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“What happens when we can’t afford to live…like anywhere?”,63419?

For every Past Life we have a Past Death.  How many of those were about Starvation?  Maybe it’s time we Investigated that.  How did it Feel?  What Vows or Curses or Promises did we make under that Duress?  Maybe “Please God, if you let me out of this one I’ll never do that again”?

Asteroid Karma isn’t Stationary till 5 August, but Saturn still Dances Close with the South Node.  Remember when we talked about Held Emotions?  The Emotions that We would rather Die than Feel?  That’s We would rather Die than Feel, right?  Ego Death, right?  The South Node tells us that there is no Progress toward our Lifetime Mission until we Embrace our Held Emotions.  It would be Honorable to have a Lifetime Mission to Remember what if feels like to Starve to Death, but I’ll be surprised if a lot of us have that Mission.

If you haven’t read Steven Levine’s Who Dies? you may not Realize that “What happens when we can’t afford to live…like anywhere?” is an Invitation to Explore exactly Who is Asking?  Who is the “we” in that Inquiry?  Is it the Infinite Soul?  Is it the Body, maybe the left arm?  Is it our Thoughts about what might happen?  It’s a Big Job, Monitoring our Identity, but for anyone interested in Growing their Consciousness, it’s the Only Job there is.

Of course, All There Is Is Now, so if those Hungry Lifetimes are all going on now, it’s not about Starved to Death, it’s about Starving to Death.  Maybe “we” are just Channeling that Bleedthrough.  Or, Lord knows there are plenty of Entities enduring Starvation Right Now on our Fair Planet, we could “just” be Unconsciously Empathizing with them.  There’s that word again, Unconsciousanother Invitation to Grow our Consciousness!

When we’re also not monitoring our Thoughts, they’re a Perfect Mirror for the state of the Unconscious that we’re Channeling.  If we don’t Challenge our Negative Thoughts, and we review them frequently, they’ll be Absorbed into our Karma.  The alternative to Karma is Choice.  When we Choose to Channel or Empathize with Dramas we don’t particularly want to Relive, wouldn’t we also want to Choose to Heal them?  Tapping them Out would be an excellent approach…

If they aren’t by Choice, then it’s all the more important to Notice what we’re Thinking and Tap it Out.  If we Sleepwalk through our Thoughts without Choosing them, there’s an excellent Chance we’re just Deepening our Karma.  A friend is making Wake Up! Flower Essences – let me know if you want to order a bottle.

Today the asteroid that symbolizes Truth is Strong, and it’s very much Deepening (asteroid Veritas entering Scorpio).  So this is a fabulous Opportunity to Intend to start Monitoring your Thoughts, and when they’re Thoughts you don’t want to Manifest into Hardcopy, then get to work Changing them to What You Do Want to Happen.  Time is actually Critical – the longer you dwell on What You Don’t Want, the more you Deepen your Karma.

In today’s chart, Truth Challenges our Vitality (Veritas Square Venus-Sun-Varuna) and our Bad Habits Challenge not just our own Survival, but the Survival of the Planet (asteroid Karma and Chiron Square three dwarf planets – Quaoar, Pholus, and Ixion).  Their Message is essentially Get to work Creatively Responding to your Survival Instincts (Quaoar-Pholus-and Ixion) instead of Pretending that we don’t Live in a Free Will Universe (Karma-Chiron).  The third Challenge in the chart is whether we’re going to Sustain Fear, or Convert it to Power (dwarf planet Ceres Opposite dwarf planet Sedna).

It might be Opportune to Remember that Kegels help to deal with Fear, and that Poor-Sweethearting ourself helps to deal with Despair.

One Response to “Truthiness”

  1. alchemist0310 Says:

    uh huh… spent a good part of the day yesterday right there in karmaworld – feeling every bit of my south node snuggled right up to my sun. higher guidance loudly whispers… “‘sposed to keep the deep focus due north, girl” (okay I added the girl part in). I reply: “thought I always am looking up- Surprised I haven’t run into more lightpoles, or, guess the cloud coverage is thick up there?? I know of people who have actually ‘changed’ their birthdates. i’m truly truly tempted. (she laughs as she tempts fate)… or I can just tattoo the virgo glyph onto my 3rd and 4th fingertips, so I can embed into my third eye at the tapping point! whew. ok. i’ll reread today’s post. lion’s gate here we come…

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