The 3 June 13 Gemini New Moon will preside over the next 2-4 weeks.  The New Moon chart is very close to the first chart in the previous post, which means we get to Enjoy two Challenges (T-Squares) for a while…

  • The Challenge to find our Real Essence beneath the rubble of our historical Abuse and the Choices we have made about it (New Moon T-Squaring Nessus-Orcus Opposition).
    • A corollary: Our historical Privilege and our Choices around that are also Lit Up.  If Privilege is withdrawn and we aren’t Aware that we have been Privileged, we can be left without Resilience.  Climate Change is the perfect example.  The difficulty in grasping this is a reflection of our Profound Unconsciousness around Privilege.
  • The Challenge to Find our True Boundaries amid the Confusion of our Codependence and our Guilt (Aletheia-Pallas T-Squaring Hylonome Opposite Mars-Nemesis).

But more consequentially, we’re also entering a week where the Dimension of Abuse and Privilege take center stage (Nessus Station 11 June 12 Pisces, 5:30 am PDT).  The overall Energy is about Increasing Awareness of our Abuse and Privilege history (Stationary Nessus Trine Mercury in a Golden Rectangle with Orcus and Hylonome), which is Good, but along the way we may find the need for Uncomfortable Boundary Adjustments (Pallas T-Squared by Mercury-Hylonome).

Here’s the Nessus-Station chart…

One of our Readers has their natal Chiron (Despair/Miracles) and Nemesis (Guilt/Ego Death) in 12 Pisces under this Station of Nessus (Abuse/Privilege), so it may be a noteworthy week for them.  We don’t know how much Work they’ve already done with their Abuse history, but the week could bring up Memories of Despair and Self-Blame for them.  We could say that this is a terrible thing to tell someone, but on the other hand, if this is going on for them, it might be a great relief for them to know that it’s a “scheduled” Opportunity for them to Embrace their Difficult Emotions even more, and Recognize again that they were in fact the Innocent Victim of someone else’s Privilege.

On the other hand, they may find themself re-Experiencing episodes of their Life when they had Privilege, and used it to the Disadvantage of Others.  We might have done something like that Unconsciously, because we actually Believed the Others to be Inferior, or we might have done it out of Anger or Revenge, Believing that they “Deserved” it.  It’s a sad Truth that most Abusers were Abused, so this would not be rare.  That Truth also betrays why movements like #MeToo are so critically important to the Future of our Species.

Remember that Abuse can take many forms, and can be Acute or Chronic.  It can simply be our Inability to Recognize the Unique Talents that Others may have, because we’ve never Encountered them before, or haven’t yet Differentiated them from background noise.  A very common example of Chronic Abuse is about Introversion.  Virtually all elementary-school teachers are Extroverts, or they wouldn’t be in that profession.  Many Extroverts lack the Ability to Understand Introversion, so in many elementary schools Introversion is considered a disease that should be “cured.”

We also need to Remember that Children are not Journeypersons, they’re Interns.  They’re still Learning by Doing, and having room to make “mistakes” is the biggest part of that.  Most people Live in the Blame Universe, and most Parents try to at least steer their Children in what they Believe is the “Right” Direction, if not outright Punish them for Transgressing their “Rules.”  So as Children we often held ourself to very High Standards – not necessarily because of our Moral Superiority, but often because of Fear of Punishment, or Fear of Banishment.  We may need to go back and Reframe our Childhood as an Internship.

The whole issue of Racism and Nationalism and Sexism and Colonialism and Wealthism and virtually any other form of Self-Justified Discrimination, like Cultural Superiority, fits perfectly into the Abuse/Privilege mold.  If we were told as a Child that “We don’t do that” or “Those People do such-and-such” – and who wasn’t? – then we probably still hold many Unconscious Beliefs about our Cultural Superiority.  The news every day is full of Stories about some form of Disregard for Others because of their Heritage.  Almost all of us were Trained to Ego-Identify with our purported Cultural Superiority.

So our Reader, with natal asteroid Nemesis – Ego Death – on their natal Chiron, would probably have a whole lot of Experience with the Pain and Despair of Ego-Identifying with Cultural Superiority or Inferiority.  With Chiron-Nemesis in their Seventh House, they may even have been Married to someone who was Abusive, or who touted their supposed Cultural Superiority.

Thankfully, the overall Energy is about Increasing Awareness of all of these Abusive Inequalities.  They won’t Change until they’re brought into Consciousness.  That’s not Sufficient for Change, but it’s Necessary.  One of the Critical Issues that we as a Species face, is that enduring European Colonialism has a tight hold on its Cultural Superiority, and in order to stop the Destruction of the Planet we all need to Learn how Indigenous Cultures were able to Live Collaboratively and Sustainably with their Environment and with one another, rather than Exploitatively.

Here’s a Bright spot in this picture…


“In 2014 the [New Zealand] government began honoring the traditions of its indigenous Maori people… by bestowing legal rights on seas, rivers, forests, and mountains.  If you harm a river with chemicals, you are, in the eyes of the law, assaulting a person.  The government’s rhetoric about the annual budget has also shifted to prioritize ‘people’s well-being and the environment’ over gross domestic product growth as a measure of success. …

“While contemplating his fate, Ayele came across a quotation from Buckminster Fuller: ‘You never change things by fighting against the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.’ ”

John Perkins contributes this observation…


“For at least 3,000 of the 200,000 years that humans, as we know ourselves, have existed, we’ve developed civilizations based on the exploitation of other people and nature.  We’ve moved from hunters-gathers, through the agrarian and industrial revolutions, and into the current technology/information age.  Yet, for these past three millennia we’ve continued to build our socio-economic-political structures around hierarchies.”

Hierarchies institutionalize Privilege, and by Reflection Abuse.  As Marko Pogačnik pointed out, on his map that was reproduced at the end of https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2019/05/27/gordys-merit-badge-for-knots-1/, “Politics of the Pure Heart: [aka] Pan-Democracy” is a prerequisite for our Graduation to Living in 5D.

For a second Reader, this Station lands on their natal Fourth Cusp.  The Fourth Cusp is about Security, the sense of Belonging or the Fear of Banishment.  We could argue that Modern Culture’s Worship of Individuality is a Reflection of its Denial of its Fear of Banishment.  And since Manifestation Follows Attention, and Modern Culture is in the process of Banishing itself from its Planet, this argument may hold water.  For this second Reader, the next week may produce Opportunities for Insight into how their Insecurity may have roots in the Threat of Banishment in their Childhood or Other Lifetimes.

A third Reader has their natal Pholus under the Nessus Station.  Pholus is about Failing to Respond to the Unforeseen.  That’s almost an Oxymoron, until one considers Intuition.  So our third Reader may Discover new Perspectives on their Intuition.  That could take the form of Noticing when they aren’t Listening to it, which would be Valuable.  In Time Management theory, it’s critical to always Attend to The Most Important Thing, but knowing what The Most Important Thing is, “before the fact,” requires both Intuition and Relaxation.  If we’re Stressed, The Most Important Thing is always Relieving our Stress.

One Response to “Edges”

  1. Isaac George Says:

    Great post, and super amazing linked articles, but I am finding I need to dig around a bit to suss out the Privilege and the other Goodies you mention. Back to the drawing board I reckon!

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