (asteroid Sappho) and our Heart’s Truth (Venus), all within half a DegreeTake Notes!!  You want to be able to Re-Create this at will.  That’s one of the best reasons to do astrology, so when something really Groovy comes along, we can Memorize how it Feels, and then Recall the Memory when things aren’t flowing so smoothly.
  • Rebirth (dwarf planet Haumea), which is Merged with Boundaries (asteroid Pallas).  Both our too-Rigid and our too-Sloppy Boundaries are up for total Revision, and we might barely Notice, as if we’re just a spectator to our own Evolution!
  • Transcendence (asteroid Bee-Zed).  What are we Transcending?  Whatever doesn’t Serve us about the other five Energies!
  • Our Instincts (the Moon) are running full bore – no need to Anal-yze or make Decisions, it’s like our Best Friend is telling us what to do, and we Know we can trust them!  Something else to Memorize for later recall and use when we’re in a dry spell.
  • Ending Timelines (asteroid Atropos) Merged with Opening Up to new Information that’s been previously Hidden (dwarf planet Eris).  Of course, once we See it, it Feels like we’ve known it all along, we just weren’t Appreciating it.  Not Instant Karma, but Instant End of Karma!
  • Our Intuition (dwarf planet Asbolus), or Channel, reveals the same clues as our Instincts, or they Complement one another, adding important Details.  Can you imagine Remembering this Feeling when you’re Wasted and You Can’t Find Your Way Home.

Plus, there are three additional Self-Resolving Challenges (Diamond Stars)!  Is this Heaven?  More soon!

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