Lachesis-Makemake 1

As for the Lachesis-Makemake Cycle, the Waning Trine (240 Degrees) indicates Dumb-Luck Blessings, but it’s past the Fruiting (222½ Degrees; see of the Cycle.  So the Waning Trine represents the utilization of the Fruits of the Cycle, and possibly their Destructive Exploitation.  In general the Trine is vulnerable to Arrogance, as the Ego is prone to Identifying with the Boon as a source of Pride, rather than Feeling and Expressing Gratitude for the Gift from Source that it truly is. Eventually most people Learn that Everyone has Special Gifts, and so may Learn that Gratitude is more appropriate.

So the Waning Trine encountered Unconsciously would symbolize use of Resources as if they were Unlimited and given to Humanity for “Dominion” with no concern about wastefulness, like the Antichrist’s current approach to the Environment – his Mentor failed to mention to him how the same approach despoiled the Soviet Union.  The Waning Trine used Consciously would then mean the Realization that the Fruit of a Cycle is not Unlimited in Quantity or Timing, which would lead Consciousness to Save Seed and Take Notes so as to Learn from the Experience rather than just Exploiting it.

The current Lachesis-Makemake Cycle began in early January 2015 at 2 Libra, which remarkably symbolizes “Transmutation of the fruits of past experience into the seed-realization of the forever-creative spirit.”  This Sabian Symbol was made to fit a Waning Trine.

Now, we’re talking about Manifestation.  So the reading tells us to take everything we know about Manifestation, roll it up into a ball, bury it, Change the Subject, and then see what happens.  We want to Allow what we’ve Learned about Manifestation in the last several years to Migrate into our Intuitive self, where we don’t have to Consciously Direct it, we can just Enjoy its Fruits.  We’re usually harping away about how great Consciousness is, and we still will.  But our Purpose is to take our Unconscious Self-Sabotaging Habits out of hiding, Convert them into Self-Loving Habits, then put those back Behind the Curtain.

A Cycle is ripped away from us at the Waxing Square, which in this case occurs at the Summer Solstice, in about three months.  We needn’t Give Away anything we’re Creating, unless it’s Surplus, but if we start now to Clear our Minds about Manifestation Technology, we may be able to avoid Being or Feeling “Screwed” by the Square.  The new Cycle begins in mid-October of next year.

I don’t usually like to talk about the Next Cycle while the Current Cycle is moving into and through the Void, because if we start thinking about what’s next, we’ll invariably Frame our Approach to the New Cycle through the Lens of the Old Cycle, and replace the Potential Surprise, Delight, Quantum Breakthroughs of the New Cycle, with Expectations hewn from the Old Wood.  But since we’re dealing with Survival here (ie, the Ixion-Pholus-Quaoar Stations), I can say that the Next Lachesis-Makemake Cycle is about Sustenance and Self-Reliance.  Let it be about Sustenance and Self-Reliance in Surprising ways.

Now, a reader, friend, and colleague has been recommending Phil Sedgwick’s work on what he calls the “Super Galactic Center” (which for some reason he abbreviates “ZS”), a multi-Galactic Black Whole which apparently dwarfs our own Galactic Center, and which sits at – you guessed it – 2 Libra.  His article on the subject seems better at fostering Self-Judgment than Self-Love, but he focuses on Compulsive Neediness, using a sort of insulting Psych-Hospital-ER Humor.  I’m not sure that insults behoove anyone.

Now, we know that Nothing Changes Until We Accept Ourself Exactly As We Are, and that It’s Empathy that Heals, so maybe in his own way he’s attempting to do a sort of wry Poor-Sweetheart with our Self-Judgments about the Compulsions which our 2 Libra planets saddle us with.  But frankly, I can lead you to the same conclusions much more Gently and Lovingly by using my tired old speech about how T-Squares are not really a Constantly Frustrating Series of Failures but rather a Graduate Course where there are no Answers only Better Questions.

If you have planets at 2 Libra that are not in a T-Square or Square, I’d be curious about whether his article, at, sounds relevant and useful to you.

But if 2 Libra does in its own right carry a quality of Compulsive Neediness, then what better to be Compulsively Needy about than “Transmutation of the fruits of past experience into the seed-realization of the forever-creative spirit.”  In the sense that Libra is about Meeting Other, and Early Libra about the Shock of that, it’s not Surprising that a Fear-based Compulsive Need for Approval and Anxiety about it would arise.

That Anxiety could easily be expressed as “Transmutation of the fruits of past experience into the seed-realization of the forever-creative spirit,” or as Goethe put it, “Wer Immer Strebend sich bemüht…”  Imagine what it will be like when the Other Ships start Landing; I Expect we’ll have a pretty Deep Need to Know that we’re Safe in that context.

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