Busy August I

August begins with a 31 July (8pm PDT) Leo 9 New Moon that Asks us rather bluntly, Do we Trust our Soul to Lead us? (Uranus [Soul] T-Square [Challenge] New Moon Opposite asteroid Eurydike [Trust]).  New Moons usually have a measurable impact for the following two to four weeks.  It’s a serious question, as the rest of August will demonstrate to us quite Clearly.

Our Temptation to Seek Approval outside of our Self, and an Invitation to Discontinue the Practice, is Brightly Illuminated, both as Grace (Uranus in a Grand Trine [Dumb-Luck Blessings] with dwarf planets Hylonome [Self-Sovereignty] and Orcus [Breaking Habits]; Lilith [Self-Determination] Conjunct dwarf planet Nessus [Abuse/Privilege] Oppose Orcus to complete the Kite) and as Challenge (Hylonome Squares Chiron [Despair/Miracles] and Nemesis [Ego Death]).

The last-named Challenge deserves a footnote or two.

Chiron as the Unhealable Healer is subject to Despair, which is Healed Instantaneously by Self-Empathy, hence our frequent suggestion to Poor-Sweetheart ourself (“You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling [fill it in], aren’t you.” – then Change the Subject) when Chiron is involved.  Nemesis meanwhile symbolizes Guilt, which, if we are to maintain Unconditional Self-Love without rationalization, Invites a Change of Perspective that’s usually major enough to qualify as an Ego Death.

This Square has Major Tricolor Configurations (Square-Quincunx-Trine) to each end.  In a Tricolor, maintaining Curiosity about the Quincunx Liberates the Trine to ameliorate the Square…

  • “I Wonder what ancient obsolete Oath I need to Renounce (Orcus) in order to Liberate myself from this Painful Guilt (Chiron-Nemesis) and Fear of Abandonment (Hylonome).”
  • “I Wonder how I can Rebirth (New Moon) my Self-Sovereignty (Hylonome) to Cleanly Restore my Unconditional Self-Love (Chiron-Nemesis).”

Notice that there are no question marks.  If you hear a Small Still Voice giving you an Answer to one of these questions that Surprises you, the Wondering may have Inspired an Intuition which you can tentatively Accept.  If you Feel Lifted, it’s probably a good one.  If you hear Shouting it’s probably your Programmers; tell them to Buzz Off.  Otherwise, you don’t Want an Answer, because a Quincunx is a Mystery or Paradox, and an Answer will divert you from Growth in Consciousness.

31 July also sees Mercury turning Forward again for its third run across the last two Duads (2½ Degrees) of Cancer and the first two of Leo.  In a “proper” passage through Cancer we’d Nourish Other and Ourself well enough to Feel Solid about Ourself moving into Leo.  If we “flunk” Cancer we enter Leo with Guilt or worse, making the New Moon chart (and Nemesis-Chiron) appropriate.

Then we dive into the 1-5 August Strength (Station) of the astrological symbol for our Karma (asteroid Karma), Clarifying our homework for the rest of the month.  The focus is on our Vitality (dwarf planet Varuna), Truth (asteroid Veritas), and Survival (Quaoar-Pholus).

That’s followed by August’s main Event, the 5-11 August Strengthening (Stations) and Expansion of Soul entering Matter to supplant Ego (simultaneous Stations of Jupiter and Uranus, both with quite unusual charts).  It’s a huge Teaching for us (they make a Waxing Biquintile).  This Jupiter-Uranus Cycle began in June 2010 in the 1st Degree of Aries – “A Woman rising from the Sea, embraced by a Seal: Emergence of New Forms and of the Potentiality of Consciousness.”

These New Forms have Emerged and Fruited (the Phitile), and our Mission now is to Change the Subject so we can Allow them to Integrate with Whomever we’ve Become, without Interference from the Dualistic mind.  Since our Concept Set Defines our Reality, the mind is incapable of Embracing what we haven’t already Experienced in some way.  We need a Visitation from another Lifetime, or an Emotional Shock, to Motivate the Ego to Expand our Reality.

Once we Navigate that, the 15 August 23 Leo Full Moon brings with it a Monster Blessing (Grand Sextile) where six different Energies Cooperate almost Effortlessly.  “Almost” because we do need to kick-start them, but one we do they’re off and Running (Sextiles).  The six Collaborating Blessings are…

  • Rebirth (Haumea)
  • Transcendence (Bee-Zed)
  • Our Instincts (Moon)
  • Recognition of Reality (Eris-Atropos)
  • Our Intuition (Asbolus)
  • Deepening Self-Love (Sun-Venus-Sappho in Leo)

Our Concept of Truth then moves from the Head to the Heart (Aletheia entering Scorpio 16 August), and after several Sign Changes and the Beginning of a very Challenging Dance Converting Fear to Power (Sedna Stationary on Fixed Star Algol aka Medusa 22-29 August), we Reboot our Relationships on 24 August (Mars Initiates Venus) to Adapt them to the New Levels of Consciousness that we’ve Become Aware Of (5 Virgo).

May you all Enjoy the Journey, even if it gets Rocky at times!

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