Gordy’s Knot Merit Badge #2

We’re dealing with Stations at 5, 11, and 16 Degrees and a budding New Moon at 13 Degrees, which means that with our usual three Degrees of Sensitivity, more than half of the Zodiac is lit up, and more than half of your natal planets are Singing loudly.  Look at how the Planet is Responding…

UFOs galore…


And just what is an “unexpected interplanetary shock wave”?


“A minor interplanetary shock wave hit Earth (http://spaceweather.com/images2019/27may19/impact.png?PHPSESSID=776hrcea3j3u5rif4ilv7usje1) on May 26th at approximately 22:00 UT.  The CME-like disturbance was unexpected.  It caused the density of the solar wind around Earth to abruptly quadruple, while the interplanetary magnetic field doubled in strength.  Earth’s magnetosphere was rattled by the impact (http://spaceweathergallery.com/indiv_upload.php?upload_id=153791), but it did not spark a geomagnetic storm.”

But it did not spark a geomagnetic storm or Aurora.  I don’t recall ever reading about anything like this, but evidently they’re just abrupt changes in the Solar Wind (or “Winds” from other sources or Dimensions?) that aren’t predicted by the spacecraft that track Solar activity.  David Yarrow tells me that we, if we’re Open to it, detect Magnetism through our Third Eye.  Anybody Feel it?  That would be about 3pm PDT on Sunday.  At about that time I was being spoken to by a very Ancient and very large Voice while leaning against a cliff that is Sacred to the pre-Colonial inhabitants of this area.

The previous SpaceWeather link explains that the “train” of bright Lights in the sky the last few nights, and the super-bright Flashes, weren’t UFOs but the 60 or so Internet satellites that SpaceX launched recently, as they each seek their own orbits around the Earth.  SpaceX plans to do this another 200 or so times, so these fireworks may become routine.

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