Cancer Solstice 2

Forgot to include the Neptune Station chart…

and before I forget, here’s the Solstice chart.  Ignore the blue lines with the green Xs on them – they should have been green and I didn’t have time to redraw the chart…

The symbol for Starting a New Timeline (asteroid Klotho) indicates our major Challenge (T-Square focus), with Judgment (asteroid Hopi) Limiting our Willingness and Ability to Embrace Growth in Consciousness through Loving our Physical Self just as it is (Hopi Opposite Juno-Sappho-Varuna in the base of the T-Square).  The symbol for Ending Unproductive Old Timelines (asteroid Lachesis) is the other, lesser Challenge, and it’s closely related to the first one (Klotho makes a Trine Bridge across the Lachesis Opposition).

Ending any Unproductive Old Timelines in particular?  Yes, indeed, they’re well Identified (the planets Opposite Lachesis)

  • Impediments to Embodying our Unique Genius (dwarf planet Ixion), most likely taking the form of Memories of being Punished for doing so as a Child – likely one of those Held Emotions.
  • Suppressing our Survival Instincts (dwarf planet Quaoar).  Just because we’re Paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to Get us.  Yes, by all means Tap Out and Kegel your Fear into Power, but just because you feel good afterward doesn’t mean you can Forget what you were Afraid of.  They’re still trying to Destroy your Planet, whether you’re Scared or not.  And now that you Feel Power, what will you do with it?
  • Recycle more?  Hell no.  That’s Their Effort to make you Feel like their Destruction is all your fault.  You can take more Responsibility (dwarf planet Pholus) if you want, but only do it you can Really make an Impact.  If your Guides tell you to start an NGO that will meaningfully Stop the Destruction, go for it.  If your Guides tell you to Immolate yourself atop a mountain of plastic in Times Square, go for it.  These won’t be the course for most of us, however, or we probably already would have done it.
  • Stop Giving Them your Power.  The more you Focus on Them – those who are actively working to deposit your Planet into their already-bloated bank accounts – the more Power you Give Them.  Focus on You.  Do I mean you should Recycle more?  Hell no.  Take Full Responsibility (dwarf planet Pholus) for your own Future by Clearing your Beliefs that it depends on anyone or anything else but You.  We’ll talk more about this in a minute.
  • Accept that this will be Transcendent (asteroid Bee-Zed).  You won’t Recognize yourself afterward, and that’s the whole idea.  It should be blatantly obvious that our present Efforts to “Save the Planet” are failing miserably.  So we need to Become Someone Else in order to have an Impact.  Ego Deaths may not be pleasant, but they’re more pleasant than Immolating yourself atop a mountain of plastic.  At the very least, Ego Deaths usually smell better.

Okay, you’ve heard this before – What You Resist, Persists.  You may have heard this one before too – Don’t waste your time trying to Change the way things are, start a Whole New Ballgame that will make the Old One Obsolete.  That may have been Bucky Fuller who said that (more or less), I’m not sure.  Another version – When the Personality Fragments, the only thing you can do is Restore the Wholeness of the Personality – anything else you try to do, you’ll just make it worse.  That was Jack Rosenberg.

Fear and Anxiety are Emotions.  The Content of our Thoughts when we’re in Fear or Anxiety are pure Bullshit, and we just Love to Eat it by Believing that those Thoughts hold Water.  No Blame, I do it all the time!  Fear and Anxiety are examples of the Fragmentation of the Personality.  We have to make our Lifetime First Priority Detecting Fear and Anxiety as early as we can, so we can take steps to Ignore the Thoughts that arise under their watch.

Let’s say we succeed in Tapping Out Fear of Scarcity, and now Feel Great, and Decide to Enjoy Fasting.  But we can still Starve to Death, so it Behooves us to take steps to improve our Food Resilience, but not while we’re in Fear about it.  Now, we can Blame the Antichrist and the other Predatory Capitalists for elbowing out of the lunchroom, but that won’t help anybody or anything.  We need to Accept Reality exactly as it is; we can Change Nothing till we do that.  Then we can Act to Love Ourself.

Waiting for the Predatory Capitalists to see the World through our eyes, or cramming it down their throats, is never going to work.  It was Render unto Caesar, nor Render Caesar.  If we want to Live in a Collaborative World, we have to Create it.  If we don’t Believe that’s Possible, we have to Change that Belief.  All of the Changes we need to make are within ourself.  Yes, the World will split into two (or more) separate Worlds.  It’s not about earthquakes or asteroid collisions, it’s not about Convincing anyone else about anything, it’s about Multidimensionality.  Not Conceivable?

Well, your Ancestors Live on in their own World.  It’s Parallel to yours.  It’s on the same Planet.  You actually know that, if you’re able to admit it to yourself.  And we know that All There Is Is Now, so we know that all of our Past Lives are actually Parallel Lives, and many of them are on this Planet.  The only thing we have to do, is Get Used to It.

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  1. Iconoclast Says:

    Reblogged this on Infinite Shift and commented: Wow. Very powerful.

  2. alchemist0310 Says:

    ps.. ah yes, the ancestors.. can try to cut those sinewy cords all day long, to no avail, now just trying to notice them through the looking glass!

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