Uh Oh 2

As Iconoclast said in response to the previous post (which now has the alias Uh Oh 1).

Let’s talk more about when an Irresistible Force (Pluto) meets an (otherwise) Immovable Object (the South Node, aka Karma, Held Emotions, etc).  Our Karma is Immovable because it’s our Fate.  We’re Stuck with it, right?  It’s Fate!

But we know that Fate is what happens to us when we’re Unconscious, and we know that by Becoming Conscious we can swap out Fate and swap in Choice.  That Rolls the Stone aside, so it’s Immovable no more.  So – if we’re Skillful and Lucky and Persistent – the Irresistible Force ends up Moving the Obstacle.  Pluto is of course the Ruler of the Underwhere.  No one gets out of there Alive!

But Pluto is also Micky’s everlovable Pup.  Notice how Honest and Straightforward Pluto is with his Emotions…

When Emotions are working right, they come and go in a flash.

The Pluto-South Node event occured on 28 March (11:30 am PDT), but the Moon crosses these two on 29 March (3:30 pm PDT).  Pluto-Moon is one of the most Difficult astroevents that people face, because it Demands that we be Present and Loving with ALL of our Emotions, including the Karmic Held Emotions that the South Node represents.

A “Held” Emotion is one that we’d rather Die than Feel.  As we’ve said many times, the accent in that sentence is usually on the wrong syl-able – it’s not “I’d rather Die than Feel that,” it’s “I’d rather Die than Feel that” – Held Emotions Demand Ego Death, and there’s nothing the Ego hates more than Death.  The Ego’s very job is to keep us Alive, and the Ego doesn’t know the Difference between Itself and Us.  Or rather, when we Identify with the Ego, We don’t know the Difference between It and Us.

So of course we recommend Identifying with Soul rather than Ego, but of course that’s Easier Said Than Done.  We could even say that, for all of us, our Mission (North Node) is to Identify with Soul in some fashion.  And our South Node represents our Impediments to Identifying with Soul.  The latest (April 2019) Wired Magazine includes an article on the Doomsday Clock (pp.13-15)…

“I get random reminders of my own mortality from WeCroak [https://www.wecroak.com/], an app with notifications that don’t mince words.  ‘Don’t forget, you’re going to die.’  Recently it served up E. M. Forster, ‘Death destroys a [person], but the idea of death saves [them].’  Holding an idea of human extinction [ie, the Doomsday Clock] doubles as an extended confession of awe at the splendor and devastation we have wrought on Earth.”

Can we help but Identify with the Ego?  Is Identifying elsewhere even Possible?  Yes and No.  As a former president famously said to Congress, “It depends on how you define ‘Is’.”  Most of us do it all the time, whenever we Regress into a Memory, Merge with Other, or get lost in a thought or Emotion and lose track of the Bigger Picture.  Ego is a very fuzzy word to most people; here I’m using “Identity” as the locus or focus of our Moment-to-Moment Consciousness, and “Ego” as a collage of how that unfolds over longer time periods, with a probably-greater emphasis on Survival – when our Moment-to-Moment Identity is Unrecognized Anxiety, our Ego and our Identity Merge.

In the chart of the Pluto-South Node Initiation…

In this picture, the North Node/Our Mission is the Focus of a Self-Resolving Conflict (Diamond Star), indicating that all of this Sturm und Drang around the South Node is just a narrow trail through a thicket that leads us to Liberation.  Yes, we will need to consider all those other planets clustering around Pluto-South Node!

But besides the Self-Resolving Conflict, we also have Great Grace in the chart, in the form of the Almost-Grand-Sextile.  The missing corner of that (22 Leo) is occupied by the Fixed Star Pherkad.  Pherkad is one of the Guardians of the Pole Star, important to Celestial Navigation and used to tell the Hour of the Night!

Isn’t that Portentous!  While we struggle through a Dark Night of Karmic Regression, in the depths of our Intuition we know how long yet we have to Endure before the Dawn arrives!

Some remarkable accompaniments to all this…



One Response to “Uh Oh 2”

  1. Marci Hennes Says:

    many tears falling into the great I AM listening to this ted talk, upon the dawn of another day. stunning. transcending. gracefully I go.

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