Expanding Self-Sovereignty

Dan Scranton’s Arcturian Channel is very fitting for a Jupiter Stationary Day…


“It is an opportune time for you all to be arranging your day by the order of what is most important to you.  We see many of you trying to get things accomplished, and we also notice how you feel when you do not cross off enough items on your to-do lists.  So now would be an excellent time for you to prioritize what is actually most important to you, and then to let go of the responsibility that you often take on for getting it done yourselves.  You don’t need to get the credit for having put in the hours and the blood, sweat, and tears, at this point in your spiritual evolution.  You are beyond all of that.

“You are beyond justifying all of the things that come to you.  It is time for you to let go of that idea that you have to earn what comes your way, and it is much better for all of you to work with the energies that are coming in to serve.  The energies that are coming in at this time want to co-create with you, but they cannot do so if you are tense and if you are running around all day, trying to get things done.  They work best with those who believe in magic.  They work best with those who are relaxed and at ease, and of course, they work best with those who are unattached to outcomes.

“If you need to not only get what you want, but also get the credit for having worked for it, then the energies coming in are not for you.  They are for those who dare to dream and then let go of that dream, and they certainly are for those who have given up the struggle, who have stopped playing the game that most of society is playing.  These energies are more likely to co-create with you when you are sitting or lying down comfortably and offering a vibration that comes somewhere close to their neighborhood.

“This is not even about positive thinking.  This is more about letting go of limited thinking, limited beliefs, and embracing the power of this time that you are in.  And of course, we also want to see you embracing the power within you as a Source Energy Creator Being.  And there is no need for any of you to prove yourselves to anyone or anything outside of you at this point.  You’ve all done that before.  It’s been done to death, and it’s time for a new way of co-creating your reality.”

Turns out today’s 10 April (10am PDT), 25 Sagittarius Jupiter Station doesn’t just Oppose the Moon, it Opposes Moon-Juno-Chaos-Nemesis.  That’s a Merger of Instinct, the Edges of Consciousness, Unlimited Potential, and Ego Death.  Contrast that to the concept of Expansion (Jupiter).  If that’s Incomprehensible – many astroevents aren’t Comprehensible – it’s because our version of astrology deals with the Multifarious Unity that is Reality rather than the Dualistic Cage that is the mind.

If we bottom-up speculate, Combining Instinct and the Edges of Consciousness might give us something like Becoming More Aware of our Instincts.  Adding Unlimited Potential (and Expansion) might make Becoming Aware of the Vast Universe that our Instincts can Reveal, that wasn’t Available to our mind.  And of course, to add Ego Death, It’s Critical that we are Open to Believing when we see the Vast Universe that our Instincts Reveal, rather than Dismiss it out of hand because it doesn’t fit into our previous picture of the Universe.

Oh, did I mention that all this Challenges (T-Squares) Analysis (Mercury).  The first two syllables of that word aren’t arbitrary.

And speaking of Sovereignty, there’s another Challenge (Square) in the Jupiter-Station chart, between Lilith (Self-Sovereignty) and Sedna (Converting Fear to Power).  Sounds familiar, eh?

And finally, Rebirth (Haumea) and Truth (Aletheia) Dance with (Oppose) Revelation of what’s been Denied (Eris) and (Square to) our Karmic Journey (the Nodal Axis, still with Compulsion/Pluto and Response-Ability/Pholus and Trust/Eurydike Merged With/Conjunct Karma/South Node).

Not to worry – two of these Challenges are Self-Resolving (Diamond Stars), echoing Dan’s Channeling.  The two are Rebirth-Truth, and Our Lifetime Mission (North Node).

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